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Feather Extension Headband

Feather Extension Headband
How to Make a Feather Extension Headband Feather extensions and earrings are all the rage right now {especially peacock feathers}. Very bohemian, very awesome. So rather than create earrings or a clip in extension, I thought about attaching the feathers to a subtle headband. And this is what I got. DIY Feather Extension Headband It seriously only took about 5 minutes to create. Here’s how I did it: Supplies: Blank headband Clear thread Hot glue gun Two very small strips of fabric Feathers of your choice *I purchased my feathers at Joann’s and they were already finished on the ends with a clear thread loop. First, take your clear thread and measure about four inches longer than you actually want your feathers to hang. Find the loop part on the end of your feather. Tie your clear thread to the feather with a double knot. See how the thread is basically invisible and it looks like the feather is suspended in mid-air. Now for the sorta tricky part. 1. 2. 3. 4. So that’s it. Kinda neat, huh. I'm Ashley.

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Make Your Own Beads This is a fun and simple project... a great way to use up those little scraps of paper and thread that you don't want to throw away. What you need: 1. Scraps of paper or card stock Hair Jewels project We’ve seen them in all megazines, ahead of all the celebrities. This winter you will not give in to hair jewelry. Here is what I created, let me know if you like it! Li vediamo in tutti i megazine, in testa a tutte le celebrity. Quest’inverno non potrete non cedere ai gioielli per capelli.

fashion loves people » Blog Archive » DIY: Hippie Headbands Sunday, July 27th, 2008...1:47 pm Jump to Comments You’ve felt it coming on for a while now — it’s a DIY day! Tips for a Depressed Introvert « A Feather of Truth There is probably something terribly ironic about writing about depression while depressed. Maybe not, maybe it just makes sense because it’s just what I’m thinking about right now. While to trying to find some answers for myself, I read a blog with 21 Tips to Keep Your Shit Together When You’re Depressed. I’ve got a few things to add that I think are probably useful for other introverts. How to Make a Feather Headband September 30th, 2009 Email 7 users recommend

Kitty Cat, Wire Ring. DIY. Inspiration Tutorial Things you need. DIY Paper Feathers A few weeks ago I was helping my friend create her hat decoration for the Kentucky Derby party we were going to be attending together. We made over-sized paper flowers in bright pinks and plums and added some huge paper feathers into the mix to finish the over-the-top look. They were so pretty I knew I had to create a post for you on making a smaller version of these simple paper feathers. You can use them for gift toppers, a wedding boutonniere, put a few in a shadow box to hang on your wall, or. . . make a paper feather wreath for your summertime decor.

Pig Pins Made With Buttons from week ending May 17, 1998 Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano I love pigs, and have collected them since childhood. I designed these quick and easy pins a few years ago at the suggestion of a friend. Supplies: Accents Longs - Twilight - Longs Accents Longs Original Featherheads –Original Featherheads consist of four feathers bonded at the tip to create one extension. The average length is 9 – 16 inches. This is our preferred line of feathers! Button Statement Rings It’s September and that means it’s time to add another statement piece to your collection…. obviously! I heart almost every piece Nicole Richie designs for House Of Harlow 1960, especially her oversized rings. As amazing as these rings are they’re also an easy DIY. My friend Jenni, from I Spy DIY, did a project a few months back where she transformed buttons into earrings.

Buy Wholesale Feather Hair Extensions Original Featherheads –Original Featherheads consist of four feathers bonded at the tip to create one extension. The average length is 9 – 16 inches. This is our preferred line of feathers!