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Individuelle Singlespeeds und Fixies. Singlespeed Bikes aus Düsseldorf

Individuelle Singlespeeds und Fixies. Singlespeed Bikes aus Düsseldorf
Dein myownbike Singlespeed Konfigurator myownbike bietet Dir Online einen Singlespeed Konfigurator der das Zusammenbauen, Designen und Kombinieren der einzelnen Parts und Farben in 3 Schritten ermöglicht. Der myownbike Singlespeed Konfigurator soll Dir dabei einen realistischen Vorgeschmack auf Dein fertig ausgesuchtes myownbike Singlespeed geben. Und da sich der myownbike Singlespeed Konfigurator ständig weiterentwickelt, und myownbike immer auf der Suche nach neuen Singlespeed Komponenten ist, wird es mit der Zeit bestimmt die ein oder andere Überraschung und Neuerung für Euch geben. Über besondere Wünsche für dein Singlespeed freuen wir uns! Fragt uns einfach!

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fitCalculatorBike Fit calculator More information Your fit summary Your measurements The Bicycle Wheel by Brandt, Jobst: Avocet 9780960723669 Hardcover - Green Earth Books Bookseller: Green Earth Books Address: Portland, OR, U.S.A. Ratings History Terms of Sale: Local bicycle by fuseproject Despite living in hilly San Francisco, designer Yves Behar of fuseproject has created a tricycle for local living. Called Local, the cycle has two wheels at the front with a platform in between for transporting shopping, sports equipment, children or anything else you might want to move around the neighbourhood. Locks and lights are integrated in the frame, plus detachable extra pockets and straps.

Hub Motor Simulator How to Use the Simulator Use the drop-down menu to choose from the list one of the hub motors that we have modelled, the battery pack, wheel size, and motor controller current limit. Then select the type of bicycle that you ride as well as the gross vehicle weight (you plus the machine) and hit "Simulator". The program will then output 4 graphical plots against your speed (in kph or mph) on the horizontal axis.

What's the best retro Mavic MTB rims? - Page 4 miles0385 wrote: Any opinions on what the best retro Mavic mtb rims are? i.e. MA40's, M231's etc Say Hello to Precious, a Bike with a Brain Ever feel like your car’s mad at you for not changing its oil? Or maybe you’ve felt your vacuum’s joy after its been emptied? We thought it was time for one of our quiet little friends to finally get their voice. Say hello to Precious, the bike that can share its thoughts and feelings, all to benefit LIVESTRONG®. Starting at the Atlantic and ending at the Pacific, Precious will spend 3 months riding across the country sharing his thoughts, experiences, body temperature and much more. Fitted with a brain of wires, circuits and whole lot of code, he’ll use his new silicon senses to share what it feels like to have a sweaty chain while riding up the side of the Rockies.

NEW OLD STOCK RALEIGH CHOPPER GRIFTER STURMEY ARCHER FRONT BRAKE CALIPER NOS A Genuine new old stock Sturmey Archer Front Brake Caliper for a Raleigh Chopper,Grifter, Strika etc in fact any Bicycle with a Wide Tyre. Sturmey Archer Original British Made item in 70’s poss 80’s Fantastic Chrome Plated Finish as good as when it was made Full Threaded Caliper bolt that could be cut to suit front or rear Length of bolt 50mm Approx 100mm reach Supplied without brake blocks, blocks can be purchased separately from our shop if required These are an original item so may have very slight tarnishing of non chrome parts We are very serious “Bike People” our business was started in 1968 and is still run by our original founder who started the business, Many of our team have been with us 20 or more years so we have a vast experience & are here to serve you.

Sinclair Research Home The X-1 electric vehicle can drive 10 miles for just £0.10p (based on an average weight passenger using pedal assistance) It requires no fuel, just a lightweight rechargeable battery pack (24v Lithium Polymer pack supplied, secondary pack available as an option at extra cost of £50) A super efficient MCR pancake motor is linked to rear wheel by fixed gear drive chain (motor rated at 190 watts, wheel size: 16") Front and rear disc brakes provide 100% stopping power Adjustable suede covered handlebars to suit any position Waterproof Acrylic bubble protects driver and includes integral roll cage frame bonded to monocoque chassis Reclining nylon seat - highly comfortable on long or short journeys.

Your guide to racks and panniers — all your bike luggage possibilities from low riders to convertible backpacks Are panniers the best way to carry stuff on your bike? We take a not-at-all-biased look at your options in bags that hook on your bike. Folks who choose to carry stuff in panniers tend to be a bit fanatical about it.