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Convert units

fourmilab - calendar converter Welcome to Fourmilab's calendar converter! This page allows you to interconvert dates in a variety of calendars, both civil and computer-related. All calculations are done in JavaScript executed in your own browser; complete source code is embedded in or linked to this page, and you're free to download these files to your own computer and use them even when not connected to the Internet. To use the page, your browser must support JavaScript and you must not have disabled execution of that language. Let's see…

SIEMENS PLC Training These lessons are part of S7 Program-1 training course. S7 Program-1 training course is a video based training course witch starts from the basic information that you need to know about PLCs as an industrial automation engineer and continues by teaching you how to configure and program SIEMENS S7-300 and S7-400 PLCs step by step and using practical examples! These lessons are part of S7 Program-1 training course. S7 Program-1 training course is a video based training course witch starts from the basic information that you need to know about PLCs as an industrial automation engineer and continues by te... Magic Item Shop Random Inventory Generator Instructions: Simply enter a number for how many items of each type the magic shop should have. If a shop shouldn't have any of those items, leave the field blank or enter a 0. Then press submit and the page will reload with a Magic Item Shop inventory listed below that fits your criteria. Or as a shortcut select a value for "Pre-fill as shop size" then submit, or customize the settings then submit. This generator uses the probabilities in the SRD as faithfully as possible with one exception noted below. (If you notice any problems let me know.)

How to Convert Files to a Different Format with Free Tools A detailed guide to help you convert files to a different format (type) using free tools. You’ll learn how to convert documents, images, videos, music, ebooks and more. How do you turn your favorite MP3 into a ringtone for your mobile phone? What is the quickest way to convert a PowerPoint presentation into a video file? How do you convert Microsoft Office documents for reading a Kindle? These are some common questions and what follows is a detailed guide on how you may convert files of just about any format to another format using free tools. Foods, Nutrients and Calories Apricots, canned, juice pack, with skin, solids and liquids weigh(s) 257.83 gram per (metric cup) or 8.61 ounce per (US cup), and contain(s) 48.11 calories per 100 grams or ≈3.527 ounces [ calories | weight to volume | volume to weight | price | density ] Gravels and Substrates CaribSea, Freshwater, African Cichlid Mix, White density is equal to 1169.35 kg/m³ or 73 lb/ft³ with specific gravity of 1.16935 relative to pure water. Calculate how much of this gravel is required to attain a specific depth in a cylinder, quarter cylinder or in a rectangular shaped aquarium or pond

Arduino with MPU6050 and angle calculation – HobbyLogs This header will only work for MPU6050 based boards using I2C address of 0×68 and it should work on both Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega. This header file requires Wire.h file before including “gyro_Accel.h” file. Moreover, before calling of the built-in functions, I2C bus must be initialized by giving this command Wire.begin();. The header file and the example is located here: Version Logs:Version 0.1 beta (Date:2014-06-22): Initial header file for calibrating and reading MPU6050 through i2c and an example for using the header file and how to calculate the angle.Version 0.2 beta (Date:2014-10-08): Bug fixed in the example file.

Reverse Text Generator Get Hosting Find Keywords Create Websites Tool: Reverse Text Generator Charting data sent via serial port in real time Share: Often it is needed to chart in real time the values coming from the serial port (RS-232). In Arduino environment it is a common need. Tools You must have Java 1.6 or later (also called Java 6) installed on your system to run these tools. Note that the OpenJDK/Java 7 does not currently work. Some tools require Java 5 or later as indicated on the Launch page. If you are using Mac OS X, your Java implementation is provided by Apple.

Pololu motor driver 25A without heatsink uses IRLR8743 Overview The Pololu high-power motor driver is a discrete MOSFET H-bridge designed to drive large DC brushed motors. The H-bridge is made up of one N-channel MOSFET per leg, and most of the board’s performance is determined by these MOSFETs (the rest of the board contains the circuitry to take user inputs and control the MOSFETs). The MOSFET datasheet is available under the “Resources” tab. The MOSFETs have an absolute maximum voltage rating of 30 V; higher voltages can permanently destroy the motor driver.

ESP8266_UART_WIFI You can use the Arduino Uno as a USB to TTL connector allowing you to communicate with the ESP8266. BE ADVISED that the ESP8266 is rated at 3.3V and the UNO RX and TX pins are rated as 5V but i've had no issues so far. I connected them as follows: Breadboard may be required to connect both VCC and CG_PD to 3.3V pin. I loaded the BareMinimum sketch, so that no previous sketch causes issues.

[3.5] Dawnblade: the duskblade's paladin DAWNBLADE"Superman don't need no seat belt."-- Muhammad Ali"I am a sexy, shoeless god of WAR!"-- Belkar, The Order of the Stick The dawnblade is a righteous slayer, a mighty warrior who engages in battle for his god or his principles. In combat he moves fast and strikes hard, felling foes with both smites and channeled spells.

MSP430 EDX TUTORIAL EE40LX teaches the fundamentals for engineering electronic interfaces between the physical world and digital devices. Students can expect to cover the material of a traditional first circuits course with a project-based approach. We start with essential theory and develop an understanding of the building blocks of electronics as we analyze, design, and build different parts of a robot from scratch around the Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontroller.

Twilight Forest 1.2.5 Mod Minecraft 1.2.5 Twilight Forest 1.6.4 Mod – Download Twilight Forest Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2. Well, one of most popular mods was update again and working fine with your latest minecraft 1.6.4. Many people love this mod because you can imagine stepping through a portal into a twilight realm, filled with trees as far as they eye can see. Breathtaking vistas and amazing discoveries await you around every corner. But beware!