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The Plugin Site - Free Photoshop-compatible Plugins Free Photoshop-compatible Plugins means recently added. means that the software is available for the Mac. means that the software is available for Windows. Alternate methods of accessing The Pirate Bay The Proxy Bay TOR (The Onion Router) is a system that allows you to bypass censorship and access any website. Simply download the TOR bundle below and install it. Download TOR for Windows Download TOR for Mac OS X Download TOR for Linux

Cheap 1Gbps and 10Gbps Seedboxes - 30 installable apps Sabnzbd | Rapidleech | BitTorrent Sync | Transmission | Deluge | Autodl-Irssi | Maketorrent | Subsonic | ZNC | Madsonic | Pydio | Sickbeard | Sickrage | Squid proxy server | ProFTPD server | Couchpotato | NZBGet | Headphones | Pyload | Synching | Plex | Jackett | Sonarr | Radarr | Mylar | Lounge | Shout | Watcher | PlexPy | PlexRequestsnet is the oldest continuously operating seedbox hosting provider on the internet. Therefore we know exactly what you need and our packages are carefully prepared to suit the needs of even the most demanding seedbox maniacs. MP4 to GIF - Online Converter This MP4 to GIF converter can convert MP4 (MPEG-4 Video) files to GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) image. How To Use: Select a MP4 file (such as *.mp4, *.m4b, *.m4v, *.h264, *.h265, *.264, *.265, *.hevc).Click button "Convert" to start upload your file.Once upload completed, converter will redirect a web page to show the conversion result. Remark:

Downloadable Computer Repair CDs One of our Technibble forum members, PcTek9, and a handful of other Technibble members have compiled a large list of CDs for various computer repair tasks. In this list, the following types of CD are available for download: Antivirus Boot CDs, Recovery Disks, Hardware Diagnostic Boot CDs, Network Testing/Monitoring, Data Recovery Boot CDs and Special Purpose CDs. Some of these are free to download, some are not. Be sure to read the EULA for the CD’s you download and the applications you use to make sure you are allowed to use them in the manner you plan to use them in. Many of the CDs contain a variety of different programs and some of the applications are free to use as you please, but some of them disallow commercial use.

European word translator: an interactive map showing "when" in over 30 languages Enter one or two lower-case English words to see translations from Google Translate. Examples: banana the cat she runs Random words: hug magnetic A few things to keep in mind: Translations are generated by Google Translate. Some may be inaccurate or use non-European (e.g. Torrent Sites Directory Torrent Sites Since bittorrent burst on the scene in 2001, thousands of websites offering .torrent files for download have opened their doors. A few have shut their doors as well, but for every closed torrent site there are plenty of new ones. This list of torrent sites is our effort to organize that chaos by listing all the sites directory style below. How to Open and Save WebP Images in Photoshop - WebStoked Since Safari 14 will finally support WebP images, I wanted to start using them in my tutorials and guides. I was able to enable WebP uploads in WordPress, but what about Photoshop? It’s annoying to keep using conversion tools all the time. Luckily, there’s a quick and simple solution that allows you to open and save WebP images in Photoshop! How to Enable WebP in Photoshop with Google’s WebPShop Plugin The peeps at Google have created a nice and simple plugin for Photoshop, called WebPShop, which allows you to enable the WebP format.

Cute Cartoon Drawings Illustrate Relatable “Before and After” Scenarios Have you ever asked for a trim at the salon but left with a buzz cut? Or know all too well what it’s like to face the day without your morning coffee? Barcelona-based cartoon artist Nacho Diaz Arjona (aka Naolito) cleverly illustrates these relatable scenarios in a series of before and after illustrations. The artist’s cute cartoon drawings personify food, nature, and other ordinary objects and inject some humor into those awkward daily moments. Rendered digitally with a drawing tablet and Photoshop, Naolito first sketches out countless ideas. Deliverance Download (1992 Amiga Game) Yup, the fairies. Those winged and angelic supernatural entities have got themselves into a mess and need Storm to do the honours of freeing them from their torture. Having snatched them from the clutches of the evil Queen Bahd, you now have to deliver them to their homeland. Queen Bahd is, ahem, bahdly upset at this and will do everything in her power to stop you. Her magic is powerful and her servants will stop at nothing to put an end to Storm's valiant quest. Somewhat fortuitously.

How to (easily) create a super cool 90s aesthetic filter for your photos ⋆ Aesthetic Design shop Hi guys, how are you all doing? Today I’ll talk about 90s aesthetic photo filters, and different apps we can use to try to reproduce the photography from that decade. It’s funny how retro aesthetics are always trending so hard. Download Bloodsphere v1.3 Full Version Bloodsphere v1.3 is a 2D RPG made by Alex898 in 2014 for the PC. This game has a very interesting story and you should be played. Bloodsphere will tell: The war between the three countries continent “Sera” can not be controlled anymore, Nobungian Union, a group allied tribes in the eastern states, Balkia, the brightest star in the southern desert, and Reins, hard-working state in the north. .