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Photography Inspirations: Black and White Photos Black and white photography is known to be the root of photographic process. Many photographers are using this type of photography because it is timeless and classy. This is totally different from other types of photography which are colorful and eye-catching. Take a look at these Elegant and Classy Examples of Black and White Photography for your inspiration. Nellie-Project 365-Day 137 A close up photo of a hairy, great looking dog.View Source A Winter Black and white A winter black and white in Alster Park Hamburg.View Source In Black and white A black and white image of the Triumphal Arch located in the northern part of Bucharest.View Source Black and white Bay Black and white image of a beautiful bay with big stones on the shore line and cliffs.View Source Black n white 1 An old barn that looks even cooler in Black and white.View Source Black and white Black and white close up shot of a flower.View Source Big Ben Big Ben is the building in the middle. Solitude Meryl Streep Manhattan Express Birds

Photo editor online - edit image Draw Freely. GoAnimate - Make your own cartoons and animations easily. Our tools are free and you don't need to learn Flash. Web Screenshots - Take a Screen Capture Online Badges in the real world How badges lead to jobs, career advancement and new learning opportunities How do we explain Mozilla’s Open Badge Project to beginners? These user stories — drawn from Erin Knight’s “Open Badge System Framework” paper — are meant to illustrate through everyday scenarios. This post is a first draft only and needs your feedback. Please add your comments here. Or suggest edits to the etherpad version. Eduardo: Connecting learning inside and outside the classroom Eduardo is a 16-year-old Chicago southsider. Eduardo is learning storyboarding and making short films in digital media workshops, mentoring younger kids at a local “Fab Lab,” and took second prize in a recent hackfest competition. How badges help: Badges help Eduardo get recognition for the skills he’s developing outside of school. His peers and facilitators review his work using a defined set of criteria, and issue Eduardo the Movie Maker badge. The result: Sara’s parents want her to go to college and get a computer science degree.

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