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Sebas and Clim

Sebas and Clim

Manual — Home San Francisco Design Week Art Direction, Identity, Poster, Print Portfolio | Masahiro Minami Design Senko Lampshade This is a lamp shade Senko made by a translucent ceramic. saruyama Saruyama is a coat hanger of solid wood. 100 years before the birth of DORAEMON Doraemon appeared from Nobita’s drawer. The TSUCHINOCO is a brand of children’s goods which made from reinforced corrugated fibreboard. yutanpo This is a hot water bottle of porcelain. Pizzly bears This is a wooden horse for kids whose motif is a polar bear and grizzly bear. Butterfly from Japan There is a big shoe here.If you get close to it, you can recognize that it consists of a lot of butterflies. Lindo Cup Lindo is developed in Shigaraki, a famous ceramics area, made of transparent porcelain clay. vehiclen This is a vehicle for children with cute eyes. A place board of YOSHINO cider I thought that I want to eat meal on such Japanese cedar. Funazushi This is a package design of “Funazushi” which is a traditional food in Shiga prefecture of Japan. convesso The soft textures of a Japan cedar fit the backrest of a sofa. Toukan denden uluru shift

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TYPOGRAPHY, ILLUSTRATION, FASHION, DESIGN,T-SHIRTS,BARCELONA, STUDIO October 27th 2011 YESS! after a few months collaborating with Society 27, that was an incredible pleasure...XD, Today is the launching of SNEAKER Nº2 ·THE ORIGINS· → Check it out! Examples of Work June, 2015 Packaging Jon Brooks May, 2015 Website Essem Design May, 2015 Packaging Vasas flora och fauna April, 2015 Identity Sing a Song Fighter March, 2015 Book Martin Ålund February, 2015 Identity Adisgladis January, 2015 Book Patrik Karlström December, 2014 Identity Record Mania November, 2014 Graphics .SE October, 2014 Poster Voice September, 2014 Identity Hotel Koster August, 2014 Publication Essem Design July, 2014 Identity Studio Källbom June, 2014 Identity Essem Design April, 2014 Identity Polyester February, 2014 Poster More Than Human February, 2014 Poster Malin Hellkvist Sellén January, 2014 Packaging Essem Design December, 2013 Publication Kjell Strandqvist November, 2013 Identity Minna Palmqvist October, 2013 Book Hans Isaksson September, 2013 Poster Children Toy Foundation

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