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The Turn - Fredo Viola

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Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Paints With Sound Work At Home | Online Work Ideas | Make Money Online エス状不感症 Wild Mood Swings - Surf the web on a whim. (C) Sean McManus <p style="font-size:x-large;">Oh no! You don't have Javascript enabled. Please <a href=" Javascript now</a> or the only moods you'll experience will be boredom and frustration.</p><hr noshade> Pick your mood, click the button and Wild Mood Swings will open an appropriate website in a new window. What is Wild Mood Swings? It's a simple game and online web experience: you select a mood from the pull-down list, click on 'take me away' and it'll whisk you away to an appropriate site. Each time you reload the page or click the shuffle moods link, the moods are sorted into a different order, adding an additional element of serendipity. What do I need to work it? Some of the links will take you to sites that require the Flash plug-in or Chrome browser. If it's not working, it's possible you have a pop-up blocker installed that is stopping Wild Mood Swings from opening your destination site in a new window. Why was it developed? When was it launched?

Revolver Maps - Free 3D Visitor Maps Colors (Mixing color or paint: R/G/B) The following is a message I received in my email box: john welch : > Hi. I just tried out your color mixing applet. In the world of computer, everything is done in binary form. (255,0,0)+(0,255,0)=(255,255,0) : Most of us will not have problem with this, because red + green will give us yellow light. In binary term: it is (1111 1111,0000 0000,0000 0000) OR (0000 0000,1111 1111,0000 0000) = (1111 1111,1111 1111,0000 0000) (255,0,0)+ (255,0,0) = (255,0,0) : Two red lights emitted at the same place will give us red light. So the result is not the algebra sum of decimal values. In binary term: it is (1111 1111,0000 0000, 0000 0000) OR (1111 1111,0000 0000, 0000 0000) = (1111 1111,0000 0000,0000 0000) (64,64,64)+(64,64,64)=(64,64,64) : The same light mixing together, what is changing is the light intensity (not the color) In binary term: it is (0100 0000,0000 0000, 0000 0000) OR (0100 0000,0100 0000,0100 0000)= (0100 0000,0100 0000, 0100 0000) * rods o cones that absorb long-wavelength light (red)

Interactive fractal maps Perhaps bored with mapping real places, Google turns to the mathematical landscapes of fractal equations with JuliaMaps – all the fun of generative fractals without any of the need for downloading software (sorry, Rudy Rucker). So if you feel the need for a short dose of visual psychedelia during your lunchbreak, you’re all sorted. Turn out the lights, will you? EDIT: I’ve not tried it with the Big G’s own Chrome, but Firefox and Opera are both really struggling to handle JuliaMaps right now – it works, but it’s mad slow. Rucker’s software might be a better bet after all! Be Sociable, Share! Please note: by commenting on Futurismic you explicitly agree to be bound by the Futurismic Comments Policy!

Stephane Halleux - Sculpteur beatlab - make music together 20 Remarkable Examples of Websites Powered by Wordpress Are you aware that the features making WordPress so popular for bloggers actually may be quite useful as a CMS for anyone building a website, e.g. a news portal (using a WordPress theme for news websites)? Actually WordPress is silently serving a lot of websites that have nothing to do with blogging at all and I think the number will be growing dramatically in the near future. Regardless if you’re a passionate blogger writing about subjects you’re interested in or if you have a company selling services or products, publishing content online is all about interaction with other people. The blogging tsunami that have hit us over the last couple of years has significantly changed the way a lot of people seek and publish information on-line and more importantly how people interact and share opinions and ideas. Information can be produced by anyone and people have used this opportunity! Advertisement Index Examples of Websites powered by WordPressExamples of Low Cost Premium WordPress Themes

Make Room! Cool Color-Changing Walls for Your Home « Dornob This may be the best room-changing design idea since interior house paint: forget your white living room walls, green bedroom or brown kitchen and bring your favorite rooms to life with these incredible, changeable and colorful do-it-yourself pixelated wall displays. Feeling dark? Switch from colorful rainbow patterns to a pitch black surface in seconds. Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov (better known as Amirko) has come up with this simple but dynamic wall decor idea for transforming an ordinary surface into a do-it-yourself design canvas that lets you set the tone (or tones) depending on your mood.

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