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Writing prompts

Writing prompts

creative writing prompts . com ideas for writers A Beginner’s Guide to Pairing Fonts Pairing fonts can be a challenge. Selecting two or more fonts which work well is one thing - selecting two which work together to achieve your typographic aims may have you reaching for the aspirin. Let's see if we can alleviate any headaches. Luckily, typography has been around a lo-oong time. Here's a quick breakdown of what we'll cover in this guide: Your Aim Keep the essentials in mind. How Many Fonts Should I Use? How many fonts you throw into the mix is entirely up to you, but bear in mind the overall effect you're trying to achieve. Make sure that there is some charisma in the group though; eight people with little to say just results in a toe-curling wait for the speeches.. It's no longer around, but the Fusion Ads 2011 bundle site sicks in my mind as a great example of successful stack-em-high font use. There are no rules to say you should or shouldn't use a specific number of fonts on a page layout. To Buy or Not to Buy? Quality. Compare these two similar fonts.. Originality.

How Texting Is Changing Your Grammar The Current State Of Technology In K-12 5.33K Views 0 Likes What is the next device most students will soon purchase? How many schools have a digital strategy? Find out in the current state of technology in K-12. 5 Reasons We Use Social Media 10.76K Views 0 Likes There are many reasons we use social media.

Presentation Zen julieteacher / Grammar Benchmark Parts of a sentence Before we get too deep into grammar, let’s review the basics. The subject of a sentence is ________________________________________________________________________________ Directions: In the sentences below, circle the subject of the sentence. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. The predicate of a sentence is __________________________________________ Directions: In the sentences below, circle the predicate of the sentence. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. A verb is __________________________________________ Circle the correct number(s): A verb can be 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 words long. Directions: In all 12 numbered sentences above, underline the verb. Capitalization Directions: The following sentences are incorrectly capitalized. 1. t. s. eliot said april is the cruelest month. 2. it is a waste of time to argue with t. s. eliot, i suppose. 3. get a move on. those graves won’t dig themselves, you know. 4. maximillian never could find his father’s grave. Directions: Read the following paragraph. Subject-Verb Agreement

How Wordless Picture Books Empower Children | SLJ Day of Dialog 2014 Wordless picture book creators Bob Staake, Raul Colon, Aaron Becker, and Molly Idle. Wordless picture books allow children to project their own imaginations upon a story and “own it,” as author/illustrator Bob Staake, along with Aaron Becker, Raúl Colón, and Molly Idle discussed during a lively panel at School Library Journal’s 2014 Day of Dialog. Bob Staake “It’s a marvelous thing to tell a story without words,” said Staake, creator of Bluebird (Schwartz & Wade, 2013). Because these stories are conveyed visually, children are free to interpret as they wish and project their own emotions, the panelists said. What’s the best way for an adult to “read” a wordless book to kids? “Pull back. Aaron Becker The panel was moderated by Cathryn Mercier, director of the Center for the Study of Children’s Literature at Simmons College. Bluebird, with a primarily grey and blue palette and stylized, geometric illustrations, follows a lonely city boy home from school as he befriends a cheerful bird.

Visual Writing Prompts | Page 8 Prompt by John T. Spencer – Original Article at The Atlantic Cities Prompt by John T. Spencer Text Messaging and Grammatical Development This longitudinal study is investigating whether the grammatical violations used in text messaging have a detrimental impact on grammatical development and other related literacy and language skills over the course of a year. Researchers from Coventry University collected text messages from three groups of children and young people (83 primary school children, 78 secondary school pupils and 49 undergraduates), who were then asked to complete a series of standardized assessments to measure their IQ, spelling ability, and understanding of written and spoken grammar. This process was repeated a year later to show any change in the relationship between texting and grammatical development over time. Although most participants in all three groups violated grammatical convention in their text messages, researchers found no evidence that this affected their understanding of written or spoken grammar at either point in time.

PoemTalk WP 20150124 006 Passion Projects and Student Blogging | classroom chronicles My school’s homework policy is designed to ensure students only complete tasks that are meaningful, for the purposes of reinforcing classroom learning and building connections with home. This term Year 6 are once again completing Passion Projects. These projects are designed to be completed during the term, thus introducing them to tasks that take time. They are also designed to encourage reflection and to build their literacy skills. Our first Passion Projects were completed by last year’s students. This year our students are each using a student blog to document their learning. As yet our projects are only part way through and it is fair to say that some students are more engaged in the blogging process than others. If you are interested in Passion projects you can read my previous posts here and here. Image thanks to Charli who made an Adriano Zumbo Gingerbread house last year.

Omniglot - the online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages Developing Literacy in Science | ifitsgreenitsbiology So, first day of the summer holiday and I’m in a conference suite above a museum on a training course. I’m a sucker for this sort of thing and anyway it’s about something that I think can help my students; Enhancing Literacy Skills in Science. This is an area I think can always be developed in my teaching and something that I have found a particular challenge this year, as I feel that the level of general literacy of my students has not been great and I haven’t been able to use the methods I usually employ which have worked in other parts of the country as effectively as I wanted. Literacy also got a few mentions in the recent Ofsted report of my college where it was noted: “In too many lessons teachers do not challenge students sufficiently to provide fuller answers, justify their ideas and use appropriate subject terminology. Here are my notes and thoughts from the course which I am writing up to consolidate and figure out what I want to do next year. Developing Talk Face to Face Lists

This site has excellent prompts which can be used for writing or for discussion. by mheydt Jan 12