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40 Outstanding Photo Manipulation Tutorials

Mar 08 2010 Photo manipulation is an art that requires lots of patience along with the expertise in Photoshop and other photo editing tools. With your creativity and imagination, you can manipulate any photograph the way you want! Now it’s all about your imagination and using Photoshop’s effects and other tools cleverly. You simply have to experiment with different effects to see what feeling they give you as having expertise in Photoshop can help you greatly in producing amazing results. Here we’ve compiled a list of 40 great photo manipulation tutorials that would astonish you! Photo Manipulation Tutorials How to Create Glass Transparency in a Cute Photo ManipulationIn this tutorial you’ll learn how to incorporate glass into your work. Design a Surreal Desert Scene in PhotoshopIn this tutorial artist is going to show you how to create a surreal time-themed photomanipulation using Photoshop. Alien InvasionA step by step and detailed tutorial, you will find it very useful and interesting.

20 of the Best Amazing Photoshop Tutorials | Looking for the best Photoshop tutorials for some graphic design inspiration? Photoshop tutorial websites are growing exponentially, some good and some rather bad, here you will find 20 of the very best out there from unique and very talented designers. I think you will agree these show really dedication and great attention to detail. I have included links to both the designers websites and the tutorial itself and both of these will give you access to other tutorials by that designer as well as views of their portfolios for more design inspiration. Tony Ariawan – Tutorial: Stop Haunt Me Every Day This is without doubt one of the most striking and I have added am extra photos. Eric Sin – Tutorial: Speedy shatter effects “Using only two layers as a base and building up texture through simple displacement, the effect allows you to create a complex, dynamic pattern of effects, adding the impression of movement and activity to the most static of images.” Peskimo – Tutorial: Real-world effects

60 Most Wanted Photoshop Tutorials, Brushes, .PSDs and Resources Jan 04 2009 For months, we have been bookmarking interesting, useful and creative Adobe Photoshop tutorials and Resources, so you can now rest assured that you will have the necessary tools to get the job done. Due to this phenomenally vast amount of textures, brushes, patterns available, you can now add dirt, rust, floral effect, swirls, mold, oil stains in your artworks and photos to give them an aged, damaged, dreamy or any look you want. So in today’s post, you’ll find an assortment of top-notch tutorials, brushes, patterns, textures, actions and .PSD downloadable files that others have freely contributed to the design community for making your next photoshop effect. Don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS-Feed and visit my twitter page : nourayehia if you want to keep track of our next post. To make your job a little bit easier, we have categorized this post into 7 section, the links below will get you to your desired section. Photoshop Tutorials - 40 Spine-chilling Horror Photoshop Effects

5 Useful Little Photoshop Tricks to Add Extra Elegance For Your Design 5 Useful Little Photoshop Tricks to Add Extra Elegance For Your Design Join 640-553 web designing training course to learn how to create beautiful images and boost up your creative skills using PMI-001 photoshop tutorials and 220-702 DIY guide. Recently I have been focusing on providing some simple, beginner-leveled Photoshop tutorials here on, aiming to helping Photoshop starters to learn some basic, but useful things towards their design. After all, I do get lots of emails from beginners wanting to learn from the basics. Therefore, I made a few mini Photoshop tutorials and compiled them into one, big tutorial with some tricks I learnt and discovered in the past. In this post, I will show you 5 Useful Little Photoshop Tricks to Bring Out That bit of Extra Elegance for Your Design. The topics I will be focusing on in the post include: Give Your Text A Bit More Depth Here is the problem – You typed some text onto the canvas, but somehow it looks just boring, like this text below:

Creating a Science Fiction Combat Scene Photoshop Tutorial Creating awesome science fiction art may seem like an incredible challenge, with all the intricate elements and gadgets, neon lighting, buildings, advanced weapons and other aspects, but luckily, it’s not as hard as you might think. While there are people who can digitally paint any scene that comes into their mind, most of us aren’t at that artistic level, so it’s easier to photomanipulate things. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a science fiction photomanipulation in Photoshop. First, we’ll start by creating a futuristic style city, followed by adding in our main character, and then lastly, we’ll add some combat elements to it. If you want more of the best photomanipulation tutorials on the web, check out these posts: Enjoy! Tools Used: Adobe PhotoshopStock ImagesA Tablet Final Image Preview: Step one: Collecting and isolating stocks Ok so to start off with we will need a night time cityscape something with a lot of vibrant lights. Step 2: Basic Background Building

