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The Very Secret Diaries

The Very Secret Diaries
Welcome! Here you may find the brilliant "Very Secret Diary" series by the wonderful Cassandra Claire. These are also published in her LiveJournal, but she was kind enough to agree to let your humble servant here publish them here. Enjoy! And do be sure to check out her LiveJournal. To receive email when (which includes this site) is updated, please sign up for Ealasaid's mailing list. ~ Warning! These are also archived here. The Two Towers Aragorn, Son of Arathorn, Part 2TheodenLegolas, Part 2

Grimm's Fairy Tales This book contains 209 tales collected by the brothers Grimm. The exact print source is unknown. The etext appears to be based on the translation by Margaret Hunt called Grimm's Household Tales, but it is not identical to her edition. The etext received by the Universal Library did not include story titles. Note that these tales are presented more or less as the Grimms collected and edited them (and as Hunt saw fit to translate them). NEW: There is now a more accurate version of the Hunt translation posted by William Barker. Medieval Castle History, Design of Medieval Castles, Haunted Castles:

An Imagined Girls Night With Katniss Everdeen, Hermione Granger, Bella Swan And Buffy Summers In celebration of the release of The Hunger Games in theaters, I figured there was no better way to welcome Katniss Everdeen to the pantheon of pop culture heroines, than by imagining what it would be like to be a fly on the wall during Girls Night. Clearly, Carrie Bradshaw was not invited. Buffy: Hi girls! Bella: I only drink red. Hermione: I’ll have some! Katniss: You’re willing to feed me something?!?!? Buffy: Well, we’re fresh out of those… Bella: Got any blood? Buffy: You know who you’re asking, right? Katniss: Moving on… So, how was everyone’s week? Hermione: Oh, same old. Buffy: I was saving the world. Katniss: I was also saving the world! Bella: I jumped off a cliff to get the attention of my ex-boyfriend. Buffy: I’m sorry, what? Bella: Well, he broke up with me, and I became all sad and stuff and it was the worst. Katniss: And then you decided to kill yourself? Bella: Well, kind of. Buffy: I still don’t get why you’re into that werewolf. Hermione: I have a spell for that.