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Leaves Jacket. Free Knitting Pattern Size: XL (2X, 3X) Chest: 46 [50, 54] inches This jacket has over-sized fit. Frog pond edition In Japan, the kajika goes kerokero. In Spain the rana sings cruá-cruá. A beka would say bre-ke-ke in Hungary. Here in Norway, frosker sier kvakk. In the knitting world, however, frogs say "rip it, rip it." Crochet Geek Free crochet flower patterns with Crochet Geek. The crochet lessons are detailed, some with slow motion for additional time needed to learn new crochet techniques and stitches. Examples are a crochet rose, blue ivy, marigold, daffodil, poinsettia, pansy and lilly to name a few. Gratis dibujos de flores crochet con ganchillo Geek. Las lecciones de ganchillo son detalladas, algunas de ellas con cámara lenta por el tiempo adicional necesario para aprender nuevas técnicas de ganchillo y puntadas.

wonderfuldiy There’s really no such thing as having too many baby blankets — something every parent would probably agree on! This is why one of the most amazing gifts any well-wisher can offer a baby or toddler of any age is a stunningly beautiful handmade baby blanket – a genuine one-of-a-kind never to be repeated. But while there are thousands of different ways a baby blanket can be crocheted … well, let’s just say we think we’ve found the pick of the bunch! Every single knitting project involves finding something to do with yarn tails. Even the smallest project that only uses one ball of yarn leaves a tail at both ends from casting on and binding off. With larger projects, every new ball of yarn or [heaven forbid] knot in the middle of a ball leaves two new ends to deal with. Add in color changes and fiddly bits like neck shaping and sock heels and any one project can have a dozen little pieces floating around on the wrong side. What shall we do? When I first started knitting and was ready to "weave in all ends", I threaded my trusty yarn needle and, catching a few purl bumps, ran the yarn end across the wrong side on a diagonal.

Tutos : 50 grilles de carrés au crochet Tutos disponibles sur Otiskyprstu Clic droit pour agrandir - Right click to enlarge Provisional Cast On A provisional cast-on keeps cast-on stitches "live" so that they can be knit later. It's a very useful technique when you're not sure what kind of edging you'll want or how long to make something. With a provisional cast-on, you can make these decisions at the end of a project, allowing you to respond to the actual garment. I made this tutorial to go with my 70's Ski Hat Project Journal, the provisional cast-on is used to make a cashmere lining for the hat.

Granny Bobble Spiral Hi all, My attempt at a spiral bobble pattern posted here - has been a hit with all you pinners out there, and so I have refined the pattern... Granny Bobble Spiral - And there you have it. Mes favoris tricot-crochet Tuto Bordures au crochet *Skip 2 stitches, then dc 7 times into the next stitch. Skip 2 stitches, then slip stitch into the next stitch.* Repeat between ** Sources : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 pick up stitches 2 In the previous issue I promised to talk about picking up stitches along curved edge -- for our purposes, a neckline. Of course I wound up with the deadline upon me and nothing on the needles that was close to a neckline. So I ripped back the mock turtleneck of Sweetness, bound off for the front then worked a few rows back and forth for the back of the neck in order to take these pictures. I have cannabalized a sweater for you, Dear Readers. I'm just hoping I can get it back the way it was afterwards. Or maybe I should let myself be inspired by the Fix-a-thon sweeping the knitting blogosphere and turn it into a V-neck?

Crocheting the Day Away: Tunisian Crochet How-To… Basic Tunisian Crochet Stitch Welcome friends! This is my first How-To blog post and I am excited to share with you. I am going to show you how to Tunisian Crochet. Some of you may have heard of it and others maybe not. How to Knit a Jogless Color Change Colorful pills The color of a medicine affects how well it works. Imagine treating a rash with a cream. The cream in your imagination is probably white. Now picture it green or brown. Seems a lot less likely to work, doesn't it?