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DIY Braided Hex Nut Bracelet We’re nuts for nuts. Is there a more versatile and inexpensive DIY component than a hex nut from the hardware store? You can imagine our excitement when we first discovered Philip Crangi’s Giles & Brother Hex Collection. Honestly, nuts braided into jewelry is WTF genius! With a few items that we always seem to have lying around, we tackled the technique and made our own spine-like braided hex nut wrap bracelet. You’ll need:3 strands of cotton butcher’s twine cut into one yard pieces18 small brass hex nutsa bit of dexterity! Gather the 3 strands of twine and tie a knot at the top, leaving about 2 inches of slack. Keep your thumb at the base of the braid, holding the nut in its place. Repeat the steps, by threading the rest of the nuts to the outer pieces of twine before they are crossed over. The bracelet should wrap around your wrist at least two or three times. Good luck!! (top image from here, rest of images by Honestly…WTF)

the TUTORIAL: BRILLIANT BRAID So we saw this tutorial the other day and thought it was brilliant. Hence, the name. I think I watched the video about 7 times because what I thought was happening in the video wasn't working on my hair. Pull your hair together to one side. Grab the bottom of your hair and pull through the hole. To make sure you don't have one big hole down the middle of your "braid", put your fingers through one side of the last twist. Finish with a clear elastic and you are done! Woven Bracelet & Necklace I’ve been itching to make myself some jewelry inspired by Aurélie Bidermann’s “Do Brasil” line. Since I don’t have 300 Euros lying around, this looked like a design I could recreate on my own. I was primed to put together a DIY Tutorial for you all when I discovered that Honestly WTF had already done the honors. I picked up the gold necklace and the two bracelet chains from an antique shop for $5 a piece, and had the embroidery thread on hand. I only needed scissors and two bobby pins to see this project through. Pretty amazing results, no? Jump on over here for the tutorial. NECKLACE: I used shades of pale blue and turquoise embroidery thread, and wove through one side of the chain to mimic this necklace. CHARM BRACELET: This bracelet was already armed with charms. DOUBLE BRAIDED BRACELET: For this bracelet, I removed the charm and just used the chain. Photos: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart

Denim bracelet - tutorial One of my most popular posts last year was my denim bracelets, and I got a lot of requests for a tutorial. So I have decided to kick off the new year by keeping my promise. What you need to make these bracelets are as follows: A worn out pair of jeansScissorsStrong thread (I used fishing line for my first one)NeedleBeadsPush buttons (I’m using a KAM press with buttons that I god from E-bay.) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.Push the needle trough the bracelet from the front. 9. 10. The second one that I’ll show you is a little more time-consuming, but just as easy to make. 1 You will need a longer thread for this, but because it’s very easy to get I tangled up I would recommend changing when you’re half way finished. 2 I’m using some tube shaped beads for this and thread one to the string before I push the needle trough the bracelet to secure it. 3 Move the needle a little to the side before pushing it back up, attaching a new bead and pushing it back down.

DIY - Tutorial - How to make a leather bow cuff bracelet You will need : - A piece of leather, approx. 22cm x 10cm (approx. 8.7" x 4") - Scissors - Leather glue or super glue - Thread - A snap button 1. Cut an oval piece of leather, approx. 22cm x 10cm (approx. 8.7" x 4"). 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. And Voila! Please let me know if something is unclear or if you have any question regarding this tutorial. Have a lovely day! Tuto - Des bracelets porte-bonheur par milliers Pondu par Flo le 17 août 2012 Les bracelets porte-bonheur en coton et perles sont très en vogue en été. Pour que vos poignets soient au top dans quelques mois, voici un tuto très simple pour réaliser ces petits bijoux colorés ! Publié initialement le 30 avril 2012 Les bracelets porte-bonheur sont très en vogue quand arrive l’été : petits, légers et souvent très colorés, ils décorent vos poignets nus d’une très jolie façon ! Le matériel Du fil coton ciré (comptez minimum 1m pour un bracelet ; à trouver dans les magasins de loisirs créatifs, au rayon rubans et fils)Des fermoirs « repliables » (deux par bracelet)Des perles de rocailles (faites attention au diamètre pour qu’elles s’enfilent sur le coton ciré, souvent épais)Des ciseaux, une pince, un cutter Étapes Commencez par couper 3 bouts de coton ciré de la même longueur (+/- 35 cm). Rassemblez les 3 extrémités entre les deux plaques du fermoir . Commencez à tresser les trois fils de façon assez serrée, sur deux petits centimètres.

