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Plaire - Conjugaison du verbe plaire

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Kugel Formel berechnen: Kugelvolumen, Kugeloberfläche und Übungsaufgaben Kugelvolumen und Kugeloberfläche berechnen Übungsaufgaben und Lernvideos zu Kugel Kugel berechnen: Oberfläche und Volumen Merke Eine Kugel hat einen Mittelpunkt M von dem aus alle Punkte auf der Oberfläche gleich weit entfernt sind. Beispiel Übungsaufgaben und Lernvideos zu Kugel

Leçon 6 Strategies for How to Organize Your Homework Organize your homework and watch your grades improve! One way to do this is to incorporate a color coding system into your homework routine. Here's how it works: 1. Sticky notes Folders Highlighters Colored labels, flags, or round stickers (for sale items) 2. You may have to play around with the color system to make each color makes sense for each class. 4. 5. 6. Another use for colored flags is marking a date in your organizer. 7. If papers get separated from you folder (or never make it into your folder) you can easily recognize them by the colored highlights. 8. For instance, on the day you receive a research paper assignment in history class, you should place an orange sticker on the due date. Color coding can come in useful in a number of ways, even for a very disorganized student.

10 Tips to Keep Your Desk Clean, Organized & Productive Is your desk a mess? Do you return to more clutter than you remember leaving in the first place? Don’t let your messy workplace impede your ability to get your work done. Here are 10 tips to keep your desk clear of clutter and ready for work. Cleanliness = Productivity Keeping your desk clean is key to being able to get your work done. Despite the excuses that some will give, piles are not organization. “If your desk is a mess, you don’t have space to work, nor any room for creativity.” When inspiration or motivation hits, you don’t want to be searching for space to set down your important work or fighting back the flood of stuff on your desk. Here are 10 Tips to Help You Keep Your Desk Clean and Organized: Designate a Physical Inbox – We all have too many email inboxes, yet many people no longer have a physical one on their desk. Keep it Clean An organized work area helps you get more done. It starts by giving you space to actually work, instead of stacking new work on top of old papers. - brainstorm and mind map online. projeqt - dynamic presentations for a real-time world Color-Coded Calendar System My calendar is basically the #1 thing that keeps me going when things get busy. I keep everything together by color-coding the different events in my life so I can kind of keep up with the who, what, where that will take place during my week. Here it is: Pink —> School Of course, school is pink and pink is school because pink is the happiest of all the colors. Purple —> Personal There isn’t really a reason for purple being personal (other than the fact that they both start with P). Blue —> Friends/Family Blue is the most calming of the colors. Green —> Work Green is the color of productivity. Orange —> Deadlines Orange is kind of in-your-face, alarming color. And there it is. Oh, by the way, the pens that I use are called Cosmo by The Write Dudes and they come in a 5-pack of assorted colors from Target. :) Do you have a special way for keeping track of your time?

4 Rules for Effective Studying Finals are coming! Are you ready? This is the time of year when we see start to see a bunch of hilarious memes, read a bunch of panicked tweets, and basically just do all that we can to make it to the end of the semester with our sanity still (sort of) enact. This. Now, I’m not a crazy person. a.) you’re busy and b.) it’s an hour long lecture. Sooooo, I watched it for you! RULE 1: Break up study time Most of us have a focus time of about 20-30 minutes. And don’t forget to plan to do something special when you finish your studying! RULE 2: Create a study space Obviously, we can’t all have a personal office for studying. If you do have to study in a bedroom/kitchen/living room, try to turn your back to the thing that will distract you the most! RULE 3: Form a study group The only thing more annoying than trying to get through finals yourself is hearing people (who aren’t in school) complaining about all the people complaining about finals. RULE 4: Attach Meaning to Material

Note-Taking Tips and Strategies Recently, I was invited to conduct a workshop at a tutoring center about how to effectively take notes for school. I thought I would share some of the things we discussed! This is the main handout I gave to the students. Each student received a colored copy of this to understand the importance of colors and style of layout for note-taking. Note-taking is an essential skill that has to be mastered by students in order to excel. Apart from helping in retaining information and thereby making it easier to revise for tests, it is a valuable skill that is even useful during adulthood. How many times have you gone for an exam after studying from the textbook or slides and gotten out of the exam wondering where some of the questions even came from? Taking notes isn't just an activity a person does during class and completely ignores during any other time of day. Before class, skim through next lessons texts. As for during class, there are many things to remember: Do's: *Use COLORS! Don'ts Methods

5 Stellar Time Management Tips So you’re in college now, and maybe you’ve found that even without seven straight hours of class a day, it’s still hard to get things done. Maybe you’ve got other commitments that keep you busy, or maybe you just haven’t built effective habits and don’t have the motivation to start big tasks. On the other hand, maybe you think you’re moving along just fine – either way, you can benefit from these helpful time management tricks. Some are just tips, some are entire time management methods, and some are tools to help you out along the way. 1. The most essential part of good time management is to get your engagements out of your head and into a system that you have easy access to. A planner Paper planners were and are still a great way to keep a calender and a record of all you need to do. However, this is College Info Geek – we like to use a little more modern approach. Keep it online There are countless web apps out there offering time management systems. For my to-do list I use Toodledo. 2.