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How to Make Gnocchi like an Italian Grandmother Recipe

How to Make Gnocchi like an Italian Grandmother Recipe
The other night I took delivery of two huge, fragrant garbage bags full of basil thanks to Julia of Mariquita Farms. I gave half of it away at my book signing, the other half we plucked and pureed into a grassy, green pesto. Earlier this year a friend came to visit from Genoa Italy, her mom taught us her homemade gnocchi recipe. I posted about the pesto we made to go with it earlier in the year, and as promised this post is the gnocchi how-to followup. The basil delivery was exactly the inspiration I was waiting for.... Gnocchi recipes aren't for the faint of heart. The platter of petite, potato pillows coated with glistening flecks of basil pesto that Francesca's mother made was beautiful. So in the version below, I incorporate just enough egg to act as a bit of a binder. If you are committed to trying the eggless version, try this version first. the next time around use half the egg, and the time after that go for no egg. So, here it is - the long awaited gnocchi recipe. Serves six. Related:  Recepti uputstva

Tasty Planner - Create, Plan and Share Recipes, Menus, Grocery Lists and More. How to Stir-Fry Vegetables Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn We are always trying to eat more vegetables, more greens! A quick stir-fry is one of the fastest, easiest, tastiest ways to make a last-minute vegetable side dish to suit any meal. Grace Young proved this to be true when she demonstrated a basic stir-fry recipe for us: Romaine lettuce leaves, warm and slightly wilted, tumbled in a sauce of garlic and chilies. After that — the same recipe and method, but this time with halved baby bok choy. Here is a recipe and a stir-fry technique that any of us can take into our kitchens and adapt to just about any vegetable we find in the fridge. The technique for a vegetable stir-fry is the same no matter which vegetables you use. Grace talking about how important it is to cut vegetables in the same size, and to make sure that they are very dry before stir-frying. 1. Stir-Fried Lettuce (or Baby Bok Choy) with Garlic Chiles Serves 4 as a vegetable side dish Recipe from Grace Young, author of Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge What You Need Ingredients 2. 3. 4.

Paleo Diet Recipes Paleo recipes by topic Red meat Poultry Pork Fish & Seafood Eggs Salads Snacks Vegetables & Sides Soups Treats/Desserts Drinks Vinaigrettes, sauces & dips How To Make Great Granola Every Time Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn Previous image Next image Basic directions for making a great batch of granola, every time. We here at The Kitchn are very fortunate to have a multi-talented team of writers, with careers that include professional photographer, cookbook author, architect, songwriter, actor, magazine editor — and more! This is not a hard and fast recipe — this is a template to memorize and customize in your own kitchen, to please your every granola desire. Megan, needless to say, has more granola-baking experience than most of us. Megan's Marge Bakery granola is characterized by just the right note of salt, a depth of flavor from olive oil, cardamom and maple syrup, and sweet nibbles of dried fruit. Her recipe, though, is just one way of making delicious morning granola to eat with milk or yogurt. Visit Megan's website: Marge Granola Cambria and I were in visiting Seattle a few weeks ago so we took the opportunity for a granola session. Thank you Megan! How To Make Great Granola Every Time Ingredients Equipment

15 Superfood Recipes Your Kids Will Eat - TodaysMama Even the pickiest eaters will find a new healthy recipe to love in this list of Kid-Friendly Superfood Recipes! We’ve all heard of superfoods, right? Natural foods that are packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, or have other health-boosting properties? If you say the word “superfood” to kids, they might picture one of their favorite foods with a smiling face and cape and get excited. Kid-favorites like hot dogs and french fries are certainly not healthy choices, but don’t worry. Looking for more kid-friendly recipes? Tags: healthy, kid friendly, picky eaters, recipes, superfoods

Recipe for Mortadella from Chef Adam Stevenson of Earth & Ocean – Seattle, WA on INGREDIENTS 3½ pounds lean pork shoulder 2 pounds pork fat 68 grams salt 6 grams Insta Cure #1 curing salt 18 grams fresh garlic paste 30 grams dextrose 4 grams ground mace 2 grams ground coriander 2 grams ground cinnamon 2 grams ground cayenne 624 grams crushed ice 75 grams blanched pork jowl, pork fat or pancetta, diced into 3/8-inch cubes 61 grams shelled unsalted pistachios 4 grams coarsely cracked peppercorns 1 beef bung Chill the pork shoulder, fat, grinder parts, and food processor to 32ºF or less. Grind the shoulder through a small die into the chilled food processor bowl. Grind the fat into a separate chilled bowl and refrigerate. Add the salt, curing salt, garlic paste, dextrose, mace, coriander, cinnamon, cayenne, and half of the ice to the meat. Once the meat is smooth add the remaining ice and the chilled ground fat to the food processor bowl. Place the mortadella in a large pot and cover with cold water.

