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Dumb Laws, Stupid Laws: We have weird laws, strange laws, and just plain crazy laws!

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Записки жизнерадостного пессимиста - Странные самолеты Пока все судачат о китайском экраноплане, один хороший человек откопал самые странные самолеты мира. Не все они летают - некоторые Фотошоп. :) Любуемся под катом. Найдено здесь: Кстати, с китайцами все как всегда. Малый российский экраноплан Иволга: Китайский Nanjing Angel: Parents May Face Jail For Having Swing Set on Their Property By Lou Colagiovanni Two Lee’s Summit, Missouri parents have found themselves in hot water for having a swing set for their children on their property. The Stout family is facing sanctions, fines, and possibly even jail time. Leading the charge against the family—which has been ongoing for over a year—is the most dubious of opponents: The Raintree Lake Property Owners Association. The claim against the family swing set is that it infringed on HOA guidelines, which specifically state that play equipment must be “subdued and within harmony with other colors of the community.” Let’s note, for the record, that the definition of “harmony” is suspiciously missing from the HOA’s guidelines. Marla Stout, speaking for her family, said the dispute originally began over the color of the swing set, which was red. To compromise, the family changed the color to purple, which also failed to appease the HOA. Lou Colagiovanni joined Anti-Media as an independent journalist in July of 2014.

Bill Repealing Adultery Officially Signed Into Law DENVER (AP) — A proposal to repeal the crime of adultery from Colorado’s books has been signed into law. The legislation that Gov. John Hickenlooper signed Friday removes what Democratic bill sponsors say is an outdated 19-century statute. The bill also would repeal the rarely-used law of contributing to “sexual immorality” by providing a place, such as a hotel room, for unmarried people to have sex. Bill sponsors say the bill is about keeping government out of people’s bedrooms. But Republican Sen. Adultery has been illegal in Colorado, but no criminal penalty is specified. The bill becomes law 90 days after the Colorado Legislature adjourns in May.

40 Hilarious Nicolas Cage Face Swaps Hypervocal Menu Blog 40 Hilarious Nicolas Cage Face Swaps By HVculture August 27, 2012 at 11:54 am An Imgur hero who calls him/herself rmgimenez put together this magical collection of Nicolas Cage’s face ’shopped onto the bodies of other people, and it’s the funniest gallery ever — far more entertaining than Face/Off. SEE MORE: • 10 Pics and Vids That Will Ruin Your ’90s Childhood • 13 People Who Don’t Know What ‘Literally’ Means • Why You Should Never Ask 4chan for Photoshop Help nickcagecats SEE MORE: • 36 Best Tumblr Pics From 1991 • 17 Disturbing Takes on Classic Disney Cartoon Characters Ready for more? Pages: 1 2 WE RECOMMENDFrom The Web Toxic Belly Bug Fix The #1 WORST Food For Your Digestion (Are You Eating It?) Undo Money Morning Economist: "Obama Won't Finish Term Without Bottom Dropping Out"Money Morning The Fiscal Times The Worst Cars at the 2014 Detroit Auto ShowThe Fiscal Times From Goth to Glam: Angelina Jolie's Style Hubub TripCurator

DOJ Creates New Position to Target "Anti-Government Views" By Joe Wright “Americans motivated by anti-government views and racist ideologies” will be the focus of a new Department of Justice position, John Carlin told a George Washington University crowd today. The Associated Press reports: The Justice Department is creating a new position to coordinate investigations into violent homegrown extremism, a department official said Wednesday.Assistant Attorney General John Carlin, head of the department’s national security division, said that while the international terror threat occupies the public attention, federal officials remain just as concerned about the prospect of violence from Americans motivated by anti-government views and racist ideologies. The new “Domestic Terrorism Counsel” will work with US attorneys nationwide “to identify trends that can be used to help shape a national strategy.” This latest move from the fear-mongering Department of Justice essentially enshrines homegrown paranoia about imagined enemies.

Washington state weighs first-in-the-nation abortion insurance mandate Jan. 14, 2013: Sen. Tim Sheldon, D-Potlatch, sits at his desk on the Senate floor at the Capitol in Olympia, Wash.AP In 1970, Washington became the first -- and remains the only -- state in the country to legalize elective abortions by a popular vote. A generation later, and 40 years removed from the landmark United States Supreme Court Roe v. Wade ruling that extended abortion access nationwide, Washington is once again poised to stand out. With 21 states having adopted bans or severe restrictions on insurance companies from paying for abortions, Washington is alone in seriously considering legislation mandating the opposite. The Reproductive Parity Act, as supporters call it, would require insurers in Washington state who cover maternity care -- which all insurers must do -- to also pay for abortions. The bill passed the state House earlier this month by a vote of 53-43, though it faces an uncertain future in the Senate. "It's not expanding abortion coverage," said Democratic Rep. Sen.

Video Man charges iPhone on train, arrested for stealing electricity This is the first story in our summer series, RoadTrip 2015: The Global Hunt for Innovation. SAN DIEGO -- "You don't even want to know." That was the San Diego Comic-Con staffer's response when I asked just how long fans had been waiting to gain access to the infamous Hall H for arguably the most popular and anticipated celebrity panel of the week: "Star Wars: Episode VII." The real answer, it turns out, was around 48 hours. People began lining up Wednesday morning with foldable chairs, packaged food and bottled beverages, full-blown camping gear and as much fandom as they could muster to hold them over until the doors of the mammoth auditorium hall opened early Friday. Attached to the eastern end of the San Diego Convention Center, Hall H is best known for fitting just north of 6,000 people -- or under 5 percent of 130,000-plus Comic-Con attendees -- eager to see Hollywood's biggest names and exclusive trailer footage of upcoming films and television shows. Enlarge Image