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Arnaud Desjardins - Récit d'un itinéraire spirituel 1-2

Arnaud Desjardins - Récit d'un itinéraire spirituel 1-2

The Compassionate Replacement of Painful Thoughts - Jack Kornfield If you are a person who has regular, repeated destructive thoughts, thoughts of self-judgment, criticism, shame, or unworthiness, work with this training for a week or, even better, for a month. First, become more carefully aware of the content and rhythm of the voices inside. What are their regular, unhealthy remarks and devastating comments? Notice the particular phrases and destructive, unhealthy perspective, the judgment, the shame, the self-denigration they engender. Now, create a true antidote, a phrase or two or three, that completely transforms the falsehood of these unhealthy thoughts. May I love myself just as I am. May I sense my worthiness and well-being. May I trust this world. May I hold myself in compassion. May I meet the suffering and ignorance of others with compassion. Now begin to work for a week with the phrases you have chosen. This excerpt is taken from the book, “The Wise Heart: A Guide to the Universal Teachings of Buddhist Psychology”

Tara Brach - Meditation, Audio Dharma, Podcasts Alcyone Étoile How David Hume Helped Me Solve My Midlife Crisis In 2006, i was 50—and I was falling apart. Until then, I had always known exactly who I was: an exceptionally fortunate and happy woman, full of irrational exuberance and everyday joy. I knew who I was professionally. When I was 16, I’d discovered cognitive science and analytic philosophy, and knew at once that I wanted the tough-minded, rigorous, intellectual life they could offer me. I’d gotten my doctorate at 25 and had gone on to become a professor of psychology and philosophy at UC Berkeley. I knew who I was personally, too. More than anything, though, I was a mother. I’d been able to combine these different roles, another piece of good fortune. And then, suddenly, I had no idea who I was at all. My children had grown up, my marriage had unraveled, and I decided to leave. I fell in love—with a woman, much to my surprise—and we talked about starting a new life together. Joy vanished. I couldn’t work. Everything that had defined me was gone. The young man’s name was David Hume.

Philosophies chinoises (2/4) : Le confucianisme Rester à sa place, accomplir son devoir et tenir son rôle. Et si telle était la formule de l'accomplissement de soi, voire la plus pure expression de son humanité? Laissez Confucius, et avec lui les rites, les règles et les codes, vous surprendre, en écoutant Alexis Lavis. - Confucius, Entretiens, chapitre II, trad. - Xun Zi, le Xunzi, chapitre XXVII « Des grands principes », 325, Philosophes Confucianistes, Pléiade, p. 1238-9. - Mencius (380-289 av JC), Le Meng Tzeu. - Etienne Balazs (Heure de culture française Confucius, 27/12/1954, RTF) - Confucius, pièce de théâtre de Pham Van Ky, réalisée par Herzog Gérard 06/02/1958, RTF avec Roger Blin (Confucius) - Karaté Kid, film de John G. - Xu Yi, Xioa tao you, pour 12 instruments - Abing, Da Lang tao sha, La vague balaie la plage pour pipa - Brassens, Les Quat’ zarts - Michel Fugain, Sagesse je te hais Alexis Lavis Laure Andrillon © Radio France La chronique « 2 minutes papillon » de Géraldine Mosna-Savoye Par Adèle Van Reeth

Roi Du Culte Vaudou Africain et Du Bénin Je suis connu simplement comme Grand Maître BOKASI. Grand Marabout Vodoun voyant médium, Sorcellerie, Magie,Voyance, médecine traditionnelle, magnétiseur discret incontestable aux dons héréditaires extraordinaires.J’ai de nombreuses années d’expérience et je suis spécialiste des travaux occultes, compétent et sérieux.Même si l’être aimé vous a abandonné,retour d’affection durable , amour.j' ais acquis une réputation mondiale

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