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Global Issues : social, political, economic and environmental issues that affect us all The Social Lab Ghana Think Tank | Developing the First World Open Innovation | Science and R&D Portal News Challenge - Home · The world’s platform for change notthisbody personal cargo Some thoughts on the New Aesthetic. A few days ago Bruce Sterling posted an "Essay on the New Aesthetic", summing up his most recent thoughts after a panel at SXSW, similarly titled "The New Aesthetic - Seeing like digital devices". The focal point of definition for this New Aesthetic is well documented and a gestalt emerges quite quickly on the New Aesthetic tumblr, a juxtaposition of quotes, images, sensations, videos highlighting myriad examples of that which its curators are recognizing is already happening. In short, New Aesthetic touches in some sense the bleeding of the virtual dimension into the actual and our increasing reflection of our own methods of sensing in machines, and vice versa. I've felt this viscerally on spacecollective through these past years. Robin Sloan boils it down to a general axiom(?) However there are several conceptual hurdles that require consideration and recontextualization that need to occur before I can rally behind the New Aesthetic.

Design | WarkaWater Inspiration The Warka’s water harvesting technique and construction system are inspired by several sources. Many plants and animals have developed unique micro- and nano-scale structural features on their surfaces that enable them to collect water from the air and survive in hostile environments. By studying the Namib beetle’s shell, lotus flower leaves, spider web threads and the integrated fog collection system in cactus, we are identifying specific materials and coatings that can enhance dew condensation and water flow and storage capabilities of the mesh. The termite hives have influenced the design of Warka’s outer shell, its airflow, shape and geometry. We also looked at local cultures and vernacular architecture, incorporating traditional Ethiopian basket-weaving techniques in Warka’s design. Front View Top View How it Works The external skeleton consists of bamboo and provides structural support and holds up the mesh, collector and canopy. Characteristics Materials Elements Modularity