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Unmanned: a Game by Molleindustria and Jim Munroe

Unmanned: a Game by Molleindustria and Jim Munroe
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The Best Amendment Indie Game Takes On the NRA In the weeks after the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut last December, National Rifle Association vice president Wayne LaPierre lodged a fiery rant against gun control legislation with what appears to be the lobbyist group’s core argument: “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” The Best Amendment, a satirical PC game, aims to shoot a few holes in that argument. The first level is straightforward. You’re a little white cone-shaped fella, and you need to go get the star before the timer runs out. With each successive level, a new black-colored cone guy is added, and you have to shoot them to get more stars. Sometimes they shoot back at you, or even at each other. The catch: Their behavior is totally determined by your actions in previous levels. The result is an exponential increase in violence from level to level. The National Rifle Association did not return Wired’s requests for comment. Go Back to Top.

Phone Story - Android/iPhone game by Molleindustria Eks-dronepilot: »Obama er en fucking løgner« Jeg voksede op uden en far, men med en enlig mor, der elskede mig og mine to søstre utrolig højt. Min mor arbejdede hele tiden, da jeg var barn, og derfor var jeg meget alene. Jeg var et selvstændigt barn, der læste bøger hele tiden og gjorde, som jeg selv ville. Jeg er den ældste af mine søskende, og inden mine søstre blev født, læste min mor til lærer. Denne historie bygger på interview med Brandon Bryant. Det har ikke været muligt for Politiken at faktatjekke og efterprøve hans udsagn. Jeg voksede op i staten Montana, ude på landet. Til gengæld havde jeg en meget aktiv fantasi, og jeg voksede op med tegneserier og historier som ’Kong Arthur og Ridderne om Det Runde Bord’, ’Spiderman, ’Captain America’, ’Hulk’ og ’The Avengers’. Vejen ind i militæret I løbet af mit første semester på universitetet opbyggede jeg en stor gæld. 7.000 dollar (i dag knap 42.000 kroner, red). Jeg ville gerne uddanne mig til journalist, men jeg vidste også, at journalister ikke tjener særlig mange penge.

Free Online Games - Play Strategy Games and RPG Online for free! Gageure 1.0 Gageure 1.0 cdrom, 1999 image (94k) Gageure 1.0 est un simulateur d'existence. Cette métaphore prend la forme d'un cédérom. Le visage cathodique de notre interlocuteur est sans aspérité. La machine s'adresse à nous. La réussite annoncée ne viendra jamais. Exploitant l'hypertexte, ce parcours fait d'association d'idées offre une lecture non linéaire, issue du vagabondage de la pensée. 1. générique expositions gagner "Gageure 1.0" contact sommaire Blog — KHALED AKIL Joobin Bekhrad | September 17, 2012 You’re originally a lawyer, by profession. When did you begin taking photographs, and how did you end up going down the artistic route? I have two idols in my life – my father, and my grandfather. My maternal grandfather is a judge by profession, and has always had an obsession with photography, as far as I can remember. I spent my childhood with him, taking photos with his cameras, and later, for my 16th birthday, he gave me my first camera as a present. As for my father – he is one of the most famous painter in Syria, from whom I learned that the most important thing in one’s life is to do what they love doing. What is the story behind the photographs in the Unmentioned series? The story behind the photographs in the Unmentioned series is the story of my life, the story of Syria, and simply put, the story of all the countries in the Middle East. The Unmentioned is a blatant ‘NO’ to the war in Syria, and the dictatorship in the region.

Persuasive Games | Persuasive Gaming in Context In our project we work to uncover how persuasive games work and whether or not they effectively communicate what they set out to do. While our project focuses on working with our industry partners on existing and new games, we have also analyzed what persuasive games are currently available. We have tried to find games that fit our definition of a persuasive game (i.e. it was primarily made to change one or more attitudes in its players), were available to play without installation files and were in the English language. Check out the links below to see (and play) these games. Persuasive Game Developers: Persuasive Games ( Founded by Ian Bogost (writer of the book Persuasive Games, 2007) and Gerard Lafond, this website hosts 25 games that range in topic from political campaigning to airport security. Molleindustria ( Game The News ( Organizations hosting persuasive games: Notable Persuasive Games:

Capitalism (video game) - Wikipedia Capitalism is a business simulation video game first published in 1995 by Interactive Magic, developed by Enlight for the Macintosh and MS-DOS and designed by Trevor Chan. Other similar business simulation games include Industry Giant, Entrepreneur and The Corporate Machine. Capitalism may be the first successful business simulation game. The aim of Capitalism is to become the most profitable business in the world while competing in several different markets against a number of different corporations. The most common business model to pursue in Capitalism is retail by running a chain of department stores. The player can also choose to run research and development (R&D) operations as either their sole business or alongside running other operations such as department stores and factories. The scenario screen enables players to choose a scenario to play. Some of the scenarios require the player to dominate a particular market in terms of market share. Capitalism Plus retail box cover.