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Emoji cheat sheet for GitHub, Basecamp and other services

Emoji cheat sheet for GitHub, Basecamp and other services

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The Kratom User's Guide The Kratom User's Guide Version date: October 12, 2016 ( The most recent version can always be found at: ) Created by Daniel Siebert and "Sage Student" Dialogues of Plato Sacred Texts Classics Plato, the greatest philosopher of ancient Greece, was born in Athens in 428 or 427 B.C.E. to an aristocratic family. He studied under Socrates, who appears as a character in many of his dialogues. He attended Socrates' trial and that traumatic experience may have led to his attempt to design an ideal society. 13 herbs to grow in your kitchen, with tips on getting started and keeping them growing View full sizeDreamstime.comIf you love what fresh herbs can do for food, you can still keep that flavor at hand and satisfy your cravings when you grow them indoors. There are a surprising number of herbs that will thrive as indoor plants. All it takes is a bright space, a few well-chosen varieties and a spirit of adventure.

Recently I had a conversation Recently I had a conversation with someone near and dear to me when I verbalized a bunch of ideas about social media that I had apparently been dwelling on. They were thought provoking. Here are my observations... I recently took a month long sabbatical from all social media. It was extremely refreshing. Introducing emoji targeting We’re always looking for ways to improve our precise targeting capabilities to help drive deep engagement and better performance for brands. Just in time for World Emoji Day on July 17, we’re excited to announce the availability of emoji keyword targeting for Twitter Ads! According to the Oxford Dictionary, the 2015 Word of the Year was none other than:

How to Create an Astrological Chart: 10 Steps Edit Article Sample Astrological ChartCreating an Astrological Chart Edited by vanessa green, Ben Rubenstein, Imperatrix, Waited and 32 others An astrological chart or, more specifically, a natal chart, is a symbolic representation of the position of the planets, the sun, and the moon at the moment of a person’s birth. Bigger data; same laptop This post follows up the previous post, “Scalability! But at what COST?”, which got a great response. The short version of the previous post is that for the graph datasets and computations the scalable systems research community is currently looking at, a laptop outperforms the scalable systems. There were several flavors of response to the post (many of which were very supportive!) Does That Emoji Mean What You Think it Means? New Research Looks at Emoji Misinterpretation Does that emoji you’ve sent really mean what you think it means? While most of emoji seem to have a generic meaning or implication, a new study has found that emoji interpretation can vary significantly, and depending on the emoji you use, that could be an important consideration. The study, conducted by GroupLens Research at the University of Minnesota, found that a particular concern is that emoji are displayed differently across different devices and operating systems, and that can lead to vastly different meanings.

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OSC — It's Log! It's Log! It's Big, It's Hyper, It's Good! What rolls down stairs alone or in pairs?(thanks OpenClipArt) Have you heard about the HyperLogLog data structure? It sounds something out of science fiction. Something Lt. 8 Ways to Protect Yourself From Emotional Manipulation Here are 8 ways to spot emotional manipulation and how to protect yourself from it: 1. There is no use in trying to be honest with an emotional manipulator. Why We Remember So Many Things Wrong - The New Yorker R. T. first heard about the Challenger explosion as she and her roommate sat watching television in their Emory University dorm room. A news flash came across the screen, shocking them both. R. T., visibly upset, raced upstairs to tell another friend the news.

Top 50 des meilleures séries de 2015 Les meilleures séries aux formats 20-30 min Avec : Parks and Recreation, Community, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Scrubs, Rick and Morty Les animes aux plus belles histoires d'amour Avec : Toradora!, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, Clannad After Story, Entre elle et lui Les mauvaises séries qu'on regarde pour passer le temps Avec : 90210 Beverly Hills, Nouvelle Génération, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, Ma famille d'abord, Drop Dead Diva Les meilleures séries de 2014 Avec : True Detective, Fargo, The Leftovers, The Knick, Penny Dreadful Les meilleures séries achevées Avec : Breaking Bad, Sur écoute, Battlestar Galactica, Les Soprano, The Shield Les meilleures mini-séries Avec : Olive Kitteridge, Mildred Pierce, Generation Kill, Angels in America, I, Claudius

The 7 Traits of a Free Thinker We all have a certain degree of admiration for those forward-thinkers who were ahead of their time or for those free-spirited individuals who had the courage, the will and the foresight to speak out their minds despite risking being labelled as non-conformists and cast to the outer fringes of society. Well, truth be told, that is never a real threat for free thinkers. Actually, that is where they belong and makes them what they are. Free-thinkers breathe and thrive at the margins of society where structure and chaos cross at the borderline.