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Apprendre le chinois, un cours de langue chinoise pour débutant, vocabulaire de survie, guide de conversation Amateur sans prétention qui a choisi d'apprendre le chinois, je vous livre ici les notes que j'ai prises en cours avec lyonchine Sites de référence : chine-nouvelle | chine-informations | parlezchinois | ramou | chinoisfacile-podcast 21 initiales + 38 finales + 1 ton = 1 syllabe d, f, l, m, n, s se prononcent comme en français Initiales aux prononciations assez proches : b p d t g k ch q z c zh j Prononciation (tons) Les caractères chinois Poser une question Répondre à une question Ordonner, demander, interdire, suggérer Pronoms personnels et possessifs Salutations, Remerciements, Excuses Se présenter et engager une discussion Famille, Personnes Faire des achats Au restaurant, à l'hôtel A la banque, à la poste Trouver son chemin, s'orienter Prendre le train, l'avion, le bus Verbes Verbes-prépositions Vouloir, Devoir, Savoir, Pouvoir, Falloir Adjectifs Adverbes - Conjonctions Spécificatifs ou classificateurs Compter Demander la date et l'heure Autres mots Couleurs Le corps humain

Internet Software for Learning Chinese Characters - Chinese Learning 中文学习互助 - China Forum Recently I started think seriously about studying chinese, I found some useful resources that other people may find useful. There are lots and lots of free software learning resources around, however I wanted to try and find a single resource with as much as possible in the same place. The software courses on these sites all have to be paid for, but they may be worth it if provides you with a convenient method of learning Hanzi. (1) This is perhaps my favourite resource, since it combines character drawing and audio for learning pronunciation. It also has a wide source of vocabulary lists. What the Chinese eat for breakfast. Unplug your toaster, finish that cup of coffee and leave those bacon cravings behind; you're in China now, where breakfast is like nothing you've tasted before. There are dozens and dozens of breakfast combos in China that differ widely from each other depending on which part of the country you're travelling in, but they all seem to have three things in common: they're incredibly filling (no sugar-coated puffs of air here), fabulously fresh (often cooked in front of your eyes as soon as you order) and brilliantly cheap (if you pay more than US$1 for your breakfast in China, chances are you're being ripped off). So before you skulk on down to your hotel lobby to grab what's left of that disappointingly lukewarm morning buffet, check out this delectable bunch of proper Chinese breakfasts: Steamed dumplings (包子; bao zi) with porridge (粥; zhou) Dumplings, couscous porridge and vinegar dip. Photo by Daniel McCrohan.

Best of Chinese Study Tools, Studying Chinese Online and Off Dictionaries come in three main categories: paper, hardware, and software. I would suggest noting that in the dictionary section, with forward references to wakan, plecodict, mandarintools, zdt, etc. In the "other" (software?) section, you missed both Dimsum from and zdt from

Blagues bilingues français chinois - 开玩笑! - Forum Chine Nouvelle Blagues bilingues français chinois - 开玩笑! Envoyé par: Guoqi (Adresse IP journalisée) Date: ven. 29 aot 2008 13:15:27 Coucou ! Est-ce que les Chinois font des jeux de mots dans la vie courante ? Ou est-ce qu'ils ont des blagues marrantes du genre... ??? Languages - Chinese: All you need to start learning Chinese China Resources Page <p><span>If you can see this line, then JavaScript is turned off on your machine and you will not be able to use some features of this site. Please click <a href="../securitywarning.html">here</a> for more information.</span></p> The linked pages have been prepared for use in classes relating to China and may be assigned for direct use on-line if desired. Some are reference materials — maps, charts, &c. or brief essays.

Chinese Grammar Wiki Chanson chinoise des J-100 des JO de Pékin 2008 : vocabulaire de chinois Ce texte est un texte en chinois annoté. Afin d'obtenir la traduction en pinyin, et français, passez simplement votre souris sur les caractères chinois. 北京欢迎你 "Beijing vous souhaite la bienvenue" English to Chinese dictionary Why Chinese Is So Damn Hard (简体字: 为什么中文这么TM难? ) (繁體字: 為什麼中文這麼TM難? ) The first question any thoughtful person might ask when reading the title of this essay is, "Hard for whom?" A reasonable question. Mots croisés chinois grille 10x10 Les indices sont en français (fr) et en anglais (an). Les expressions (mais pas toutes) en français et les caractères chinois (pas tous) se . retrouvent dans le Dictionnaire concis français-chinois et chinois-français Larousse 2000. Les expressions en anglais et les caractères chinois se retrouvent dans Wenlin 2.1 Note : horizontalement les numéros des indices sont imprimés en caractères chinois sur la grille.