how to make cute bookmarks Cindy with Skip to my Lou is hosting a month of sewing ideas for a handmade holiday season. Pop on over there to see what inspires you. I joined in on the fun with these pretty, cute bookmarks and journal wraps. Do you have a book worm or writer you can gift to this holiday season? Materials: Ribbon or bias tapeScissorsNeedle and thread¼” ElasticBook or journal Ribbon Option: Create a rolled ruffle about 2 inches longer than the book or journal. Fold under each end of the ribbon. Cut a piece of elastic to fit the book or journal. Insert the decorative bookmark in your favorite book or wrap it around your journal. Bias Tape Option: Cut a piece of bias tape the length of a book or journal. You can use them as bookmarks or book decorations. Double up on one book for more personality and fun! Or wrap the strap all the way around a journal to keep it closed. Looking for more unique DIY gift options? Go and be pretty – Sara

Lovely Wire Knot Ring Tutorial You can make this lovely ring (or a version of this design) yourself, using just some basic tools, wire and a lip balm! Yes, in this tutorial I am going to demonstrate that just basic beginner tools and a wire from Michael’s can go a long way! Wouldn’t this ring make a great present?? For the purpose of this tutorial I am going to be using the very basic, cheap tools that are available almost everywhere. PLEASE excuse the state of my nails in these pictures.. First thing to do is to cut a piece of wire. Next, wrap your wire around the tube of your lip balm. Cut of the extra bits, if any. Now bend the wire coming from your left to aim away from the ring and then bend again to aim it slightly upwards, as shown on pictures below. With your round nose pliers form a little ‘almost loop’, wire crossing above itself on the top side of the ring but not actually touching. Now you are going to put the other size of the ring (the wire from the other side) through the loop that you almost created.

15 tutoriels pour transformer vos t-shirts en bijoux! Je suis tombée sur ce site par hasard, car je recherchais un moyen de recycler de vieux vê n'aurais pas pensé à les transformer en bijoux! Misty Spinney, y a pensé, elle, est le résultat est plus que concluant! Voici donc comment transformer vos vieux t-shirt en it bijoux! Il vous faudra une pince, du tube de cuivre très fin, une scie ou un coupe tube et des fermoirs. Sur cette photo, on voit bien comment découper le t-shirt en plusieurs bandelettes, avant de les étirer pour les rendre plus fines... Ici, un collier avec des rondelles métalliques... Pour ce bracelet, il vous faudra juste un fermoir large, que je vais m'empresser d'aller acheter! Je vous présente les photos de mes bijoux préférées mais vous trouverez les tutoriels de tous les modèles sur le site Brit+co.

10 DIY Bracelets To Make This Weekend Ten great DIY bracelets that will keep you busy crafting all weekend. Wearing an item that you’ve made yourself feels really good, and getting compliments on something you’ve actually made is totally satisfying. Why not take some time this weekend and make a few summer bracelets for yourself? We’ve dug around to find you ten of the best DIY bracelet tutorials out there. It’s time to get crafty. Big Beaded Cuff Bracelet Sometimes you just want to wear a piece of jewelry that demands attention. Safety Pin Bracelet I may be partial since I used to make these a lot back when I was in college, but safety pin necklaces are very simple to create. Sailor’s Knot Bracelet If you’re planning on rocking that nautical look this summer, you’ll need the right kind of arm candy to match. DIY Leather Bow Bracelet A sweet alternative to a plain leather cuff, this DIY bow bracelet by Oh the lovely things is very simple to make if you are a bit handy with the glue. See Also: Top photo: Honestly WTF Maegan : Fashion, DIY, Home, Lifestyle: Leather Lanyard Bracelet DIY ~ Los Angeles If you went to Summer Camp as a kid, you’ll totally remember making lanyard keychains with that brightly colored plastic lace {I had tons of them!} …so I thought, why not do it with leather lace? And I did. And I love them! Pair them with stacks of other bangles and bracelets to add a little texture! So I thought I’d show you how …and if you like, you can buy one of mine because I’ve listed a few in my Etsy shop. Here’s What You’ll Need… * Leather lace * Chain * Clasp * Needle nose pliers/Scissors NOTE: There are tons of lanyard making videos on youtube if these instructions are a bit confusing! Steps… * Cut 2 strips of leather lace. * To begin, find the middle of one of your laces and wrap it twice around your finger. * Getting the first and last stitches done are the most difficult, so watch these videos for help, but otherwise it’s just loop/loop opposing laces then loop over and under and over and under with the leftover laces, then pulling it tight. Voila! Have Fun!