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7 Ways to Enhance Focus, Creativity, Productivity and Performance

7 Ways to Enhance Focus, Creativity, Productivity and Performance
Back in my corporate lawyer days, there was one guy who everyone hated. Not because he was mean or underhanded or cut-throat. He was actually quite nice and always willing to help. People hated him because he was good. Superstar good. While everyone else fretted and froze under the dizzying pace and pressure of the job, he seemed to always keep it together, to thrive and even come alive as the fire got hotter. He wasn’t an adrenaline junkie or cowboy. I used to wonder what he was doing differently. Because if it wasn’t genetic, if it was something that could be learned, I wanted to know. I never figured it out before I left the law. Turns out, there are a handful of things most super-performers do different that underlie or, at least substantially accelerate their success. Time for Mindset Domination Strategy #2. Now, it’s time to add to our arsenal with strategy #2 - – Attentional Training I wonder when the last time you felt any of these was? How powerful is this practice?

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The Power Of The Mind: How To Train Yourself To Be More Successful : Managing How can you use the latest discoveries in brain science to improve your life? Here are some techniques. November 02, 2011 The Cheapskate Guide: 50 Tips for Frugal Living Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow me on Twitter. Confession time: I’m a cheapskate. Welcome to Yi-Yuan Body Mind Science Dr. Yi-Yuan Tang Dr. Tang was born in China and started eastern traditional practice and training when he was very young and learned different body-mind methods and techniques from more than 20 teachers. He has been working at the universities over 20 years since he got the first faculty position in 1987. He has been a full Professor of Neuroinformatics, Neuroscience and Psychology, and the founding director and director of the first Institute of Neuroinformatics and Laboratory of Body and Mind in Chinese university since 2001.

You Mean Anything Is Possible? Once there was a man named Lester Levenson. This is true; I know former students of his. One day when he was in his early forties, doctors sent him home from the hospital, giving him only a few months to live. There was nothing to be done, they said. His heart was so weak he was instructed not even to tie his own shoelaces, lest the exertion cause him to drop dead. Now Lester, being a thinking kind of guy, decided he had been stupid to have gotten himself into this position.

Creating The Perfect Personal Development Plan Everyone Needs A Personal Development Plan by David Wisdom on 25/03/12 at 3:03 am Everyone dreams of achieving and desires a rewarding and bright future for themselves. But few have you ever thought about what you need to do to actually fulfill this desire? A Personal development plan is an essential blueprint to attain success. The actual meaning of the term personal development, is developing and preparing yourself inside out, in order to meet the goal you have in your mind. How To Motivate People: 4 Steps Backed By Science Employees, spouses, kids — what does it take to get people motivated so you don’t have to nag them? Motivation is powerful. It predicts success better than intelligence, ability, or salary. Via The 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People: When tested in national surveys against such seemingly crucial factors as intelligence, ability, and salary, level of motivation proves to be a more significant component in predicting career success. While level of motivation is highly correlated with success, importantly, the source of motivation varies greatly among individuals and is unrelated to success. – Bashaw and Grant 1994

70 Reminders to Help You Break Any Barrier I am pleased to introduce this guest article by a new friend John, the creator of HiLife2B, where he hopes to inspire people and to help them achieve their dreams. Follow him on Twitter: @janyasor 1. Believe that even the smallest compliment can save someone’s life 2. Exceeding Expectations As a young woman I set my expectations and created a vision of how my life would turn out. My plan included college, a fantastically successful career traveling the world as an engineering consultant, and eventually a life with Mr. Right, in a large English country house with a circular driveway, and four children (including twins.)

50 Best Blogs for Practicing Positive Psychology » Masters In Counseling Positive thinking is a relatively new practice in psychology, though it has historic roots dating back to the 20th century. The general idea is that through the use, training and practice of positive psychology, positive psychologists aim to improve the quality of life in individuals as well as entire communities, rather than solely treating mental illnesses. It’s focusing importance on not only studying the method in which things go wrong, but also in determining how things go right. The ultimate goal is happiness. if you are interested in studying psychology or getting into counseling, these blogs offer methods, background and studies into how positive psychology works. These blogs are written by psychologists, as well as other professionals in the field, and offer an introduction and insight into this positive field. Best Blogs for Positive Thinking

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