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Thinkuknow - home

Thinkuknow - home
The CEOP Command’s Thinkuknow programme provides resources, training and support for professionals who work directly with children and young people. Our films, learning activities and other resources are developed in response to intelligence from child protection experts within the CEOP Command. They are designed to help children and young people keep themselves safe from sexual abuse and exploitation by developing skills in identifying and avoiding risk, learning how best to protect themselves and their friends, and knowing how to get support and report abuse if they do encounter difficulties. A wide range of resources for use with parents and carers are also available. All resources are downloadable for FREE once users have registered to the site. You can also download our new report on effective practice in prevention education, produced in partnership with the PSHE Association.

EU Kids Online - EU Kids Online - Research - Department of Media and Communications EU Kids Online is a multinational research network. It seeks to enhance knowledge of European children's online opportunities, risks and safety. It uses multiple methods to map children's and parents' experience of the internet, in dialogue with national and European policy stakeholders. It has been funded by the EC’s Better Internet for Kids programme. New: O'Neil, B (2017) Toddlers and tech: Policy implications for families and parenting in the information age, Digitising Early Childhood International Conference, Edith Cowan University, Perth, 11-15 September. For our main findings, click the interactive report below For recent updates, click news and reports links on the right

Cyberbullying - What we can ALL do to prevent cyberbullying Select Play below to watch ‘Let’s Fight it Together’ Childnet would like to thank Ben Folds and the music publisher Universal Music Publishing Group and Sony BMG (Recording) for granting Childnet permission to use the Ben Folds track “Still Fighting It” for this film and giving written permission for the film to be copied and streamed online for educational usage. Childnet would also like to thank The EDGE production company for part sponsoring the production of this film and the students, staff and governors from Belhus Chase Specialist Humanities College for allowing us to film in their school. The parts in this film were played by actors. If you have any questions about this film, or would like to give any feedback on the film please contact Key to using Movie Player - Subtitles Fullscreen Volume