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Nina Paley’s Blog
93.5″ x 95″. Cotton fabric, soy/cotton blend batting, polyester thread. Designed by me, stitchcoded by Theo, stitched on Behemoth the Quilt Plotter, reverse appliqued and bound by me. The process: 1. Draw vector design in Macromedia Flash 8.

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John Carmack Biography[edit] Early life[edit] Carmack, son of local television news reporter Stan Carmack, grew up in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area where he became interested in computers at an early age. He attended Shawnee Mission East High School in Prairie Village, Kansas and Raytown South High School in nearby Raytown, Missouri. If This Is 'Piracy' Then I Support Piracy One of the common refrains in the comments from some of Techdirt's biggest critics is that I'm a "piracy supporter." I'm not sure what to make of such claims, because I don't actually support or endorse copyright infringement. I don't partake of it (willingly). I don't use any file sharing programs for downloading or sharing content.

Scott Adams Blog: the creator of Dilbert, Wally, Catbert, the Pointy Haired Boss and all your favorite cubicle companions. Warning: This blog is written for a rational audience that likes to have fun wrestling with unique or controversial points of view. It is written in a style that can easily be confused as advocacy for one sort of unpleasantness or another. It is not intended to change anyone's beliefs or actions. If you quote from this post or link to it, which you are welcome to do, please take responsibility for whatever happens if you mismatch the audience and the content. Let's get this out of the way first... In the realm of science, a theory is an idea that is so strongly supported by data and prediction that it might as well be called a fact.

mauricio thomsen // ART DIRECTOR Agency: DEZ Comunição Client: CDLDescription: Concept art, 2D illustration, 3D illustration, 3d scan and Post productionAdvertising, Digital Art, Illustration2014 Campanha Feevale "Você não é mais um. Você é único." - Feevale University campaign "You're not another one. You're the one."Advertising, Art Direction, Typography2013 Campanha Feevale de Mestrado e Doutorado "Continue sendo único" dentro da campanha "Você não é mais um. Você é único." // Feevale University Master's and PhD degree campaign "Keep on being the one" inside the campaign "You're not another one.

Theory Talks: Theory Talk #48: Cynthia Enloe Cynthia Enloe on Militarization, Feminism, and the International Politics of Banana Boats While gender is not part of the core of International Relations as a discipline, it most certainly both structures and is structured by the practice of international politics. Since the 1970s, feminism in IR has stirred up what is normally silenced, back-grounded and relayed to the margins, by starting from the seemingly simple question: ‘where are the women’?

Why music artists are encouraging a generation of freeloaders With record deals no longer perceived as a revenue model by music artists, bands are dishing out their music free of cost through online downloads, even encouraging you to rip CDs to share with friends. Bhairavi Jhaveri finds out why online piracy is the perfect strategy to expand fan base Delhi-based Pop-Rock group Them Clones encourage you to rip their CD and share it with friends. You get a free download of a track that didn't make it to the album, each time you burn a copy They want you to clone their albumThem Clones are encouraging you to rip/burn/clone their album and are slapping it right on the CD cover; the face of the actual CD also reads: Don't Forget to Pirate this CD.

How Zombies and Superheroes Conquered Highbrow Fiction - Joe Fassler - Entertainment Realistic stories once dominated American literature, but now writers are embracing the fantastical. What happened? Reuters My Favourite Feminist: Cynthia Enloe What Pocahontas and Carmen Miranda tell us about international politics For more than 30 years Cynthia Enloe has worked as a feminist researcher, author and activist on women’s struggles around the world. Enloe who currently is Research Professor at the Department of International Development, Community, and Environment (IDCE) atClarkUniversityhas tirelessly been fighting against marginalization and militarization.

Support Online Piracy The battle between online pirates and corporations is heating up. In the last few days both sides have had significant victories. The pirates have proven yet again that they have guts after a version of the newest X-Men film was released onto The Piratebay, the world's largest pirate website, before it was released in the theatres. But the corporations are fighting back in States such as France and Sweden which have passed laws that will, if unopposed, inaugurate the death of the internet dream.

"Help Wanted" Signs From People Who Clearly Need Help Help Wanted signs that make unemployment more appealing. posted 10/19/2011 Coming across one of these ridiculous signs is like seeing a Craigslist ad in the wild. If you're navigating the job market right now, well, these certainly won't help — but at least they'll make you feel better about where you're not working. Posted on 5/3/11:

Kim Boekbinder and Amanda Palmer - "Such Great Heights" by Kim Boekbinder In March 2011 Amanda Palmer and Kim Boekbinder sat on a couch in a warehouse in Melbourne, Australia and sang a song called "Such Great Heights," by The Postal Service. It was the end of the night at the end of the tour at the end of the world. The duet is simple and beautiful. If Church Signs Were Honest About The Latest Rapture Prediction If church signs were honest about the latest Rapture prediction. posted 10/21/2011 Believe it or not, that Rapture crap is happening again. After Harold Camping's last Rapture prediction was proven to be nothing more than a wildly lucrative senior moment, Camping announced that he simply forgot to carry the one, and the real rapture is actually supposed to happen today. We wanted to see if his theories might be backed up by our favorite source of bombastic religious hysteria, church lawn marquees. Unfortunately, most of the country's churches have chosen to withhold comment.

How Musicians Can Use Creative Commons What is Creative Commons? According to their website, Creative Commons is “a nonprofit organization that develops, supports, and stewards legal and technical infrastructure that maximizes digital creativity, sharing, and innovation.” Their licenses provide “simple, standardized alternatives to the all-rights-reserved paradigm of traditional copyright.” Thanks to the internet, the means are now available to have near-universal access to information, which would allow everyone to participate in the dialog when it comes to culture, art, research, education, development, and progress.