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Welcome to analysis of the world's largest companies.

Welcome to analysis of the world's largest companies.

2012 Rankings of Canada's top 1000 public companies by profit The companies listed here are the 1,000 largest publicly traded corporations, measured by assets. They are ranked according to their after-tax profits in their most recent fiscal year, excluding extraordinary gains or losses. When companies state their results in U.S. dollars or euros, we do the same, but rankings are based on the Canadian dollar equivalents. The Top 1000 rankings in ROB Magazine and this website only provide a limited snapshot of data for the top 1000 companies in Canada. The full database provides a complete guide to corporate performance in Canada, with comprehensive shareholder information and can be purchased here. Rankings by profit Print Download table as a csv View full table CAROL - Homepage Astuces pour votre rapport annuel

UN Millennium Development Goals Disclaimer The United Nations is not responsible for the content of any messages posted on this site or sites linked from this page. The inclusion of a message does not imply the endorsement of the message by the United Nations. MDG Indicators The MDG Indicators website presents the official data, definitions, methodologies and sources for more than 60 indicators to measure progress towards the Millennium Development Goals. UN Data Portal The UN Data Portal, UNdata, developed by the Statistics Division of DESA, brings UN statistical databases within easy reach through a single entry point from which users can search and download a variety of statistical resources of the UN System. UNICEF Monitoring & Statistics UNICEF measures the situation of children and women and tracks progress through data collection and analysis.

ACRE | About ACRE Our vision - to be the voice of rural communities - is supported by the wealth of evidence and intelligence on rural matters that we collect from our members. We use this evidence to influence national policy on rural issues, from housing health and transport to broadband, services and fuel poverty. We have a strong track record of speaking up for rural communities on the national stage and delivering multi-million pound projects that enable our communities to find innovative solutions to the challenges they face. Our rural community councils - some of whom date back 90 years - have a long and fruitful history of making a difference at grassroors level. The ACRE Network is supported by an agreement with the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) which helps to fund our work with rural communities.

the capitalist network that runs the world - physics-math - 19 October 2011 AS PROTESTS against financial power sweep the world this week, science may have confirmed the protesters' worst fears. An analysis of the relationships between 43,000 transnational corporations has identified a relatively small group of companies, mainly banks, with disproportionate power over the global economy. The study's assumptions have attracted some criticism, but complex systems analysts contacted by New Scientist say it is a unique effort to untangle control in the global economy. Pushing the analysis further, they say, could help to identify ways of making global capitalism more stable. The idea that a few bankers control a large chunk of the global economy might not seem like news to New York's Occupy Wall Street movement and protesters elsewhere (see photo). But the study, by a trio of complex systems theorists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, is the first to go beyond ideology to empirically identify such a network of power. The Zurich team can. 1.

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