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The 5 Weirdest Ways Music Can Mess With the Human Brain It's no secret that many people prefer to listen to music when they work out. But music doesn't just make physical activity more pleasant -- it actually makes our physical performance measurably better. When listening to music, people are able to hold heavy weights for longer than when they're standing in silence. They can also complete sprints in smaller amounts of time and are even able to reduce their oxygen intake. Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong tells crowd 'I’m not fucking Justin Bieber' in onstage rant - watch September 22, 2012 17:58 Singer goes into foul-mouthed tirade after band's set at iHeart Radio Music Festival More Green Day news, reviews, videos and tour dates Buy Green Day music from Amazon Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong embarked on an expletive-laden onstage meltdown during the iHeart Radio Music Festival earlier this week (September 21) – click at the top of the page to watch.

Animated Short Movies » Life-Changing Arts Movie shorts, or short animations are a unique form of art, which can inspire and enlighten just like any other art form. Sometimes even more so. Here is a selection of inspiring, or for some reason animated short movies, here shown in their original full length. music cook book stand by music room direct Made in Britain A unique music cook book stand - guaranteed to lend style to any kitchen! They say that music and food go hand in hand, and this pretty and sturdy wrought iron holder is ideal for the kitchen conductor who likes to compose a decent meal while being able to read the cookbook in comfort and style. Handmade by our clever blacksmith, this holder looks like a music stand, and has plenty of width for even the chunkiest cookbook! So whether it's Jamie, Nigella or Gordon's receipe, you can feel like you have everything under control on the kitchen counter.

5 Classic Cartoons They Don't Want You To See Who doesn't love cartoons? The Man, that's who. They insist on editing away those wonderful animated moments of horrifying violence, profanity and outright bigotry that cartoons from all eras like to slip in from time to time. personalised treble clef vintage music clock by neltempo Made in Britain can be personalised gift wrapping available An original bespoke treble clef clock incorporating genuine vintage music. This clock will add a statement to any room especially your living or music room.

Top 10 Strange Japanese Films You Need to Watch There are strange movies, and then there are stranger movies. Movies that simply cannot be described with words alone. There are movies you see, and then there are movies you experience. This list compiles ten of the strangest Japanese movies that simply must be seen to be believed. Have you seen Japan’s ten strangest movies? I bet you haven’t, and you’re missing out. 10 Foreign Movies Every Guy Should See We’re not quite sure why, but when we think of foreign movies we immediately think of French romance flicks. Pass. This is dumb since there are a ton of solid foreign movies for dudes. In fact, if you don’t mind a bit of reading with your movie watching, there are some kickass foreign films you really need to see.