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Still Think The iTunes 10 Icon Sucks? Our Ten Reader Alternatives Brendan“I made an iTunes icon for you” Alan Clarke Iain “I am better than Steve Jobs because my icons have even more photoshop effects” Henderson Kanwa “iTunes10 icon from JAPAN” Nagafuji Mike “Steve Jobs is colorblind” Potra Daniel “Steve Jobs has more money than me, but only because I refuse to wear mock turtlenecks” Reneer EyeTunes (get it?) Dario” iRaptor” Fisher Claes “vinylTunes 2.0” Kallarsson Alessio “I am better than Steve Jobs — Not really” Zito Rossi Chris“The Replacement”Carlossi Is it just me or has there been a lot of logo hate going around lately?

How Apple Dominates (In Slides) What makes Apple tick? How is it that it came back from the dead to surpass both Google and Microsoft in market cap? French consulting firm faberNovel takes a stab at explaining Apple’s success and its strategy against its two main rivals in the SlideShare above. (In the past, faberNovel has created similar slideshows about Google). The 48-slide presentation, titles “Apple: 8 Easy Steps To Beat Microsoft (And Google),” boils Apple’s strategy down to eight steps including “the arrogance of simplicity” (Step 1) to customer lock-in (Step 3), selling at a premium (Step 4), cross-selling products (Step 5), and, of course, think different (Step 7). Much of this is not new information, but seeing it all in a detailed slide presentation helps put Apple’s various moves in context. Apple starts by stripping away complexity from computing products, paring down features in favor of making their products more effortless to master. Google is already all about the cloud.

What to Read Today: American Jobs, Google, Nokia & un-Social Net From Andy Grove’s point-of-view on American jobs to Google’s growing power and the importance of solitude for leadership — here are some of the most interesting pieces I have read over the past few days. In particular, pay attention to the un-social nature of social networks; then go out and mingle. * Andy Grove: What’s wrong with America and how we can fix it. * William Deresiewicz: If you want others to follow, learn to be alone with your thoughts. * The Telegraph: Google CEO: We are like the government. * PPC Blog: How Google Works: An easy to understand infographic. * Nokia Blog: The fight starts now: Head of Nokia’s Mobility Solutions Group Anssi Vanjoki argues that he will bring Nokia back to the forefront of smartphone and mobile computer business. * Dave Pell: However great they might be, social networks could be making us less social. And the Real Real Social Network!

CompareMyDocs: Comparing and Merging Documents Made Easy CompareMyDocs makes it easy to compare multiple revisions of a document and to compile a final version based on these revisions. The site, which launched today, can handle Word documents and rich-text files. You simply select up to seven documents and the service will display all the differences between these in a very well-designed interface. CompareMyDocs is available free of charge. CompareMyDocs is based on TextFlow, a more advanced desktop version of CompareMyDocs that also features an online storage component. Features The app color codes all the differences between the versions of the document. CompareMyDocs does have quite a few limitations. TextFlow also launched its new API today.

[petit hack entre amis] Canaille Plus, ou comment télécharger le Bonjour à tous, EDITPour suivre et télécharger les dernières mises à jour de Canaille plus & QPV, j’ai mis en place un petit forum :Téléchargement de vidéo depuis le site canal plus: Canaille Plus & QPVDonc tout se passe maintenant la bas !See you soon Ça y est, il est prêt, il est tout beau et tout neuf ! C’est bien sûr la version 2.0.0 du désormais célèbre logiciel de ’canaille plus’ qui permet de télécharger (presque) toutes les vidéos du site de Canal plus : Le Grand JournalLe SAV des émissionsSalut les terriensLe ZappingGrolandLa matinalePop ComAction discèteL’effet papillonTêtes à claqueDimanche +… Un grand merci au maître Teel ainsi qu’à tous ceux qui ont participé à l’élaboration de ce soft. C’est assez ‘user-friendly‘, donc pas vraiment besoin de faire un tuto. Hop, une petite capture tout de même : Pour télécharger le logiciel : CanaillePlus2.0.0 ( 693 kb) Je crois que Teel n’est plus trop motivé pour assurer le support et de nouvelles version du logiciel. D’autres en parlent aussi :

Forums - Vegas Pro - Video Messages OH. MY. GOD! To echo what "The dude" said earlier, "Halleluya!" The thing that was absolutely KILLING me was the the project would render just fine on my slower laptop that has less RAM, but absolutely WOULD NOT render without crashing on my desktop. But this solutions did the trick! I can only guess that there is something about the memory usage on the laptop that kept it just this side of whatever magic memory line was causing the crashes on the desktop. One thing I'd point out about CFF Explorer is that (at least on my install of Vista 64-bit), once I had checked off "app can handle > 2gb address space," I had to close down and re-open the program before proceeding to the next file. In case anyone is wondering why I'm not just using Vegas 8.1 since I'm running Vista 64-bit, it's because the project in question, edited in 8.0c, will not even fully open in 8.1 without crashing right to the desktop with an exception in the MSVCR80.dll.

Creating OpenSearch plugins for Firefox - MDC Firefox supports the OpenSearch description format for search plugins. Plugins that use OpenSearch are compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. Because of this, they are the recommended format for use on the web. Firefox also supports additional features not included in OpenSearch, such as search suggestions and the SearchForm element. This article will focus on creating OpenSearch-compatible search plugins that support these additional Firefox-specific features. OpenSearch description files can be advertised as described in Autodiscovery of search plugins, and can be installed programmatically as described in Adding search engines from web pages. OpenSearch description fileEdit The XML file describing a search engine follows the basic template below. ShortName A short name for the search engine. Restrictions: The value must contain 16 or fewer characters of plain text. Description A brief description of the search engine. InputEncoding Image Url Param SearchForm searchTitle pluginURL

Good-Bye, Microsoft Money! 16 Powerful Personal Finance Programs As of today, Microsoft Money is no longer available for purchase. Microsoft has essentially conceded that there’s no demand for the product. From the website: With banks, brokerage firms and Web sites now providing a range of options for managing personal finances, the consumer need for Microsoft Money Plus has changed. After suspending annual updates of Money Plus in 2008, Microsoft is announcing today that we will no longer offer Microsoft Money Plus for purchase after June 30, 2009. Now that Microsoft has thrown in the towel, where does that leave existing users of Money and Money Plus? First, it’s important to note that Microsoft intends to support Money Plus at least through 31 January 2011. A number of online personal finance management and planning tools are available, many for free, on the Web. It would have been nice if Microsoft had provided a list of these “personal finance management and planning tools”. Thrive is another online tool similar to Mint.