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US Passport Renewals Information Applying for a US Passport renewal is much easier than getting a new passport because there are fewer documents to submit and you can send the application by mail. You are not required to appear in person unless you need to travel in less than 2 weeks and want to get the process expedited at a regional processing agency. Getting your passport renewed fast is essential if your departure date is within 30 days, especially if you need to obtain a travel visa. It is not significantly damaged and can be submitted with the application; It was issued when you were age 16 or older; It was issued within the past 15 years; It was issued in your current name or you can legally document your name change; If you do not meet the criteria, you cannot apply to renew your passport by mail. The first step to renew a passport is to complete the appropriate application. Complete Form DS-82 Offline Download Passport Renewal Form Download, print and then fill out the application offline.

EWR - Newark Liberty International Airport Amtrak has resumed service into the North East Corridor as 8/31/2011. Please plan accordingly as delays are expected. Airport Info-Alert is a free subscription service that notifies customers of airport weather delays, parking lot capacity, and AirTrain service delays. When you register, you will: Receive free alerts directly at your cellular phone, PDA, pager, or email account. Be notified if a weather delay exceeds 120 minutes, if parking lots are full, and if AirTrain service is interrupted. Be able to select the days of the week and the times of the day you wish to monitor. - Live Flight Tracker! Syria More information about Syria is available on the Syria Page and from other Department of State publications and other sources listed at the end of this fact sheet. The United States established diplomatic relations with Syria in 1944 following U.S. determination that Syria had achieved effective independence from a French-administered mandate. Syria severed diplomatic relations with the United States in 1967 in the wake of the Arab-Israeli War. Relations were reestablished in 1974. During 1990-2001, the United States and Syria cooperated to a degree on some regional issues, but relations worsened from 2003 to early 2009. In March 2011, a group of Syrian students was arrested in the southern city of Dara'a for writing political graffiti on walls that said, “Down with the regime.” U.S. The United States remains deeply concerned by the humanitarian crisis caused by the violence in Syria and is providing assistance to help internally displaced persons and refugees fleeing Syria. The U.S.

Industry target of CDA implementation at 100 European airports by 2013 is on track, says Eurocontrol on GreenAir Online Wed 22 Sept 2010 – Eurocontrol reports that 83 airports across 25 European states have so far committed to implementing continuous descent approaches (CDAs). Of these, 33 already offer CDAs at some point in the day and a further 13 are currently carrying out flight trials, with at least 15 new implementation support visits in the pipeline, says the pan-European air navigation organization. The European CDA Action Plan was launched last year by aviation bodies representing airlines, airports and air navigation service providers. Operational flight trials and work in aircraft simulators show that a CDA from an altitude of about 10,000 feet should save around 100kg of fuel and over 300kg of CO2 compared to the classical stepped approach. At last week’s Aviation & Environment Summit, an interactive map developed by Eurocontrol showing the status of CDA implementation across Europe was launched. Link: Eurocontrol CDA Action Plan (pdf) To access the map: 1.

Vista Lakes - Aircraft Noise Noise from Aircraft in Vista Lakes Does it seem like planes from the nearby Orlando International Airport are always taking off right over Vista Lakes? Wouldn’t you think that they could do something about it? Yes you would, and yes they do! First here is some background information: Orlando International Airport, or OIA, has four runways, all oriented north-south. So you can see that most of the noise from aircraft is from planes taking off to the north following routes that bring them over Vista Lakes. While it may seem that we have planes taking off over us most of the time, actually that is not true! Because of the higher population density to the north of OIA, the Airport Authority has a policy of taking off to the south whenever possible, even when the wind is from the north if it isn’t too strong, thus taking off with the wind instead of into the wind. To Get More Information.

Fact Sheet – Next Generation Air Transportation System 2006 Progress Report The FAA is completely transforming air traffic control from a ground-based system of radars to a satellite-based system through the Next Generation (NextGen) Air Transportation System Integrated National Plan. NextGen is critically important because the current system will not be able to handle traffic that is expected to increase to one billion passengers by 2015 and double current levels by 2025. Planning and implementing NextGen is being carried out by a unique public/private partnership called the Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO). The JPDO is made up of representatives from the Departments of Transportation, Defense, Homeland Security, Commerce, the FAA, NASA and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. It is also supported, through the JPDO, by a wide range of aviation experts from across the private sector. This month the JPDO has delivered its annual report to Congress on progress in making the transition to NextGen. Planning Technology Cost

Search Results Results 1 - 10 of about 742 for jpdo. Search took 0.39 seconds. JPDO White Paper [PDF] ... JPDO aper P ... JPDO PowerPoint Template [PPSX] 1. JPDO Presentation - Master Template [MS POWERPOINT] ... 2. Baseline Future Scenarios for JPDO Evaluation and Analysis. JPDO Presentation - Master Template [PDF] Page 1. ... Testimony – Statement of Karlin Toner ... Testimony – Statement of Victoria Cox ... FAA Technical Center - Inside the Fence ...