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Ds106 Assignments:community made creative assignments for ds106

Ds106 Assignments:community made creative assignments for ds106
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The Best 8 Tools to Create Posters for your Classroom Today, we are sharing with you some great web tools that you can use to create your own posters and customize them the way you want. Check out the list below and share with us what you think of them. Enjoy 1- Poster My Wall This is one of the most popular web tools out there. 2- Befunky This is basically a photo editor that allows users to create posters. 3- Picassa This is a powerful free image hosting and editing tool. 4- Art Skills You can use the poster making wizard of Arts Skills to create engaging posters. 5- Muzy Thoughts This is a really cool web tool to use to create posters for your classroom. 6- Posterini This is an online web tool that lets you create posters with WYSIWYC interface. 7- Smore This is an ideal web tool for those interested in creating flyers. 8- Zeen Zeen is another great tool you should consider when thinking about creating engaging posters to use with your students.

How to Succeed as an Open Participant in ds106 (with really trying) So you have heard about this little open course on digital storytelling called ds106, but how do you go about being a part of it? Come on in… cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by Conor Keller | If you need more information about ds106, we have the requisite about page as well as a history of ds106 through the ages. First of all, in ds106, there are multiple levels of participation- but most importantly, it is designed so you can pick and choose the when and where. There are two approaches for being part of ds106, we will call “Fast and Easy” and “The Blogging Way”. The Fast and Easy Plan To be “Fast and Easy” You can submit any work you do for the ds106 Assignments (described below) by completing a web form linked form each one. We also invite you to comment and provide feedback to the ds106ers who are blogging and to tune in and participate with us on twitter. The Blogging Way If you set up a new blog, please first write first welcome post. Set up Gravatar.

8 Things to Look For in Today’s Classroom – The Principal of Change As I think that leaders should be able to describe what they are looking for in schools I have thought of eight things that I really want to see in today’s classroom. I really believe that classrooms need to be learner focused. This is not simply that students are creating but that they are also having opportunities to follow their interests and explore passions.1 The teacher should embody learning as well. Will Richardson recently wrote this in a comment on one of my recent posts on what teachers need to be like in our current day and the focus that needs to be on learning: …we need teachers who are masters at developing kids as learners who are adept at sense making around their own goals. Although technology is not the focus, it does give us many opportunities to magnify the opportunities I list below. 1. Finally, let’s start to really tap into the wisdom of our rooms and have students not only learn, but teach each other. What I have missed?

26 Ways to Use Comics in the Classroom and 5 Free Tools for Creating Comics One of the most popular posts that I've published on Free Technology for Teachers is a list of ten free tools for creating comics online. I wrote that post three years ago. Since then some of the tools have gone offline or started charging users. So I think it's time to share a new list. Here are five free tools for creating comics online. Comic Master is a free tool designed for students to use to create comics in the "graphic novel style" that is popular with a lot of kids in the ten to fourteen years old age range. Make Beliefs is a free comic strip creation tool that provides students with a variety of templates, characters, and prompts for building their own comic strips. Chogger is a free comic strip creation tool that offers a good selection of editing tools. Marvel Kids invites kids to create their own super hero comic strips and comic books. Witty Comics provides a simple platform that students can use to create two character dialogues.

The Daily Create - Daily assignments to fuel your creativity Earn Your Micro-credentials in Four Easy Steps Jennifer is the Director of Educator Micro-credentials. You can reach her on Twitter: @JenCohKab. Micro-credentials provide educators an opportunity to gain competency-based recognition for their skills, no matter how or where they learned them. Micro-credentials support the expansion of practical, personalized, self-directed learning that so many educators crave. For educators who love to learn and share that learning with their peers, micro-credentials are a natural extension of their professional learning journey. Earning a micro-credential takes just four steps: Select, Collect, Submit, and Share.

Your ds106 Handbook #ds106 is #4life Here is your guide to ds106. Study it closely. Commit to your soul. image based on cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by johntrainor: Comments Add a comment Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Get Into ds106 ds106 Current Sections ds106 in[SPIRE] Sign in to your account Forgot your password? Radio ds106 Radio is a free form live streaming station that has been setup for this course, and it is being used as a platform to broadcast the work being created in the class, and a space for live broadcasts as well as for programming shows. The whole point of this experiment is to encourage any and all members of the course (as well as beyond it) to produce something real for anyone who wants to tune in. It’s also provides a global, 24 hour/7 day-a-week happening for the creations of the course and much, much more. And more than anything, ds106 radio is place where anyone can submit their work and help program the course radio station in order to commune and share around works and ideas while at the same time making the web safe for democracy. What’s on the radio? Tune into the radio! How can I find out more information? The best place to find all the information is this group document where users have edited with any changes and updates. How do I listen to ds106 radio? Bumpers and commercials

Tech jobs report: Security, devops, and big data stay hot If you're wondering what IT skill sets to acquire, security and devops are doing well in the job market. Pay for cloud skills, however, is eroding. Research firm Foote Partners' latest quarterly IT Skills and Certifications Pay Index determined that the market value for 450 IT certifications it tracks had increased for 12 consecutive quarters. Market values rose for 404 noncertified IT skills for the fifth consecutive quarter. Foote's report is based on data provided by 2,845 North American private and public sector employers, with data compiled from January to April 1. Security skills command increasing salaries, with no end in sight In the security space, Foote found that values for 76 certifications have been on a slow and steady path upward for two years, with an 8.7 percent average increase. Security needs will only grow as cybercrime and hacking continue to grow, Foote said. Devops demand gains serious traction Big data demand is for skills more than certifications

A variety of items/resources concerning digital storytelling [for #etMOOC] As my contribution to #etMOOC, I wanted to pull together some resources re: digital storytelling: Digital Storytelling – from and HCS Mobile, which showcases students learning with mobile devices in Horry County Schools Excerpt: Digital Storytelling combines images, narration, and other audio to tell a story. Storytelling in eLearning: The why and how — from eLearn Magazine by Shelley A. Rhianna Pratchett at TEDx Transmedia 2012 – ‘The Future of the Videogames Writer’ How to make RSA Animate style videos with your class… — from 30 compelling examples of visual storytelling on the web – from by Jessica Moon Storytelling is a powerful approach that can, when done right, compel users to convert more effectively than what any amount of optimization, crazy visual callouts, or awesome interactive elements can do otherwise. The Wider Image from Reuters — with thanks going out to Mr. Storybird