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Basis — health and heart rate monitor for wellness and fitness

Basis — health and heart rate monitor for wellness and fitness

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fuseproject diagnoses illness + treatment with kernel of life nov 28, 2013 fuseproject diagnoses illness + treatment with kernel of life fuseproject diagnoses illness + treatment with kernel of lifeimages are courtesy of fuseproject ‘kernel of life’ as a wearable device three colors of the ‘kernel of life’ upon opening, the device is embedded with a bio-sensor 2011-09-12 WellPoint and IBM Announce Agreement to Put Watson to Work in Health Care INDIANAPOLIS and ARMONK, N.Y., - 12 Sep 2011: WellPoint, Inc. (NYSE: WLP), and IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced an agreement today to create the first commercial applications of the IBM Watson technology. Under the agreement, WellPoint will develop and launch Watson-based solutions to help improve patient care through the delivery of up-to-date, evidence-based health care for millions of Americans.

Healthcare system in India- Important facts you should know about - Healthcare IT Solutions India is the only country in the whole world that is performing development with large number of facts and this is also accepted by the other people that India is more powerful and also has a great knowledge in all the fields more than others. Healthcare software services may be a new concept for India and its population but with the help of Vedas and old books, this is making efforts in the medical field from the hundreds of years. Most of the countries have make a great research related to the medical field but do you know that what they are observing now with the help of hi tech machines, our pundits and writers of those Vedas have already mentioned in their experiences. India is a powerful country but now this is also accepted by the other countries strongly. In India, approximately 70 percent population is still living in rural areas and have to face lots of health problems and other related problems due to some circumstances.

Google set to revolutionize mHealth and medicine with Google Glasses? by: Matthew DiPaola, MD News from unnamed employees at the X center, a secretive experimental Google product laboratory, indicates that Google will be releasing eyeglasses with an integrated computer and camera by year’s end. Think of it as the wearable smart phone or a heads up display…for your head. The glasses will have a 3G or 4G connection, run on an android platform, and house multiple sensors including GPS. Pop on your shades, log into Google maps and you should virtually never get lost.

How tech and smartphones are transforming the infrastructure-intensive healthcare industry “When we were building Wockhardt Hospitals, for over 19 years we had close to 3,000 beds and were the second largest. And the largest hospital boasts of 7,000 beds. Currently, there’s a spend of close to USD 1,85,000 per bed. One of the biggest problems in the country is infrastructure development,” said Vishal Bali of Medwell Ventures at the Decoding Healthcare event by Unitus Seed Fund in Bengaluru this week. Parallax RFID Reader Arduino A while back, I purchased a Parallax RFID reader and used it for authentication for my house door. It was kind of a hack job and wasn’t as stable as I would have liked so I never documented it and put it on the backburner. I recently decided to revisit the device for a project for Gumbo Labs.