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Tokyo Good Idea Development Institute, Co. Ltd

Tokyo Good Idea Development Institute, Co. Ltd

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When is it okay to overthrow the government according to Jefferson From the Declaration of Independence. Not only do you have the right to overthrow your government, it is a responsibility placed on us by a founding fathers. If our government betrays us, acts other than in accordance to our wishes, or we feel changes need to be made, it is our obligation to do so.

CLANG The Moment Being Together Being Together Myth of the Flat Earth Twilight Dreams of a Papilio Demoleus Erasure Blind Spot Remembering Strangers Self Reflection Guilt Me and Friends Time My Twilight Window Wall Street October 2008 Strangers NYC 64.1 N 21.9 W Fear Of Losing The Existence Beon Sleeps Open Wound Existence Of Being Ground Zero Beijing NYC Out of Context

A Man Takes A Single Rake to The Beach. And When You Zoom Out And See It… If you live in San Francisco, California, then you may be lucky enough to come across the art of Andres Amador. He doesn’t paint or sculpt. He prefers a medium that is temporary but absolutely beautiful: a sandy beach at low tide. He uses a rake to create works of art that can be bigger than 100,000 sq. ft. He spends hours creating these intricate masterpieces, knowing that the tide will soon come in and wash away his work forever. The Creators Project The Creators Project: One of the reasons you moved from South Korea to New York was to attend an American university. Has your academic education influenced your work? Nikki S. Lee: In my case I just felt really free. I’m sure some schools have a competitive and ambitious atmosphere, but fortunately NYU wasn’t like that—it was easy going for me.

The Greatest Thomas Jefferson quotes Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. Was the government to prescribe to us our medicine and diet, our bodies would be in such keeping as our souls are now. I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.

Andrew Theophilopoulos 1hr Demo at Ringling College in Florida. Together with Thomas Scholes, I had a lovely time doodling for a crowd of passionate Illustrators, Game Art, Animators and many other young artists. I started the event with an old painting of mine, (Tigers) and added a Singer Sargent to the mix (Lady Macbeth). I’d come to campus with the plan to do a character in an environment - portrait style - though, with the ingredients chosen for the painting I was unsure of what the final image would become. To start, I chose a classy painting of mine, with a lot of work put into the personality of texture, color etc. This is an excellent starting point for a new painting, too often I would spend a massive amount of time filling in all the white space on the canvas.

Threadbare: Drawings in Thread by Debbie Smyth Manchester Craft and Design Centre is launching an intriguing and fascinating new exhibition, called Threadbare, on July 3. Textile artist Debbie Smyth was awarded the inaugural Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair award back in October, when she was chosen from 140 other designer-makers. Her prize was the chance to exhibit her work at MCAD for four months. Kate Day, director of Manchester Craft and Design Centre, said: “We selected Debbie’s work because her technique is so original, and the images have an infectious energy about them. “Her fresh use of materials brings a new dimension to the centre’s exhibition programme, as she blurs the boundaries between textiles / installation / contemporary art practice.

14 defining characteristics of fascism: The U.S. in 2012 When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross. — Sinclair Lewis, It Can’t Happen Here. (1935) Gregory PatinActivist Post In the spring of 2003, ex-corporate executive and political scientist Lawrence W. Britt published an essay in Free Inquiry magazine entitled “Fascism Anyone?” In his work, Britt examined the traits of the two governments that formed the original historical model for fascism, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, and five other protofascist regimes that imitated that model, Franco’s Spain, Salazar’s Portugal, Papadopoulos’s Greece, Pinochet’s Chile, and Suharto’s Indonesia. He identified 14 characteristics that were common to all of them.

Vertical Emptiness: Crystallized Tree Branches Dripping with Strands of Hot Glue by Yasuaki Onishi Known for his ethereal and seemingly weightless installations of plastic membranes suspended in midair by black hot glue, Japanese artist Yasuaki Onishi embarked on a slightly different approach with his latest work, Vertical Emptiness. Currently on view at the Kyoto Art Center, the piece is made from upside down tree branches from which is draped a delicate framework of hot glue and crystallized urea compounds. The result is a sort of frozen snowfall that connects the gallery floor and ceiling. You can see the piece in much more detail in the video above by Kuroyanagi Takashi. (via Spoon and Tamago)

DMT Vault : The DMT Experience, an excerpt from Food of the Gods, by Terence McKenna What can be said of DMT as an experience and in relation to our own spiritual emptiness? Does it offer us answers? Do the short-acting tryptamines offer an analogy to the ecstasy of the partnership society before Eden became a memory? Interesting Reads and Visits from Flesk Publications Publisher I’ve updated my master Flesk Publications list detailing every book and print I have published, as well as a few other projects I played a role in. This covers everything up until January 2014. The total comes to 44 books, 4 prints and 6 specialty produced book collections. 2014 Flesk Titles (More coming this year.) Production assistance provided for the following: 1. Wayne Thiebaud: Works on Paper 1948-2004 by Michael Zakian January, 2014.

Vera Moller Alouetta ,2011, modelling material, acrylic and enamel paint, MDF, perspex cover, 60 x 46 x 46 cm Devillia, 2009, modeling material, acrylic and enamel paint, MDF, perspex box, 55 x 90 x 45 cm Leopina, 2009, modeling material, acrylic and enamel paint, MDF, perspex box, 50 x 45 x 70 cm Mollyanna, 2010, oil on linen,76 x 76 cm Benthinium, 2008/9, oil on linen, 140 x 220 cm

How to Feel More Loved: 9 Tips for Deep Connection “It is astonishing how little one feels alone when one loves.” ~John Bulwer If there’s one thing we all want, it’s to feel loved. Chain Link Fencing As Art by Soo Sunny Park American artist Soo Sunny Park took over Rice Gallery, part of Rice University in Houston, Texas, with a glistening, labor intensive, abstract installation called Unwoven Light. The suspended piece is made up of 37 individual units composed of chain link fencing that is arranged into a sculptural form that’s all about light. Watch the video: As you make your way around the space, the ever-changing rainbows of color bounce off each piece of iridescent Plexiglas that has been wired into the openings of the metal fence. The coated Plexiglas causes the light to “unweave” making each shape turn from clear to colorful as light hits them.