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30 Best Online Dictionaries and Thesauri RefSeek's guide to the 30 best online dictionaries, thesauri, and definition aggregators. Listings are judged by authority, coverage, usability, and utility. Directory and search engine for acronyms and abbreviations. - Acronyms - Also see: Acronym Finder Foods, Nutrients and Calories Apricots, canned, juice pack, with skin, solids and liquids weigh(s) 257.83 gram per (metric cup) or 8.61 ounce per (US cup), and contain(s) 48.11 calories per 100 grams or ≈3.527 ounces [ calories | weight to volume | volume to weight | price | density ] Gravels and Substrates Time Zone Map DST – Click red dot for more info Legend: How to use the interactive Time Zone Map Search for any city in the search field above and place a black "pin" by that city on the map. If you place more than one pin, an extra line of information is added underneath the map with links to those cities' pages.

Handout: Problem Solving Questions The following is a series of questions presented under a number of categories that help to analyse a given problem. The set of questions can be used in a handout for people who want to explore a given problem. The questions help delegates to consider different aspects of the problem and create a structured approach in asking the right questions. fourmilab - calendar converter Welcome to Fourmilab's calendar converter! This page allows you to interconvert dates in a variety of calendars, both civil and computer-related. All calculations are done in JavaScript executed in your own browser; complete source code is embedded in or linked to this page, and you're free to download these files to your own computer and use them even when not connected to the Internet.

Top 5 Most Commonly Misused Phrases Looking like a fool is never fun. Many non-native speakers of English try not to speak the language as much as possible in order to avoid making mistakes and embarrassing themselves. But what they may not realize is that native English speakers themselves make ridiculous mistakes in English that are probably more embarrassing than making a simple grammatical error. 25 Digital Tools For Better Tutoring Like other areas of education, tutoring has seen some radical changes in the past decade courtesy of new and increasingly innovative technologies. Students and their tutors can now interact at any time and from anywhere in the world, and tutors can create and share educational resources with their students in minutes using high-quality and often low-cost online tools. Learn more about some of the websites and resources that are helping to define the new face of tutoring by reading about a few of the best of these new tools that we’ve collected here. Skype Through Skype, tutors and students don’t even have to be in the same country to interact with one another. In addition to high-quality video chat, the site also makes it easy to share files and even conference in other students or tutors.

50 Incredibly Useful Links For Learning & Teaching The English Language - Teaching a new language to non-native speakers may be one of the most challenging educational jobs out there, so ELL teachers can use all of the help they can get! Thankfully, many excellent resources for ELL and ESL exist online, from full-service websites to reference tools and communities, all designed to make the task of educating ELL students just a little bit easier and more effective. We’ve scoured the Internet to share 50 of the best of these resources, and we hope you’ll find lots of valuable content and tools through these incredibly useful links for ELL educators.

'I read it to Diana's coffin and heard a whisper' August 31 1997 started for me long before dawn. News of Diana's crash was followed by mounting concern, and then confirmation that reports of a broken leg and mild head wounds had been wildly optimistic: the girl I had grown up with, and known for all of my life, had been pursued into a tunnel in Paris, and had been killed. That day of family devastation and worldwide shock ended for me with a flight from Cape Town to London, an overnight journey spent with a box of tissues in one hand, and my address book in the other: if grief was to deprive me of sleep, then I was determined to befuddle the pain by tackling distracting practicalities.

A Rainbow Is A Song: The Wild, Curious & Wonderful World of Synesthesia What's the Big Idea? On a late winter day in 1922, the sound of a gun shot resounded with a loud boom in the hills surrounding the house of three-year-old Edgar Curtis. The sound itself wasn't out of the ordinary, since the Curtises lived near a firing range. Gabo’s Wild Ride: The Incredible Adventures of Gabriel García Márquez Nobel prize-winning author Gabriel García Márquez blurs the lines between fantasy and reality. His grandmother was a secret witch doctor who often predicted the arrival of guests. His grandfather was a respected war veteran who once killed a man in a duel. And then there's the loose bull that plowed into his family's kitchen, an incident foretold by an elderly talking parrot. Such events, while strange, provided García Márquez with ample fodder for his epic Latin American novels, and they inspired him to reinvent the genre of magical realism.