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The Rainforest: People, Animals and Facts

The Rainforest: People, Animals and Facts
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Rain forest information for school kids Every year an area of rainforest the size of New Jersey is cut down and destroyed. The plants and animals that used to live in these forests either die or must find a new forest to call their home. Why are rainforests being destroyed? Humans are the main cause of rainforest destruction. wood for both timber and making fires; agriculture for both small and large farms; land for poor farmers who don't have anywhere else to live; grazing land for cattle; pulp for making paper; road construction; andextraction of minerals and energy. In 2005 and 2010 the Amazon experienced the worst droughts ever recorded. One of the leading causes of rainforest destruction is logging. While logging can be carried out in a manner that reduces damage to the environment, most logging in the rainforest is very destructive. Research has found that the number of species found in logged rainforest is much lower than the number found in untouched or "primary" rainforest. Overpopulation is a major concern.

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