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The 2013 Learning Technologies Exhibition

The 2013 Learning Technologies Exhibition
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Flexible Online Courses for Teachers! Blended Learning *NEW COURSE* BLEND: Implementing blended strategies in your classroom in 7 days or less Based on the new book, you will be coached through the process of implementing a blended activity/lesson in your own classroom using free resources! You will learn a clear and simple four step process and have access to tons of free blended resources. A copy of the book BLEND is included with registration. BLENDED I-Strategies for Blended Learning An overview of blended instruct ion, including a look a the myths of online learning. BLENDED II-Blended in Action Read about and hear from educators who are implementing blended programs. BLENDED III-The Changing Role of the Teacher Explore the changing role of the teacher in the blended environment. Flipping the Classroom This course will provide: An overview of the Flipped Classroom, A clear method for developing Flipped activities, and Cheap or FREE tools and resources to support the Flipped environment You choose the dates and times from January-May!

Themes | e-Learning & Innovative Pedagogies On the changing the institutional forms of education—classroom, schools and learning communities—in the context of ubiquitous computing. Blurring the boundaries of formal and informal learningTimes and places: lifelong and lifewide learningAlways ready learnability, just in time learning, and portable knowledge sourcesEducational architectures: changing the spaces and timesEducational hierarchies: changing organizational structuresStudent-teacher relations and discourseSources of knowledge authority: learning content, syllabi, standardsSchools as knowledge producing communitiesPlanning and delivering learning digitallyTeachers as curriculum developersTeachers as participant researchers and professional reflective practice

COL Certificate for teachers’ ICT integration Certificate program for teachers’ ICT integration (CCTI) is a free eLearning course which helps teachers to acquire skills and competencies on information and communication technology (ICT) in teaching and management. The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) developed CCTI in collaboration with SchoolNet SA. There are four core modules (Learning, teaching and thinking with ICT, ICT in schools, ICT and the roles of the educator, Assessing ICT integration) and six elective module sets (Finding, evaluating and developing digital subject resources, Project approaches to learning with ICT, eLearning in the connected classroom, Managing learning and teaching with ICT, ICT leadership in schools, ICT planning for schools). Each module has several activities, and each activity contains reading, summary of theories, and Questions &Answers sessions. Learners can find their immediate objectives after each activity at ‘learning pathway’. The eLearning course is available on CD-ROM or online.

eLearning Conferences Conferences are a great place to meet and connect with people who have similar interests to your own. We live in a very connected world so take the plunge and go to a conference to meet people, engage through interesting topics and basically smile and have fun. This list is very long, I recommend using CTRL+F to search for places, topics and dates that suit you. If you want to find out more about a conference please use the contact details provided to ask questions to the conference provider. Remember that sometimes things change so please check the details with the people organizing the conference. This is just a listing, not a guarantee of anything. If you have a conference or event your would like added to this list on eLearn Hub then please drop me a line. Update 29th August. Educational Technology and Education Conferences for June to December 2015, Edition #33 May 14-15, 2015 International Conference on Assessment for Learning in Higher Education. May 27-29, 2015 BookExpo America.

Register | Education Week Leadership Forums - Ed Tech 2013: Powering Up Success Register as a group and you’ll save $30 on each registration. Who should attend? You will be joining other superintendents, assistant superintendents, CIOs, CTOs, Directors and other ed-tech experts from across the country in this day-long interactive Leadership Forum. Act now to get great savings! Register your group and save $30 off each registration. Over 50% of attendees come as part of a team. *Educational marketer, supplier, and consultant attendance is limited and is subject to approval by Education Week Leadership Forums.

Eucen Malta Conference 2012 - Eucen Malta Conference 2012 - University of Malta and the Faculty of Education 44th EUCEN Conference 'Border-Crossing as a Viable Choice: Collaboration, Dialogue and Access to Higher Education' MALTA: 7 - 9 November 2012 Venue: University of Malta Valletta Campus Old University Bldg. St Paul Street Valletta VLT 1216 For queries regarding the academic programme contact: Professor Carmel Borg Faculty of Education University of Malta Msida MSD 2080 Tel: +356 2340 2935 Email For queries regarding the conference arrangements contact: Ms Lucienne M. Senior Executive, Logistics & Coordination Tel: +356 2340 7511 Email Email

Datamedios Inscripción Contacte con nosotros sobre el calendario de una clase. Información Asunto: Educación Estilo: Instructor Zona horaria: Buenos Aires Semestre: 2 Código del curso: SIEL Créditos: 120 Qué es y que no es e-learning. Al ser un curso gratuito el cupo máximo es superior a cualquier otro curso pago (generalmente 20 a 35 alumnos), por lo cual este curso cerrará la matriculación con aproximadamente 65 inscriptos. El curso tiene una extensión de aproximadamente 8 semanas y ofrece certificado-diploma (lo brinda Datamedios y Conectarnos) de 120 horas de duración. Dentro del curso y de la plataforma se ofrecerán todos los contenidos, materiales y herramientas (blog, wiki, foro, videoconferencia, actividades, textos de lectura, etc). Profesor-tutor: Claudio Ariel Clarenc Twitter: @caclarencSobre mí: Para preinscribirse a este curso, por favor, complete el siguiente formulario: Unidad 0: Introducción, presentación y familiarización. Unidad 1: Qué es y qué no es e-learning.

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