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INAE Research internship at CRBI by Sharad, NIT Jamshedpur (Civil Engg) Have a Chat With Him InternFeel ID: IF15036 InternFeel: Hello Sharad, please tell us about yourself. What makes you different? Sharad: Hi, I am 7th semester Civil Engineering B-Tech student, from NIT Jamshedpur. Resume - Checklist of Personal Skills Checklist of Personal Skills The following words describe work-related characteristics. Check off the ones that describe you best and also add your own. Accurate: Careful, precise, free from error. Adaptable: Able to adapt oneself to new surroundings; to make suitable change so as to fit new conditions.

Free Weather Sounds Sound Effects Free Weather sound effects, free rain sound effects, free storm sound effects and hurricane sound effects. Plus lots of wind sound effects. Free to download and use but does not come with a commercial license. Ruriko Yoshida: Code codes for sequential importance sampling and MCMC by Wei and Zhou. MJOIN by Dan Levy, Lior Pacther, and Ruriko Yoshida. Mavid by Nick Bray and Lior Pachter. LattE by Jesus DeLoera, David Haws, Raymond Hemmecke, Peter Huggins, Jeremy Tauzer, and Ruriko Yoshida. 4ti2 by Raymond Hemmecke. Computation of minimal points in lattices (Graver and Hilbert bases). 5 Ways to Ace a Job Interview Listen You've probably heard your parents talk about the importance of making a good first impression on a job interview (their "dress for success" talk may sound like a lecture, but in this case parents are right). Here are 5 strategies to help you ace your job interview: Dress the part. Even if the job you're applying for involves wearing a uniform or working behind the scenes, the way you dress for an interview tells your potential employer that you take the job seriously. If you're a guy, wear a nice pair of pants and a shirt (a tie usually isn't necessary for a summer job, although it doesn't hurt to wear one!).

The 13 most innovative schools in the world Mathias Eis Schultz Ørestad Gymnasium is one giant classroom, where more than 1,100 high school students spend half their time learning in an expansive glass cube — a "gymnasium," as parts of Europe still call secondary schools — to avoid traditional instruction. By encouraging students to collaborate in wide-open settings, the school hopes kids will be equipped to think flexibly on diverse topics later in life. "We want to have teaching where the students make research and work together in solving real problems," headmaster Allan Kjær Andersen tells Tech Insider. "So we want to be an open school that is in connection with the outside world."

Science of Us – What Studies Say About Human Behavior & Productivity Social Account or Sign up with a social account: Don’t worry. We will never post to your social media account without your permission. or create an account Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay Polymer Solution Dynamics Polymer solution dynamics forms the basis of understanding the dynamics of long chain molecules in solution or melt form. Understanding their flow behaviour, also known as Rheology, is important for industrial processes as welll as to understand the complex motion undergone by biologically relevant molecules such as DNA and proteins. One of the projects involves isolating DNA molecules from specialised strains of bacteria E. coli. This way we are able to get a polymeric liquid of various concentrations of a mono-disperse molecular weight.

LearnEnglishTeens I have recently had a telephone interview for a job back home in England. I have had many face-to-face job interviews before, and normally I don’t get particularly nervous. However, for a telephone interview, where I couldn’t see the interviewer, I was very apprehensive! I didn’t know what he thought of my answers, and it sometimes there were silences where he was writing down my answers, so I couldn’t tell whether he liked what I said or not! My friends and family helped me prepare by asking me lots of questions before the interview.

8 Living Artists Every Educator Should Know By staying aware of artists who are working today, educators can invigorate their lives and their classrooms with new and expansive ways of looking at contemporary life and the world. Here are a few artists to get started, along with suggested connections that can be made to subjects and themes that you might be addressing with your students. Marina Abromivic

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