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The Blood Typing Game

The Blood Typing Game

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How Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Works If you're flipping channels one day and come upon a crime scene as depicted on one of the many TV shows that focus on forensic science, such as "CSI" or "Dexter," you might notice something strange. Among the technicians dusting for fingerprints and collecting hair fibers at the murder scene, you spot an array of red strings running from the floor, the wall, the table and the sofa. All of the strings meet at nearly the same point. Heart Contraction and Blood Flow - NHLBI, NIH The animation below shows how your heart pumps blood. Click the "start" button to play the animation. Written and spoken explanations are provided with each frame.

One Ocean: The Nature of Things with David Suzuki: CBC-TV One Ocean Download Unity Web Player Get Unity 3D to Play The Unity Web Player enables you to view blazing 3D content created by the Unity gaming engine directly in your browser, and autoupdates as necessary. Download PDB-101 <div style="padding-left:8px;font-weight:bold;color:#FF0000;font-size:16px"><p>This browser is either not Javascript enabled or has it turned off.<br />This site will not function correctly without Javascript.</p></div> ABO Blood Type Glycosyltransferases Keywords: blood type, ABO, ABO(H), H-antigen, blood transfusion Introduction Bloodstain Tutorial The success or failure of any criminal investigation often depends on the recognition of physical evidence left at a crime scene and the proper analysis of that evidence. Crime scenes that involve bloodshed often contain a wealth of information in the form of bloodstains. The pattern, size, shape, and the location of such stains may be very useful in the reconstruction of the events that occurred.

Human Body, Human Body Information Beyond the Brain What goes on within the human skull is more complex and fantastic than anyone imagined. And scientists are finding ways to delve even deeper into what we know of the mind. Mending Broken Hearts Cheeseburgers, smoking, stress—risk factors for heart disease, a malady reaching global epidemic proportions. Now, discoveries about genetic triggers may help us spot trouble before it starts. Games and Puzzles Science Games Who Wants to Win $1,000,000? - Answer 15 science and math based questions correctly and become a (pretend!) millionaire! Virginia State Standards of Learning Practice Tests - Practice taking the SOL tests!

Violence Formula: Analyzing TV, Video and Movies Violence is the foundation of many films, TV movies, and action series. In fact, violence is often synonymous with "action." Because screenwriters, directors and producers use violence often and in many ways, how do we begin to recognize the distinctions in media violence? How do we determine if shootout or fist fight is one too many? One way is to understand that there is a basic formula to the portrayal of violence in TV, movies and video. Here are the three basics of the formula, plus questions to help you recognize them:

Discovery Education Science e-Book Reading Passages Leveled informational science text and reading passages specific to each content area with audio support Fun-Damentals Wet Rocks Save the cities’ drinking water! Groundwater supplies many major cities throughout the world with drinking water. Contamination of that water is a serious threat.

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