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Professional Development from Cornell University

Professional Development from Cornell University
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Beware the Lemming: The Most Destructive Trends in E-Learning First off, let me ask you this. Does anyone know what a lemming is? Well, I’d be happy to enlighten you! See a lemming is a small rodent type creature that has a tendency towards mass suicide. So here’s the question. Simple. Here’s the problem. Cut the Lectures PowerPoint is a fantastic tool, but it has it’s weaknesses. Let me guess, right about now you are thinking, “Well, duh!” Here’s the problem. You don’t lecture to them. Beware Social Networking Social networking is known to be a powerful platform. When using social networking as an E-Learning tool you have to ask yourself, “What’s in this for my participants?” Don’t Be Destructively Creative Have you ever been on a Wikipedia page and found that so many people had added a piece here and a sentence there that you could hardly follow what they were talking about in the first place? So stick to the point. Looking for a Better, Easier & More Affordable LMS?

University of Michigan | Open.Michigan Stanford Online Stanford University pursues the science of learning. Online learners are important participants in that pursuit. The information we gather from your engagement with our instructional offerings makes it possible for faculty, researchers, designers and engineers to continuously improve their work and, in that process, build learning science. By registering as an online learner, you are also participating in research intended to enhance Stanford's instructional offerings as well as the quality of learning and related sciences worldwide. In the interest of research, you may be exposed to some variations in the course materials. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information regarding the processing, transmission and use of data collected through the Stanford Online website and Stanford's Lagunita platform.

Addressing the Growing Generation Gap in Relation to E Last week I had the chance to partake in one of my favorite parts of my job….meeting with a new client. See, one of the perks of what I do is that everyday has the opportunity to bring something new and different to the table. It’s something I love and something I look forward to. This particular client wanted to discuss the use of E-Learning and mobile learning to roll out targeted training options for their workforce. My favorite subject! So we sit down and start going over some of the basic questions I always start with. The answer that came back? Now I had to start thinking. This client brought home a topic I’ve heard rolling around the E-Learning world for months now. It’s a problem that isn’t going away. With that in mind, here are 3 key ways to address the generation gap in relation to E-Learning: 1). Before you create the first piece of training material, you must understand the needs of your audience. 2). 3). If there is on So know your audience.

schooX - The Academy for Self Learners - Online Courses and Certificates Saylor There are 'many reasons' for universities to use e-learning There are several reasons why universities are investing in online learning, a specialist has said. Writing for MediaShift on, University of Kansas associate professor of journalism and Budig professor of writing Doug Ward suggested educational institutions are moving quickly to bring "centuries-old models of learning" up to date. Communication technologies could have led this transition, he suggested, pointing out mobile phones, computers and web access are cheaper than they used to be. This is offering people the chance to collaborate and learn alongside anyone in the world and is providing simple access to internet materials, the expert added. Previously, people would have had to purposefully seek out information, but online learning means it "flows relentlessly towards them", he noted. Rising costs, alongside their resistance to change and mediocre degree completion rates, have put universities and colleges "under increased scrutiny", he declared.

Wikiversity Alison timesrecordnews In the North Texas area, online learning is chugging relentlessly forward like a train that won't be stopped. Particularly at the collegiate level, the online phenomenon is fueled by young adults who like technology and nontraditional students who need it, educators say. The flexibility added to a college career through online learning allows students to do what they couldn't easily do otherwise — juggle job, family and studies. "It's an outstanding opportunity for students and the wave of the future," said Dusty Johnston, Vernon College president. With online options, even rural students can complete a degree or work toward a higher one without constant commuting to the big city, according to Pam Morgan, Midwestern State University associate vice president for outreach and engagement. "It's great for our area," Morgan said. Those benefits are so compelling that both MSU and VC are offering more online options. VC offers several physical education classes online. They test online.

Stanford School of Engineering - Stanford Engineering Everywhere 825 Free Online Courses from Top Universities Get 1,300 free online courses from the world's leading universities -- Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Oxford and more. You can download these audio & video courses (often from iTunes, YouTube, or university web sites) straight to your computer or mp3 player. Over 45,000 hours of free audio & video lectures, await you now. Humanities & Social Sciences Art & Art History Courses Classics Courses Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (Syllabus) - Free iTunes Video - Free Online Video - David O'Connor, Notre DameAncient Greece: City and Society - Free iTunes Audio - La Trobe University, AustraliaAncient Greece: Myth, Art & War - Free iTunes Audio - Dr Gillian Shepherd, La Trobe University - AustraliaAncient Greek History - Free Online Course - Donald Kagan, YaleAncient Israel - Free Online Course - Daniel Fleming, NYUAncient Philosophy - Free Online Audio - David Ebrey, UC BerkeleyAncient Wisdom and Modern Love (Syllabus) - Free iTunes Video - Free Online Video - David O'Connor, Notre Dame

LMS ROI Calculator ROI Calculator TOPYX is a learning management system that is easy to use and easy on your bottom line. TOPYX is a complete, hosted, award-winning LMS that won’t break the bank. It’s a award-winning, flexible platform that can scale to businesses, associations, academic departments and eCommerce needs of any size, and gives administrators a powerful set of tools to manage it all. See more information about the importance of calculating the ROI of an LMS. We offer a flat fee subscription that provides unlimited users, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited customer service and free implementation. We can help you achieve your learning management program goals, while increasing your training ROI. Request a free, personal LMS demo today!