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DIY Dolce & Gabbana Pasta Earrings

Leave it to Dolce & Gabbana to express their huge appetite for life (and Italy) with their Spring 2012 Collection. Dresses printed with eggplants, tomatoes and hot peppers sauntered down the runway, Sophia Loren was heard singing the ever-so-cliché ”Mambo Italiano” and . . . WTF?! Pasta earrings and accessories!? What a molto bene DIY! With just a quick trip to the supermarket and bead store, these kitschy but totally fun pasta earrings are a cinch to make. You’ll need: The first step is to drill holes into the pasta. Start assembling from the top by adding 3 jump rings to the bottom of the first charm. Thread the pin through the top of the pasta. To create a wire wrapped loop, cinch the pliers at the base of the bead. Using wire cutters, trim away any extra wire. Connect the charms in any pattern or sequence using jump rings. An optional step is to glue little black beads to the middle of the charms. Repeat the steps for the 2nd earring and your pair is finished!

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DIY Braided Bead Bracelet It’s been awhile since our last bracelet DIY. I don’t know about you, but our wrists have been begging for another colorful addition for months now. So after playing with some materials that were already on hand, we’ve created a tutorial for a braided bead bracelet, which is a not so distant cousin of the hex nut and wrap bracelet. Because honestly, you can never have too many . . . You’ll need: Cut the waxed linen cord into a 26″ and 19″ piece. DIY Satsuma Candle A friend of mine DIYed her own candles, made from the peels of Satsuma oranges, for a recent dinner party. I was so excited by this simple yet clever idea, I had to share the tutorial on HonestlyWTF. My only regret is not discovering this sooner when Satsumas were at their absolute peak in December. Hopefully, you’ll still be able to snatch up a few at your local grocery store or farmer’s market and impress your guests at your next dinner party! The stem side of the Satsuma will be the bottom and base of the candle.

DIY : Rainbow Ribbon Necklace // Collier à Rubans Arc-En-Ciel Recently I had the urge to make something cute as candy. This rainbow of pastel colours is the perfect accessory for a Spring outfit. I wore it out today with a black teeshirt and mint jeans – perfectly sweet. Museum Of Arts And Design June 22nd, 2011 by Robert Kloos June 22, 2011 26 days to go to reach $4,000 goal for Elasticbrand’s Audiowear project on Kickstarter. In 2010, Elasticbrand (Arjen Noordeman and Christie Wright) wanted to create a collaborative project where they could take two things that they both love-ceramic objects and hip-hop music- and fuse them into one project: Audiowear.

DIY Woven Chain Bracelet Chain link bracelets, with colorful threads woven through them, have been popping up here and there. We adore Aurèlie Bidermann‘s Do Brazil bracelets and thought it was about time we graduate to the ultimate “grown-up” friendship bracelet. With a curb chain bracelet and some embroidery thread, we’ll teach you how to make your own woven chain bracelet. And one for your bestie too, of course. You’ll need:a curb link braceletembroidery threadtwo bobby pinsa pair of scissors Cut 2 sets of 15 strands of embroidery thread, with each strand measuring four times the length of the bracelet. Articles: DIY: Walnut Heart Necklace — By Johnie Gall — Foam Magazine Articles Erica and Lauren are a designer and stylist who always have our crafting fingers itching to recreate the fun and easy DIY projects posted on their blog, Honestly...WTF. For Valentine's Day, they volunteered to show us how to make an organic DIY gift you can give to anyone (or stash away for yourself!):

Evert Nijland... Evert These pieces I really, really like and this jewellery artist is absolutely “new” for me… I found him when I was looking for some other jewellery… one thing leads to another and that’s good. DIY Chainmail Necklace You’ll need: Start by separating the jump rings into two halves: 175 open and 175 closed. Thread three closed jump rings onto an open jump ring. Close the ring. Spread the three rings apart, with the rings looking exactly as shown below. The bottom ring will be the end of the necklace and the top two rings, which are spread open over the middle ring, will be where the chain mail begins.

Documentaries About Latin America "We are seeing how very important it is to bring about in the human mind the radical revolution. The crisis is a crisis in consciousness. A crisis that cannot anymore accept the old norms, the old patterns, the ancient traditions, and considering what the world is now with all the misery, conflict, destructive brutality, aggression, and so on, man is still as he was, is still brutal, violent, aggressive, acquisitive, competitive, and he has built a society along these lines." –Jiddu Krishnamurti The Zeitgeist Movement is not a political movement. It does not recognize nations, governments, races, religions, creeds or class. DIY origami-style necklace Here's an origami jewelry experiment that's useful if you're broke, or if your eyeballs enjoy looking at folded paper. (Speaking of crafts for the fiscally challenged, Amy Sedaris' book Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People is hilarious. But I digress.)

02/01/2009 - 02/08/2009 there was still no power. Another cold front is moving through and it's now a balmy 23 degrees outside. I sometimes wonder if the rest of these United States has any idea how big of a disaster this is. The only media I have access to is the internet and it sure doesn't seem like Obama has said much. And I definitely haven't seen the likes of Fox News or Keith Olberman running around. Is this on the TV?