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Au petit panisse – Restaurant

Au petit panisse – Restaurant
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The Best Responsive Web Design Tools Over the past few years, responsive web design has been a hot topic in the web design community and using it has gained popularity and strength. Responsive web design is a must for any web project. It is almost impossible to design a new website for each and every gadget with so many different screen sizes, resolutions and other features. However, this should not be a problem when having an online presence equally suitable for any platform, because this is what users would naturally expect. In short – responsive web design means that design and development should work hand in hand in responding to the user’s behavior and the environment based on screen size, platform or any other feature that makes it different from the usual desktop-oriented web design. This process involves smart use of CSS media queries, the ability to mix different grids, layouts, images and much more. There are tons of tools and services that can help you in creating the best responsive design for your website.

Child marriage in Ethiopia Amy Babchek from the Nike Foundation shakes up out-of-date thinking about girls’ family planning needs Girls are finally on the agenda for family planning pledges, but misinformation about their needs and behaviour stops girls getting access to the advice and resources they need for family planning. Amy Babchek from the Nike Foundation is myth-busting. At this year's London Summit on Family Planning, global leaders pledged funds and resources for an additional 120 million women and girls by 2020. That's right - girls. Adolescent girls and young women in developing countries haven't always been included when it comes to meeting family planning needs. MYTH: The world knows a lot about the situation of adolescent girls under the age of 15 when it comes to early sexual activity and early childbearing. TRUTH: Publicly available information on the situation of very young adolescent girls aged 10-14 years is limited. Want more details? Want more details? Want more details? Want more details?

Il Campionissimo - Accueil The Laugharne Weekend | Literature & Music Festival Wales UK If there’s a single person who sums up the Welsh creative spirit, it’s Dylan Thomas. If there’s a place, it’s Laugharne. And if there’s one event that brings it all together, with leftfield literary and musical talent from around the world, then it’s the Laugharne Weekend. We talked to its founder, Richard Thomas, on how he created a wilfully different arts event... So what is it about Laugharne? I thought I’d seen eccentric places in Wales, but Laugharne’s a total one-off. Why is Dylan still remembered so vividly? It’s partly the mystique of someone who dies quite young, and also the hoary myth of him being one of the great drinkers. One of the tragedies about Dylan’s death is that there is so much he could have done. What about the town’s other literary connections? The poet Edward Thomas lived here as did the author Richard Hughes, who’s most famous for his novel High Wind in Jamaica. How did the Laugharne Weekend come about? Very, very strangely! Enjoy this?

Orman Clark’s Vertical Navigation Menu: The CSS3 Version Next in the Orman Clark's coded PSD series is his awesome looking Vertical Navigation Menu. We'll recreate it with CSS3 and jQuery while using the minimal amount of images possible. The only images we'll be using are for the icons - I'll be creating a sprite using a new tool called SpriteRight, but this is optional. Additionally, I'll be using GradientApp to create my CSS3 gradients, but again this is optional. Step 1: Basic HTML Markup Let's start off by throwing in some basic markup, an empty HTML5 document: And now the markup for our menu; an unordered list within a containing wrapper. Lastly, we create the submenus by placing an unordered list nested within each of our existing list items. Okay, there may seem a lot there but don't let it confuse you. I've also added a class to each list item, just so it'll make styling easier later on. Step 2: Fluid Fonts We'll first make sure our menu displays correctly. Now to explain how the wrapper font size works. Step 3: Main Menu CSS Okay!

25 sites utilisant un effet de parallaxe original - web-design-inspiration Aujourd'hui le Blog du Webdesign s'intéresse à la nouvelle tendance de plus en plus présente dans le web design, découvrez l'effet parallaxe avec notre sélection de sites web originaux. Pour commencer intéressons nous à sa définition. Qu'est ce qu'un effet de parallaxe ? La parallaxe est l’incidence du changement de position de l’observateur sur l’observation d’un objet. source L'effet de parallaxe dans la conception web est la technique qui permet de faire déplacer des images disposées sous différentes couches. Nous vous proposons de découvrir 25 exemples de sites Web originaux qui utilisent l'effet de parallaxe pour vous inspirer et ainsi proposer une expérience interactive à vos utilisateurs. Dezup ( Projet du Blog Du Webdesign ^^ ) Chemicalromance Iutopi The Chase Digital hands Bikingboss Raffaelstueken Coca-cola Demodern Resolutionim The chris box Ap-o Tedx Portland unfold Manufacture d'Essai Nike better world Rowtothepole

Cueva Del Diablo, Restaurant Latino-Américain Top Markets in Provence - Where to Shop for Local Provencal Specialties Aix-en-Provence The main markets are in the old town and are surrounded by pavement cafés where you can sit after an exhausting trawl of the markets and enjoy a well-earned coffee. Traditional fruit and vegetable markets take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings on Place de la Madeleine, Place des Prêcheurs. A local farmers market is held daily in the mornings on Place Richelme. The flower market is on Tuesday, Thurs and Saturday on Place de l'hôtel de ville and Place des Prêcheurs. An old books market takes over the Place de l'hôtel de ville on the first Sunday of each month. More about Aix-en-Provence Antibes At the heart of the old town, the famous historic covered food market in Cours Massena offers a wonderful mix of fresh food and vegetables, cheeses, olives and olive oil products, charcuterie and more. More about Antibes Arles The Roman town of Arles buzzes on a Wednesday morning with a farmers market on Blvd. More about Arles. Avignon More about Avignon Cannes Carpentras Nice

Learning Canvas: Making a Snake Game Note from the editor: The following is a guest post by Nick Morgan aka Skilldrick. I don't know much about canvas, so it's a pleasure to be able to share an article about a current web technology that is outside of my current range of knowledge. Of all the new elements being added in HTML5, I think canvas is one of the most exciting. In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to make a simple snake game using canvas. Making the canvas and our first rectangle Let's make a <canvas> element, and draw something on it. The first thing to note here is that we don't call drawing methods on the canvas, but on its drawing context. First we set the fill style of the context, which takes the form of a CSS colour, e.g. Making a game loop Now, canvas wouldn't be too much fun if you couldn't make things move. I've started adding in some organisation to the code now. The loop basically does three things. Drawing a snake Now comes the fun bit: drawing the snake. Moving the snake Adding an apple Share On