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50 Things You Need To Give Up Today!!

50 Things You Need To Give Up Today!!
When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you. So starting today… Give up trying to be perfect. – The real world doesn’t reward perfectionists, it rewards people who get things done. Give up comparing yourself to others. – The only person you are competing against is yourself. Give up dwelling on the past or worrying too much about the future. – Right now is the only moment guaranteed to you. Right now is life. And remember, mistakes make us human, failures help us grow, hope keeps us going and love is the reason we’re alive. Source: Marcandangel

Air Clicker - Camera Concept by Yeon Su Kim Two Finger Camera! Doing it the Apple way, Air Camera strips away all the unnecessary aspects to a digital camera design. It leaves us with a Bluetooth enabled camera lens and a motion-sensor shutter button mounted on two rubber bands. This is how it works: if you want to click pictures, wear the camera band on your thumb and the shutter button on your forefinger and gesture to click a pic. I think it’s a clever and fun concept! Designer: Yeon Su Kim Je découvre Shamengo est un néologisme constitué des mots Shaman (celui qui passe d’un monde à un autre monde) Men (la communauté humaine qui nous caractérise) Go (allons de l’avant). Sa sonorité chante agréablement à l’oreille de tous les habitants de la planète que nous avons rencontrés. Qu’ils se trouvent dans les grandes mégalopoles des pays développés ou émergents, dans les forêts les plus reculées d’Amazonie ou d’Afrique, les villages du toit du monde, les îles paradisiaques des mers du Sud. Shamengo évoque l’ailleurs, le voyage, la promesse d’un monde meilleur. Shamengo s’utilise comme un prénom et signe l’appartenance à une communauté. Je suis Shamengo parce que je suis né dans un village qu’on appelle la planète bleue. Je suis Shamengo parce que je participe à la construction d’une nouvelle société. Je suis pionnier, éclaireur, passeur, fan, fée ou ange-gardien Shamengo. Et si, finalement, nous n’avions pas tous en nous quelque chose de Shamengo ?

Giant Crystal Pyramid Discovered In Bermuda Triangle Terrence Aym The Bermuda Triangle: mysterious, unworldly, sometimes deadly. For decades intrepid researchers delved into the maze of mysteries hidden deep within this most enigmatic place on Earth. Some speculate the bizarre time anomalies, disappearances and weird phenomena can be explained by natural occurences. Now American and French explorers have made a monumental discovery: a partially translucent, crystal-like pyramid rising from the Caribbean seabed— its origin, age and purpose completely unknown. Pyramid discovery challenges current archaelogical theory A gigantic structure, perhaps larger than the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt, and initially identified by a doctor in the 1960s, has been independently verified by diving teams from France and the U.S. The discovery has rocked scientists around the world. Artist’s conception of the incredible crystal pyramid First discovered in 1968 Images of 3 pyramids can be seen in Brown’s crystal Mysterious pyramids scattered across the world

Top 10 Ways to Perfect Your Daily Routine with the Power of Science Air pollution now kills more people than high cholesterol A Chinese motorist wears a mask as she makes her way along a smog filled road in Hefei, east China's Anhui province on Nov. 29, 2011. (STR - AFP/Getty Images) In 2010, 3.2 million people died prematurely from outdoor air pollution, mainly in Asia, and mainly from soot and other pollutants from diesel cars and trucks. That means outdoor air pollution is now a bigger health risk than high cholesterol — and, along with obesity, one of the fastest-growing health risks in the world. The Lancet study also found that indoor air pollution, largely from smoky coal- or wood-burning cook stoves in countries in Africa, and in India, caused some 3.5 million premature deaths in 2010. So will the pollution problem get worse or better in the years to come? That trend won't stop anytime soon. Still, that doesn't have to mean mass death from pollution. (Incidentally, there's a good debate about whether the environmental Kuznets curve applies to trickier environmental problems like global warming.

How to Build Self-Discipline Discipline is freedom. You may disagree with this statement, and if you do you are certainly not alone. For many people discipline is a dirty word that is equated with the absence of freedom. Self-discipline involves acting according to what you think instead of how you feel in the moment. Work on an idea or project after the initial rush of enthusiasm has faded awayGo to the gym when all you want to do is lie on the couch and watch TVWake early to work on yourselfSay “no” when tempted to break your dietOnly check your email a few of times per day at particular times In the past self-discipline has been a weakness of mine, and as a result today I find myself lacking the ability to do a number of things which I would like – e.g. to play the guitar. If you struggle with self-discipline, the good news is that it can be developed. 1. Discipline means behaving according to what you have decided is best, regardless of how you feel in the moment. 2. 3. 4. 5.

NASA fields hundreds of calls from worried public Depending on the scenario, the "end of the world" could come from giant solar storms, a meteor barreling toward Earth, a blackout or a mysterious "Planet X" threatening widespread destruction. But doomsday predictions all seem to agree on one thing - the date - Friday, Dec. 21, 2012. On the eve, NASA was working to quell fears and debunk the myth - pointing hundreds of concerned callers to the clear-cut scientific facts that promise the Earth will not end Friday. "There are so many scenarios out there, we are trying to wrangle them all in and get the truth out," said J.D. Harrington, a NASA spokesman. The space agency's communication experts have answered hundreds of emails and calls from the public worried about the predictions and skeptical of science. Harrington said the calls from all over the world have been steadily increasing during the past few days. "They are afraid. The agency also released a video dated Dec. 22 titled "Why the World Didn't End Yesterday."

100% Print - 110 Predictions For the Next 110 Years · People will be fluent in every language. With DARPA and Google racing to perfect instant translation, it won't be long until your cellphone speaks Swahili on your behalf. · Software will predict traffic jams before they occur. Using archived data, roadside sensors, and GPS, IBM has come up with a modeling program that anticipates bumper-to-bumper congestion a full hour before it begins. Better yet, the idea proved successful in early tests—even on the Jersey Turnpike. · Climate-controlled jackets will protect soldiers from extreme heat and cold. · Nanoparticles will make chemotherapy far more effective. · Electric cars will roam (some) highways. · Athletes will employ robotic trainers. · Bridges will repair themselves with self-healing concrete. · Digital "ants" will protect the U.S. power grid from cyber attacks. · Scrolls will replace tablets. Your Car Will Be Truly Connected · Your genome will be sequenced before you are born. 10 Things That Will Remain the Same

Top 10 things you CAN have for Christmas 2012 - Images Having dealt with all the things you are not getting for Christmas this year, it's time to turn our attention to what Santa's elves have really been hammering away at. So from consumer favorites to clever innovations to quirky surprises, here's our selection of the top 10 things you CAN have for Christmas 2012. View all A new perspective The latest in camera technology features prominently on Gizmag's pages and it is an area where the term "game-changer" is easily overused. Several cameras we've seen this year sit comfortably with this description though, and we found ourselves unable to single out just one Christmas gift recommendation for those photography buffs out there. The Lytro light field camera (US$399) brought something genuinely new to the consumer marketplace this year by giving users the ability to adjust a photo's focus after it's been taken. Game on This year also (finally) saw Nintendo join the HD gaming club with the release of the Wii U (US$299.99). Downsized tablets