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USA - Data and Statistics

USA - Data and Statistics
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UK National Statistics Publication Hub Incidence of TB in Cattle, Great Britain - Data to January 2014 Release time: 9:30am Agriculture and Environment | Environment, Food and Rural Affairs | GB Latest national statistics bringing together various sources of statistics relating to the incidence of TB in Cattle, Great Britain according to arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority. Regional labour market statistics - April 2014 Labour Market | Office for National Statistics | UK Official statistics on employment, unemployment, inactivity, jobs and the Claimant Count for regions, local authorities and parliamentary constituencies. Labour Market Statistics - April 2014 Employment, unemployment, economic inactivity, claimant count, average earnings, labour productivity, vacancies and labour disputes statistics. Life Expectancy for areas in Scotland - 2010 - 2012 Population | National Records of Scotland | Scotland

U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) Web Hosting, Shared Web Hosting, Virtual Private Server, Dedicated Servers by DreamHost Canada Statistique : Organisme statistique national du Canada 18 décembre 2015 Commerce de grosOctobre 2015 Les ventes en gros ont diminué de 0,6 % pour s'établir à 54,7 milliards de dollars en octobre, ce qui constitue une quatrième baisse consécutive. Des reculs ont été enregistrés dans quatre sous-secteurs, menés par les ventes plus faibles dans le sous-secteur des produits alimentaires, des boissons et du tabac et dans celui des véhicules automobiles et de leurs pièces. Continuer la lecture... Fin de ce panneau à onglets.Retourner à la liste des ongletsou continuer au reste de la page. Indice des prix à la consommationNovembre 2015 L'Indice des prix à la consommation a progressé de 1,4 % au cours de la période de 12 mois se terminant en novembre, après avoir connu une hausse de 1,0 % en octobre. Continuer la lecture... 17 décembre 2015 Assurance-emploiOctobre 2015 En octobre, 539 700 personnes ont touché des prestations d'assurance-emploi régulières, en légère baisse par rapport à septembre (-3 300 ou -0,6 %). Continuer la lecture... 16 décembre 2015

List of national and international statistical services The following is a list of national and international statistical services. Central national statistical services[edit] Nearly every country in the world has set a central public sector unit entirely devoted to the production, harmonisation and dissemination of official statistics that the public sector and the national community need to run, monitor and evaluate their operations and policies. The table below lists these central statistical organisations by country. Africa[edit] Americas[edit] Asia[edit] Europe[edit] (Institutions from countries marked with † are members of Eurostat's European Statistical System (ESS).) Oceania[edit] Autonomous statistical services at sub-national level[edit] Some countries are politically organised as federations of states or of autonomous regions; also a specific territory might have been given a partial autonomy. International statistical services[edit] United Nations organisations[edit] Intergovernmental Development and Central Banks[edit] See also[edit]

Smashwords — Ebooks from independent authors and publishers ONU Statistics Division - Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics Updated on 18 October, 2016 Country Profiles of Statistical Systems The United Nations Statistics Division, in its mission to promote the development of national statistical systems, has developed a central repository of country profiles of statistical systems. The country profiles include, among others, a brief history of the country's statistical system, legal basis, the statistical programme and much more. To browse through all available country profiles in the database, please click here. Country profiles of statistical systems are updated by National Statistical Offices worldwide. National Statistical Offices Websites Africa Americas Asia Europe Oceania

IEA - International Energy Agency International Energy Agency Pусский中文网页 Statistics Search statistics by country Latest statistics and news 15 February: Monthly electricity statistics13 February: Release of Monthly statisticsOil, Natural gas, Prices1 December: Release of Energy Efficiency Indicators Highlights 2017 (free)15 November: Monthly electricity statistics30 October: Release of CO2 Emissions from Fuel Combustion Highlights 2017, available for free downloadEnergy Technology RD&D Budgets Overview and online data service2 October: Release of CO2 Emissions from fuel combustion online data service 19 September: Release of free data:IEA Headline Energy Data , Key World Energy Statistics, Energy atlas, Sankey flows, Country dataJuly/August: Release of the following: World Energy Balance Overview and online data service Natural gas Overview and online data serviceCoal Overview and online data serviceElectricity Overview and online data serviceOil Overview and online data serviceRenewables Overview and online data service

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