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40 Best Sites for Fitness Tips - Nurse Practitioner Degree Blog One of the essential roles of a nurse practitioner is to share information with patients about better health habits. You want your patients to thrive and enjoy good health. As you take care of injuries and treat disease, you can also serve an important educational role that can help others. You can use the Internet as a great resource for learning more about getting healthy, including learning more about fitness. You can also direct your patients to good web resources. As you do your best to fulfill your duties as a NP, you can get help from these 40 great sites for fitness tips: General Exercise and Fitness Tips These web sites are great for providing general exercise and fitness tips. Get awesome tips, and find good exercises. Weight Loss Tips In some cases, fitness includes losing weight. SparkPeople: Get plenty of fitness and weight loss tips, while enjoying the support of an entire community. Marathon and Triathlon Training Tips Strength Building and Weight Training Tips

Bring Back the Mile : Home Fit Girl: Your Guide to Getting In Shape Exercise, Workout, and Fitness Center: Yoga, Cardio, Strength Training, and More Health & Fitness Center - Find health and fit... VIDEO 5-Minute Abs Workout This easy and fun abs routine incorporates 5 exercises, each one lasting 45 seconds with a 15-second rest. VIDEO 3 Things to Bring to the Gym What's a tennis ball got to do with your workout? Learn why to pack this -- and other essentials -- next time you hit the gym. SLIDESHOW 12 Basic Yoga Poses No matter the style of yoga you choose -- hatha, vinyasa, or hot yoga -- nearly all of them include a few key moves. Recommended For You Popular in Fitness & Exercise Living Healthy Tools Food & Recipes Healthy Recipe Finder Diet Food & Fitness Planner Diet Body Calculator Special Sections Food & Recipe Healthy Recipe Finder Featured in Fitness & Exercise Heart Rate Calculator Ensure you're exercising hard enough to get a good workout, but not strain your heart. While you are exercising, you should count between... Beats Seconds Find out what else your numbers say about you Newsletters Subscribe to free WebMD newsletters. Fitness

Reddit and the Marathon Bombers: The Wise Way to Crowdsource a Manhunt After Reddit’s attempt to find the Boston Marathon bombers turned into a major failure (for which Reddit’s general manager Erik Martin publicly apologized Monday), the over-all conclusion seems to be that the whole experiment was misguided from the start, and that the Redditors’ inability to identify the Tsarnaev brothers demonstrates the futility of using an online crowd of amateur sleuths to help with a criminal investigation. Or, as the Times’s Nick Bilton put it, “It looks as if the theory of the ‘wisdom of crowds’ doesn’t apply to terrorist manhunts.” That proposition may be true. But Reddit’s failure isn’t evidence for it. To begin with, it’s a bit facile to frame this story as a competition between “the crowd” and “the experts,” since the official investigation wasn’t relying on a couple of experts, but rather had its own crowd at work, one made up, in Bilton’s words, of “thousands of local and federal officials.” It doesn’t have to work this way, though. Photograph: F.B.I. FitnessZone International - Physical fitness Home Enabling Your Passion For Healthy Living ExRx (Exercise Prescription) on the Internet