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Cherry Blossom Art from a Recycled Soda Bottle

Cherry Blossom Art from a Recycled Soda Bottle
Pink blossoms will soon appear on trees, and the National Cherry Blossom Festival starts on March 20. In 1912 the city of Tokyo, Japan, gave Washington, D.C., a beautiful gift of 3,000 cherry blossom trees. This year celebrates the 100th anniversary of that gift. Make cherry blossom artwork with a recycled 2-liter soda bottle as a stamp! Here are the detailed instructions. Start by using dark paint to paint a branch on poster board. I cut this piece of poster board in half lengthwise because I want it to look more like an art panel than a poster. Once the branch is painted, let it dry before continuing with the stamping. Now let’s do the stamping. The bottom of 2-liter soda bottle has five points like the five petals of a cherry blossom. Press the plastic bottle on the poster board, then lift up.

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Ancient China Projects for Kids! Empress Wu If you're a teacher, parent, or day camp counselor thinking of spending a week or so on ancient China, here's some ideas other people have found useful: Clothes: For boys, loose cotton pants in blue or black, and a matching cotton jacket – pajamas may be the easiest way to find this, or an athletic outfit with sweatpants. For girls, a long white nightgown is a good place to start – it should reach her ankles. TIMEWASHED: Lacy Bowls~~White Wednesday Today, I am participating inWhite Wednesday over at Faded Charm! Kathleen is a sweetie to host this each week for all of us white lovers!! Hope you'll go check it out and meet her!

Bricolage fleur Total Time 1 hour Ages school-age Daffodils are a sure sign of spring and Easter! Kids can make their own lovely daffodils from paper plates and a foam cups. by Amanda Formaro What you'll need Glitter Balloons We made some glitter filled balloons this morning for New Year's Eve and Hudson had fun shaking them around. I made him play with them outside just in case they popped... All you need is: BalloonsGlitterFunnelSharpie (if you want to write on the balloons) Place the funnel inside of the balloon after you write on them. Pour the glitter into the balloon and blow it up.

World History Crafts for Kids A Book In Time » World History Kids Crafts » Crafts for All Historical Eras World History Kids Crafts These crafts could be adapted for almost any theme that you are teaching in your history curriculum. Family Chic by Camilla Fabbri ©2009-2014. All rights reserved. The blog FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014 | Comments: 1 Tassels are really in right now and great tutorials can be found all over the web for making them out of embroidery floss. I love this idea – the bright, silky floss makes the most beautiful tassels! I decided to use the ones I made to create a set of napkin rings for a Mother’s Day brunch… These tassel napkin rings look wonderful on the table and make a great gift too. Each one took me less than 5 minutes to make!

Bricolage fleur It’s hard to believe what you can make with coffee filters! This is a very fun and easy project with beautiful, fail-proof results. Make this eye-popping Merimekko inspired pattern and frame it for your wall. Kids and grownups both will love painting on coffee filters. $2 Frosted Centerpiece I bought this "goblet" at the thrift store for $1.75 a while ago, and have used it for many things since then. Recently, I spotted and pinned these candles made with yarn and frosted spray paint and LOVED the way they looked. I thought rubber bands would work, too. With Christmas coming, I was looking for ideas for a table centerpiece and this seemed a good starting point. So, I grabbed the goblet and added the rubber bands.

Chinese Drum Craft A popular old-fashioned noise-making toy, the Chinese drum (rattle) is twisted in the hand so that the beads bounce of it and make a noise. With practise you can get a good rhythm going! Here's one the kids can make themselves.. Bricolage fleur Well, my Spring Break is officially over as of tomorrow, and to ease the pain, I decided to come up with an art project to break up to tedious task of test prep... Here are the materials I used: 3 sheets of thick white paper (I used card stock) paint (water colors) and a paint brush glue and scissors

diy book bookends A few weekends ago, we celebrated my sister’s birthday at Pane E Vino for the second year in a row. This place is just fantastic. The servers are attentive, the food delectable and the patio has a really bright and airy ambiance that makes your skin look all glowy and youthful (love that!). Great Wall of China Lesson Activities: Teaching the History and Geography of the Amazing Chinese Landmark The Great Wall of China represents 2000 years of Chinese history. The earliest known sections were unconnected barricades built in the 7th century BC by the Zhou Dynasty. In 221 BC, during the Qin Dynasty, the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, connected the smaller walls, linking them and extending them into the current foundation for one wall. Due to neglect, it deteriorated because the Great Wall was not maintained after the Qin Dynasty. Two thousand years later, during the Ming Dynasty which began in the 14th century AD, the Great Wall was built back up.

Canvas Layers Holiday Wreath I am so excited that the holidays have officially started and I cannot wait to share creative, easy and unique inspiration during the month of December on my blog and I will have LOTS to share so tune in everyday for tons of original ideas! To kick off the holidays I am starting with another wreath made from canvas, fabric and lots and lots of buttons! This is an easy project but packed full of color! Similar to the fall fiber wreath tutorial this project makes use of a styrofoam wreath and different fabric and canvas. Start with a styrofoam wreath Cut out strips of colorful fabric and wrap around the wreaths, gluing it down as you wrap. Dish Brush Dandelions Craft for Kids - Sassy Dealz I always loved dandelions as a child so I thought it’d be fun to try making dandelions by stamping a dish brush with paint on it! I feel like the older the dish brush is, the better because the bristles are more flexible to make the wispy parts around the edges. Have fun

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