Fennel & How to Use It All About Fennel & How to Cook With It On the whole, the foods that restaurants deliver to the consumer use basically the same ingredients that a home cook would use. There is, however, a short list of ingredients that are commonly used in commercial kitchens that are underused by home cooks. If you ask Anthony Bourdain, one of those ingredients is shallots. And if you ask me, another of those ingredients is fennel. Fennel is one of the most underutilized vegetables I can think of, and it also happens to be one of my favorites. What is Fennel? Fennel is a plant whose leaves look very much like dill thin, waving frondy filaments of bright green. Fennel bulb, which looks kind of like a cross between an onion and the base of a bunch of celery, has a sweet, perfumy, anise-like flavor. How Can Fennel Be Used at Home When raw, the texture of fennel is cold and crisp. Fennel pollen is one of those ingredients that is almost exclusively used in fine dining kitchens. Ingredients ¼ cup chopped basil

Zdravlje - Alternativa - 50 čenova luka protiv prehlade? Izvor: B92, Daily Mail Beli luk će držati vampire podalje od vas a vrlo verovatno i vaše voljene. Međutim, da li supa od 50 čenova belog luka može da vas zaštiti od prehlade, gripa i norovirusa? Beli luk je dobio reputaciju razbijača virusa zahvaljujući sumpornom jedinjenju alicinu koji se u njemu nalazi a između ostalog efektno deluje protiv virusa koji prouzrokuje herpes. Zbog svega navedenog, smatra se da konzumiranjem belog luka vi podižete imuni sistem. Međutim, još uvek nije naučno dokazano da beli luk jača imuni sistem. Problem je u farmaceutskim kompanijama koje nisu zainteresovane za sprovođenje skupih i obimnih studija zato što beli luk niko ne može da patentira, spakuje i od njega profitira. Bez obzira na sve, beli luk ima dugu i ponosnu tradiciju kao lek. Stari Grci su beli luk preporučivali za sve, od lečenja infenkcija do problema sa plućima i krvotokom pa čak i za gubu i lečenje ujeda insekata. Alicin, glavni sastojak belog luka, je odličan ubica kada dođe do infekcija.

50 Things You Should Stop Buying & Start Making As a society, we have become over-reliant on “ready made” products. We have lost the ability to make things from scratch. Rather than blend up some peanuts to make delicious, tasty and fresh peanut butter, we’ll spend many dollars on a jar from the store that contains artificial preservatives, unnecessary packaging and that simply lines the pockets of huge, unethical multinational corporations. Aside from foods, you can also make your own personal care products, beauty and make up products, cleaning products and home accessories that taste, work or look better than store bought, without the harmful chemicals and toxins and free from excessive, earth damaging packaging. Foods Homemade Ketchup – This ketchup won’t brake the bank, tastes better than the real deal and contains no added sugar – so it’s nutritionally good for the whole family. Peanut Butter – It is so simple to make this pantry staple it would be silly to buy it. Want to learn more about making your own foods? Next Page >>>

A whole-grain glossary — Twenty whole grains to cook and eat :: by Carrie Floyd Most people know brown rice when they see it, but what about all the other grains? It’s one thing to rattle them off, but it’s an entirely different matter to know their various nutritional profiles and how to cook them. Then there’s the confusion of defining or classifying grains, as some grains that we call grains are not. True grains belong to the cereal grass family; for this glossary, however, I include edible seeds that share the nutritional properties of whole grains (quinoa, buckwheat, wild rice). Which grain is which? The bulk bins can be bewildering; even when you’re familiar with a particular grain, it’s mind-boggling to make sense of all the names it may go by. For example, groats are grains that have had their hard, inedible hulls removed but still retain their nutritious parts (germ, bran, endosperm). How the grain has been cut or milled affects both texture (hence taste) and cooking time. Amaranth Barley Buckwheat berries Cracked wheat Farro Kamut Long-grain brown rice Millet Teff

27 Easy Ways To Eat Healthier 27 Easy Ways To Eat Healthier Posted by admin on Apr 15, 2013 in Food & Health | 0 comments Don’t punish yourself with a cleanse or something equally awful. Just make real food better for you with these yummy substitutions. Here are the 27 most awesome ways to eat healthier. How to make yeast donuts on Make Donuts!