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Filtration Systems - LIFESAVER systems

Filtration Systems - LIFESAVER systems

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20 + Awesome Survival Books for Kids - Mom with a PREP Survival books, in the fiction genre, bring a sense of great adventure to reading, especially for boys, but girls like them, too. They are written with a child’s sense of adventure and allows them to picture themselves, imagine what they’d do, and feel they have some power over the world as the hero in the book overcomes the odds in a grown-up world. It’s one of the ways that we use literature to teach real life skills! There are many great books in this genre, and many knock-offs that aren’t. For some of the authors, like, George, Speere and Paulsen, have a whole line of books are wonderful to read, though I can’t list them all. Lifesaver Bottle 6000UF (Primed and tested.) Since the early 90′s I have always carried some form of water purification when travelling. This stems from nearly dying of Amoebic Dysentery in India. Not long after that adventure I found myself responsible for 18 travellers and myself as I would tour around Lake Victoria in Africa. The route would take us from Kenya, through Tanzania, Uganda and Zaire. The prolific waterborne parasites and diseases where a constant reminder of how dangerous contaminated water can be.

Earth’s Disappearing Groundwater : Earth Matters : Blogs Maybe you have heard people call Earth “the water planet.” The nickname is well-deserved. As this mosaic of images from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on the Terra satellite conveys so well, the majority of Earth’s surface is covered by either liquid or frozen water. How to Grow 100 Pounds of Potatoes in 4 Square Feet On many occasions, we've been tempted to grow our own potatoes. They're fairly low maintenance, can be grown in a pot or in the ground, last a fairly long time if stored properly, and can be very nutritious (high in potassium and vitamin C). Here's more incentive: according to this article, you can grow 100 pounds of potatoes in 4 sq. feet. Learn how after the jump... According to this article from the Seattle Times, potatoes planted inside a box with this method can grow up to 100 pounds of potatoes in just 4 square feet. All that is required:

Bug-out bag Off-the-shelf Red Cross preparedness kit . A bug-out bag[1][2] is a portable kit that contains the items one would require to survive for seventy-two hours[3][4] when evacuating from a disaster. The focus is on evacuation, rather than long-term survival, distinguishing the bug-out bag from a survival kit, a boating or aviation emergency kit, or a fixed-site disaster supplies kit. The kits are also popular in the survivalism subculture.[5] The term "bug-out bag" is related to, and possibly derived from, the "bail-out bag" emergency kit many military aviators carry. In the United States, the term refers to the Korean War practice of the U.S.

How To Purify Water - Survival Water Purification You’re in the wilderness. The temperature has been slowly rising since you left your campsite-a good, clear, and unmistakably hot day ahead of you. You look up and notice a few scattered clouds offering little shade, but at least you’ve got the trees. Amazing close-up photos of snowflakes taken without a microscope I know it has to to with how the water molecules binds together when they crystalize (1 oxygen + 2 hydrogen) and thus why they always have 3 or 6 branches. For more details, I think we should just go google that :) Here ya go. Essentially, water molecules have a positive and negative poles, which causes them to naturally line up in a hexagon shape when they crystallize (it's also the cause of a lot of water's cool properties, like surface tension). The center of a snowflake is almost always a hexagon (although not always a perfect hexagon, as you can see from the superman-logo like shaped one).

California water agencies lose millions of gallons underground LADWP: 36.1 million gallons Annual cost: $32 million Fontana (Inland): 1.9 million gallons Introduction to Evacuation and Bug Out Tactics The Bug Out Bag (BOB) is a vital tool for many survivalists. The BOB is a tool intended to make it help an individual survive the evacuation and transport to a safer area or location. Examples of scenarios that can require evacuation are hurricanes, earthquakes, dam breaks or the meltdown of a nuclear power plant.

Make an emergency preparedness kit- Canadian Red Cross Buy a kit The Canadian Red Cross has developed a comprehensive disaster preparedness kit to help Canadians prepare for short-term power outages or major disasters. This is a great kit to help someone get started. EXPONENTIAL FUNCTION STEM PROJECT / SAFETY PLAN It's inevitable. One day Zombies will take over Earth. If you are not preparing your students, you are being irresponsible. Droughts In California, US Southwest Help Drain 17 Trillion Gallons Of Water From Colorado River Basin In Last Decade The Colorado River basin has lost 17 trillion gallons of water in the past decade due to drought and ever-rising demand, according to data gathered from NASA satellites. The disappearance threatens to jeopardize the long-term water supplies of the seven U.S. states and parts of Mexico served by the basin, researchers said. The study, released Thursday by NASA and the University of California at Irvine, is the first to quantify how much groundwater people in the Southwest are using during the region’s current drought, the Associated Press reported. “This is a lot of water to lose. We thought that the picture could be pretty bad, but this was shocking,” Stephanie Castle, the study’s lead author and a water resource specialist at UC Irvine, said in a statement.

Ten Essentials A simple dry magnetic pocket compass The Ten Essentials are survival items that hiking and scouting organizations recommend for safe travel in the backcountry. List[edit] 100 Items to Disappear First 100 Items to Disappear First 1. Generators (Good ones cost dearly. Gas storage, risky. of thieves; maintenance etc.) 2.

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