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Cutting Paper Snowflakes

Cutting Paper Snowflakes
You sometimes have questions. I know I do. When this happens and you think I might be of some service, do as Bridgitt did and shoot me an email. You never know, I just might be able to help. I was reading through the junkmail snowflake garland post and was amazed at the snowflakes you cut out. I blush... To make snowflakes, here's what I do: 1. 5. 9. 10. So... Alrighty then.

Snowflake Ornaments coffee filters! But they've been stiffened to make them more rigid and ornament like. And as an added bonus the fabric stiffening medium I used gave the filters a semi-translucent icy look. As you probably already know I love to craft with coffee filters. Now you've probably seen more than one tutorial on how to cut snowflakes from coffee filters so I'm just going to give you a brief overview of those steps. Step One: First smooth the filter out so it's flat. Step Two: Use a craft knife to cut the folded filter. I made some cuts along the edges and inside the middle to get a really detailed and delicate looking flake. After you're done cutting unfold to reveal your beautiful flake. Next it's time to stiffen the filters up with fabric medium. Step Three: Lay the snowflake on some wax paper, pour on some drops of fabric medium, and smooth the medium over the entire filter. Step Four: Carefully pick up/peel up the flake and transfer it to something plastic to dry.

Paper If you've never thought of paper snowflakes as important or relevant, get ready to have your mind blown. These aren't your old grandfather's simple fold and cut from a napkin snow crystal pretties. Paper Snowflakes for Children is a virtual encyclopedia of crystal patterns ranging from simple one or two cut designs for total beginners to creations that are virtually impossible to apply scissors or knives to craft. Mark your calendar: December 27 is Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day Simple for beginners - designs with easy folds and cut lines Four sided doilies - basic square folds, but not true snowflake shapes Math based - fun patterns using basic triangle, square and circle shapes Forget me Not - special flakes for commemorative events or personal memories Festive - holiday theme flakes Intricate - hard to cut patterns Fancy flakes - delicate flowery designs ...and so much more Natures gift Educational Symmetrical Snowflakes

Paper Snowflake Mini-Garland The days until Christmas are dwindling, and I’m certainly feeling the time crunch for handling my gift list and last-minute preparations. I love this quick and easy DIY from Evita of Le Papillon Vert. We’ve featured a couple of Evita’s projects in our Before & After column, and it’s great to see her clean, elegant style again in the form of this paper and thread mini-garland. You could whip up miles of this garland in an hour, making it a great party decoration or embellishment for a pile of gifts. I love the way it looks on these packages, and I really like how little time and materials are needed to pull this off. Have a DIY project you’d like to share? Read the full how-to after the jump! Materials poster board, heavy card or photo stockthread/string & needle (For a twist, you could try red and white baker’s twine.)snowflake punch (ours is the Martha Stewart Nordic Snowflake Punch) Instructions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. You’re done!

How To Make A Paper Snowflake Happy Black Friday, everyone! To follow up with Monday’s snowflake mood board, here are the templates and instructions on how to create these simple, yet beautiful, three-dimensional paper snowflakes PRINTING TEMPLATES: Open PDF of small, medium or large snowflake. Print the large template onto 6 pieces of white paper, the medium on 2 and the small on 1 page. CUT & FOLD: Trim off extra paper then on the medium and small cut out the square pieces. FORMING THREE DIMENSIONAL SNOWFLAKE: Open and flatten each triangle back into a square. HANGING & DECORATING: Using a small punch, create a hole in top point so that you can run a string or fishing line through for hanging. Lia Lia is a daily crafter, maker, designer and DIYer.

How To Make Paper Snowflakes Arts & Crafts : Winter See also: Christmas Crafts & Printable Gift Tags Are you looking for winter-themed art and craft activities, coloring pages and other creative fun related to the snowy winter season? If so, you'll like Creativity Portal's own collection of winter activities and projects plus our recommended resources for paper snowflake making instructions, free printables, snowman crafts, and other winter-related creativity. Creative Winter Activities & Craft Projects Polymer Clay Penny Snowman Learn how to make this easy and cute little "Penny for your thoughts" polymer clay snowman! Winter Season Writing Prompts Cold, snowy, brrrrry weather! Popsicle Stick Runner Sled Project If you're a sledding fanatic, you'll love making these cute little wooden craft stick runner sleds. Winter Snowman Greeting Card Want to send a special snowy-season card to a friend? Winter Snowman Coloring Page Winter's just not the same without some frosty coloring fun! More Winter Craft & Activity Resources