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3 Acts - Welcome To Mr. Piccini's Mathtabulous (and more) Site"Quod Erat Demonstrandum"

3 Acts - Welcome To Mr. Piccini's Mathtabulous (and more) Site"Quod Erat Demonstrandum"

GeoGebra Applet Central Constructing Math Instruction Mr Kraft's Wikispace - Mr Kraft's Three Acts This is my attempt to build on the work of Dan Meyer, probably most well known for his TED presentation. You can also check out his blog and his 101 questions website to find similarly intriguing photos/videos. I also like Andrew Stadel's work which you can find here. Click on the box to access each lesson. The following are tasks that I started, but I'm not crazy about them. Click at your own risk.Who ate all of the Cheeto's?

Welcome to the Mathematics Assessment Project “And I’m calling on our nation’s governors and state education chiefs to develop standards and assessments that don’t simply measure whether students can fill in a bubble on a test, but whether they possess 21st Century skills like problem solving and critical thinking and entrepreneurship and creativity.” President Obama, 1 March 2009. News: MAP User Conference - Places available May 8 – 10, 2014 Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, Michigan : Featured speakers include Valerie Mills (NCSM president), Malcolm Swan (lead designer of MAP) and Phil Daro (one of the authors of the Common Core State Standards). New – TRU Math: Teaching for Robust Understanding of Mathematics is a suite of tools for professional develompent and research - the alpha versions of these documents are available here. New lessons: We've been steadily adding new 'Classroom Challenge' lessons for grades 6-8 over the last few months, and in a few weeks all of the planned 20 lessons for each grade from 6 to 10 will be available. Products

Robert Kaplinsky - Glenrock Consulting Elementary 3-Act Tasks Paper Moon: Simulating a Total Solar Eclipse Using a Journal Article as a ProfessionalDevelopment Experience Rationale for Use This article provides mathematics teachers an opportunity to reflect on practice by exploring: How multiple representations can be used to enhance student learning and understanding of student learningHow physical, tabular, graphical, verbal, and symbolic representations can be connected in a lessonConnections across the different strands of the curriculum—algebra, geometry, and trigonometryConnections among different subject areas—mathematics, astronomy, and scienceUse of spreadsheets/technology to analyze dataAppropriate use of concrete models to explore mathematical ideasHow instruction can incorporate student interactions and feedback Suggestions for Use This activity may be used when working with pre-service teachers, or by in-service teachers interested in exploring ways to incorporate multiple representations and cross-curricular lessons into their classrooms. Procedures/Questions Next Steps/Extensions

msmathwiki [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Math Teacher Wiki This is an open/public wiki. That means that anyone is able to add text, pages, and upload files to this wiki. If you would like to add something to a page, just click on the EDIT button at the top of the page. When you are finished, don't forget to hit SAVE at the bottom of the page. First Day Page!! TMC12 Resource Page Middle School Math Teachers Resource Pages