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MoPub - World's Largest Mobile Ad Server and RTB Exchange for iOS and Android

MoPub - World's Largest Mobile Ad Server and RTB Exchange for iOS and Android
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BodeTree University adRise - The Leading Internet Connected TV Platform OpenX Shopgate Raises $7M To Help Retailers Maximize Mobile Storefronts And Sales Mobile e-commerce startup Shopgate announced its Series B funding round today, which it revealed to TechCrunch totals $7 million in an interview. The Germany and Palo Alto-based company offers retailers custom native app and mobile web development for their online stores, which Shopgate co-founder Andrea Anderheggen says can help retailers increase their sell-through rates on mobile by between 5 and 15 percent on average, depending on whether they’re starting with responsive design-based websites or just traditional web commerce pages. Where Shopgate differs from other solutions is that it integrates with popular web-based e-commerce platform provider APIs, like Magento, which means that they’re pretty much plug-and-play with most of the online store backends that retailers are already using. “What we’ve seen is that mobile commerce will become a huge reality,” he said. “What we saw is that consumers have different preferences,” Anderheggen explained further.

Photo Fakery Tackled By FourMatch: Software That Tells You When The Camera Lies Fourandsix Technologies has launched FourMatch, a software extension for Photoshop CS5/CS6 that analyses the authenticity of JPEG images. The software doesn’t analyse the image itself — those abilities will be coming in later tools — but rather sifts through the file metadata to determine whether it matches the original image capture. Playing around with the veracity of images — to make it look like you’re best buddies with Justin Timberlake, say, or to add one more missile than you actually have in your arsenal — has of course never been easier (although fake photos are pretty much as old as cameras, as Fourandsix’s fascinating Photo Tampering Gallery underlines). The startup, which is currently self-funded, sees a market for its fake flagging software in law enforcement — combating crimes such as child exploitation — and for legal professionals. FourMatch is available immediately via the company’s website — and is being priced at $890.

Instamonial™ by KnexxLocal Live Streaming Video Platform IntercastNetwork Brings Real-Time Feedback To Online Broadcasters IntercastNetwork is a rich-media interactive platform that allows brands to connect to audiences using a combination of live-streaming video, real-time polling, live chat, Q&A, payment processing and more. The resulting platform works well for live broadcasters, who can track audience engagement levels and feedback during in real-time, and adjust their message accordingly. Unlike LiveStream, or UStream, for example, IntercastNetwork lets broadcasters and publishers push live video feeds, including those from outside sources, directly to their own website’s homepage or others’ sites, where branding, features and other platform components can be more directly controlled. IntercastNetwork grew out of Brand Knew, a full-scale digital agency with offices in Los Angeles and New York. Recently, Brand Knew was approached by a long-time ad veteran about building out a “QVC for the Internet.” For obvious reasons, this platform is ideal for politicians who give live speeches online.

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