TV Elements tutorials Recent Episodes Working with albums Understand how you can use an album to gather photos together - with files from different folders. Learn how you can manually sort and rearrange the photos in an album, and also add photos to multiple albums. Understanding Elements Organizer 12 Watch this video tour of Elements Organizer - the tool you can use to view, organize, search, and tag photographs. View All Episodes Learn Photoshop Elements 11 Learn to use Photoshop Elements with tutorials selected by experts at Adobe. Products Covered: Adding a watermark in Photoshop Elements 11 Learn how to add a watermark to your photographs. Adding text to photos in Photoshop Elements 11 In this video, Corey Barker walks you through the various options available in Photoshop Elements 11 to add text to images. Creating Panoramas using Photoshop Elements 11 Corey Barker walks you through a typical workflow to create a panoramic image. View All Episodes Learn Premiere Elements 11 View All Episodes

Photo Manipulation Create a Photo Manipulation of Alice in Wonderland Learn how to this surreal photo manipulation of an Alice in Wonderland on amazing and surreal atmosphere with Photoshop. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create your amazing atmosphere and adventure tales with realistic shadows and lighting, then complete it with a bleak color tone effect. Throughout the tutorial, you'll learn techniques that will help you create better matte paintings and photo manipulations. Read this tutorial and find out how easy it is!

60+ Killer Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Tutorials Tutorials can often be your greatest source of inspiration when trying to design that project you have been putting off. In this post, I have rounded up a collection of very useful Illustrator cs5 and Photoshop tutorials from around the web from the month of October 2010. You’ll find everything from Create a Mummy Text Effect, to Designing a Vintage Style Zombie Movie Poster. So what are you waiting for…why not try one out? Want more articles on useful tutorials? Photoshop CS5 Tutorials: 70+ Creative Tips Amazing Collection Of Illustrator and Photoshop Tutorials Photoshop Tutorials: 60+ Hot New Tips 50+ Awesome Must See Photoshop Tutorials (Part1) 60+ Useful Tutorials From Around The Web Create a Mummy Text Effect Create a Mummy Text Effect Learn to Create a Variety of Beveled Lettering Learn to Create a Variety of Beveled Lettering Create a Glossy, Smooth Text Effect Create a Glossy, Smooth Text Effect Create a Furry Calligram in Illustrator Create a Furry Calligram in Illustrator

22+ Stunning Commercial Photoshop Plugins With Fully Functional Demos There are a number of times where you need a specific special effect for a job, and you are on a deadline and on a tight budget (as usual). If you are lucky, a free Photoshop plugin that can create that special effect you need may be available, but chances are that it is not compatible with your Photoshop version or operating system. Outsourcing the job or buying a commercial plugin could be the solution, but when you are out of time or money, those are not options. Here’s a list of awesome commercial plugins, some of the best available, that offer fully functional demos usually for 30 days or so. FilterForge On the surface, Filter Forge is just a Photoshop plugin, a pack of filters that generate textures, create visual effects, enhance photos, process images. Read more about Filter Forge and download a fully functional demo Topaz Adjust Deliver breathtakingly stunning and dynamic images with the uniquely powerful Topaz Adjust creative exposure Photoshop plug-in. Topaz Simplify Topaz Clean

Photoshop Tutorials And Design Inspiration | Psdeluxe Create a Flowery Natural Peace and Harmony Composition Combining techniques such as texturing, custom brushing, stock images, 3D, lighting effects and typography can allow a true graphic design composition to come together. When combined with a conceptual style artwork, the results can be awesome. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to combine a nature peace and harmony feel with an urban and cosmic lighting style to create Flower Power, a digital artwork by Polish designer Wojciech Magierski. Please, leave a comment with your thoughts, or if you have a question, or just to say thanks. Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop Final Image Preview: At the beginning we set the background color. Next, to create our background, we need to create a brush. If you want to create a brush, you need to find a shape, put it on your canvas. Now, using our brush, we can play with the opacity and flow a bit to create a sort of textured background. Now, download the peace sign shape. I added a glasses stock photo and some shapes using custom brushes. That’s all. Thank you!

40 Jaw-Dropping Photo Manipulations Give a talented and creative Photoshop user some photographs and the possibilities are only limited to the imagination. Photo manipulations are illusions created by photo editing techniques. There are subtle photo manipulations and there are those that depict a far-fetched illusion executed in a realistic way. The latter are normally meant to have some shock value with their audience. In this post we’ve rounded up 40 jaw-dropping photo manipulations. About the Author Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. Related Posts 353 shares Inspiring Architecture and City Photography I believe that architecture and general city landscapes are pretty inspiring. Read More 625 shares 30 Inspiring Examples of Black and White Photography Today we decided to showcase a different type of inspiration.