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International Cost of Living Comparisons

International Cost of Living Comparisons
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Salaries, Salary, Bonuses and Paid Benefits - AOL Find a Job 16 Jobs That Pay Less Than You Think Being of great service to the world does not guarantee a big paycheck Some of the most well-respected professions - ones that require lots of schooling and bring great service to the world - don't pay nearly as much as you think. 3-Month Course Yields 5-Figure Job App Academy requires 80 to 100 hours per week, but promises payoff A new form of professional training makes it possible for those who have the inclination and work ethic to land higher-paying jobs. Walmart Worker: Why I Love My Job And Can't Fathom The Protests This week, thousands of Walmart associates are in Bentonville, Ark., to celebrate the annual shareholders' meeting.

Still Think The iTunes 10 Icon Sucks? Our Ten Reader Alternatives Brendan“I made an iTunes icon for you” Alan Clarke Iain “I am better than Steve Jobs because my icons have even more photoshop effects” Henderson Kanwa “iTunes10 icon from JAPAN” Nagafuji Mike “Steve Jobs is colorblind” Potra Daniel “Steve Jobs has more money than me, but only because I refuse to wear mock turtlenecks” Reneer EyeTunes (get it?) Dario” iRaptor” Fisher Claes “vinylTunes 2.0” Kallarsson Alessio “I am better than Steve Jobs — Not really” Zito Rossi Chris“The Replacement”Carlossi Is it just me or has there been a lot of logo hate going around lately?

Sex Parties | Sex Parties | New York City | NYC | Event Published November 16, 2005 Purely out of a selfless desire to get you downstairs, we've spent the last few months extensively investigating the underground sex party scene. After attending enough parties filled with sketchy 50-year-old swingers and underserviced Long Island housewives in Pennsylvania Hotel suites, we finally came upon a scene worth taking a look at. The organization is called "One Leg Up" and it offers three different levels of parties with increasing levels of intensity: the "side-dish" (for anyone) the "take-out" (couples and single women only) and the "eat-in" (an exclusive event for pre-screened couples and single women only). Our advice: Go straight for the top.The journey begins with an elaborate screening process. Once accepted, you can purchase tickets for the event. Once you arrive and provide the correct password, you change into a mandatory costume that complements the occasion's theme.

How Apple Dominates (In Slides) What makes Apple tick? How is it that it came back from the dead to surpass both Google and Microsoft in market cap? French consulting firm faberNovel takes a stab at explaining Apple’s success and its strategy against its two main rivals in the SlideShare above. (In the past, faberNovel has created similar slideshows about Google). The 48-slide presentation, titles “Apple: 8 Easy Steps To Beat Microsoft (And Google),” boils Apple’s strategy down to eight steps including “the arrogance of simplicity” (Step 1) to customer lock-in (Step 3), selling at a premium (Step 4), cross-selling products (Step 5), and, of course, think different (Step 7). Apple starts by stripping away complexity from computing products, paring down features in favor of making their products more effortless to master. Over that time period, it went from a niche, high-end computer maker to a consumer electronics company. Google is already all about the cloud.

Orient Express - one of the most luxurious train Orient Express – one of the most luxurious train, which runs between Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, the transportation of passengers through the beautiful rainforests, mountains and villages. Ticket price starts from 2300 dollars per person. What to Read Today: American Jobs, Google, Nokia & un-Social Net From Andy Grove’s point-of-view on American jobs to Google’s growing power and the importance of solitude for leadership — here are some of the most interesting pieces I have read over the past few days. In particular, pay attention to the un-social nature of social networks; then go out and mingle. * Andy Grove: What’s wrong with America and how we can fix it. (On this holiday weekend, find a moment to read what Grove has to say. You may not agree with him, but it will make you think differently.) * William Deresiewicz: If you want others to follow, learn to be alone with your thoughts. * The Telegraph: Google CEO: We are like the government. * PPC Blog: How Google Works: An easy to understand infographic. * Nokia Blog: The fight starts now: Head of Nokia’s Mobility Solutions Group Anssi Vanjoki argues that he will bring Nokia back to the forefront of smartphone and mobile computer business. * Dave Pell: However great they might be, social networks could be making us less social.

How to Plan an Awesome, Last-Minute Vacation on the Cheap - StumbleUpon I lived in Colorado for most of my life, so when I moved to Southern California when I was 14 and my dad bought my whole family annual passes to Disney, it was the greatest thing in the world. I've purchased an annual pass every year since (been here 7 years). I love that place to death I watched all the Walt Disney shows on TV when I was a kid. I got to go there for the first time when I was in my early 30s and it was absolutely nothing like what I had imagined. I've been there several times since (we live in the Los Angeles area now). Sadly, though, unless one of us gets in free we really can't afford to go there any more.

CompareMyDocs: Comparing and Merging Documents Made Easy CompareMyDocs makes it easy to compare multiple revisions of a document and to compile a final version based on these revisions. The site, which launched today, can handle Word documents and rich-text files. You simply select up to seven documents and the service will display all the differences between these in a very well-designed interface. CompareMyDocs is available free of charge. CompareMyDocs is based on TextFlow, a more advanced desktop version of CompareMyDocs that also features an online storage component. We reviewed the latest version of TextFlow in March. Features The app color codes all the differences between the versions of the document. CompareMyDocs does have quite a few limitations. TextFlow also launched its new API today.