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21 Steps to iPad Success

21 Steps to iPad Success

Apple iPad in Education - High School Case Study Creation Apps Used On The iPad My technology integration specialist asked me to provide a list of creative apps that we have used in our classroom. All the apps are in our tool box, have been used, or will be used. I have included some of the many videos that show students actually using the apps. Important! I have two folders with creative apps on my iPad. ShowMe (Free) One of the free apps that allow for students to verbalize about a concept. SonicPics (2.99) Photography effects PhotoComic (1.99) Creating comic strips from our own photos. Whiteboard (Free) Original Post Allows for a white blank screen for writing and for importing photos. Pic Collage (Free) Original Post Original Post Combine multiple photos onto one screen.Pottery HD (4.99) Original Post Create pottery and sell it! Scribble Press (Free) Write a digital book complete with print and pictures. Sock Puppets (Free) Create your own lip-synced videos. Dragon Dictation (Free) Original Post Speak and it will be typed. StoryBuddy (4.99) Create a picture book.

Mr Holmes’s Design and Technology Ipad Trial | Rossett School So far i have found the Ipad to be a valuable piece of technology within lessons and the pupils who have been asked to use it have found it extremely helpful. In the first instance, as a teaching aid it has been great as it has allowed me to access registers quickly and use the internet as a quick search tool leaving my classroom computer free for pupils to use if required. Useful Functions for the pupils: The camera function has been used constantly as it takes good quality imagery and pupils can email it directly to their school email without having to find leads and memory card devices – it’s much quicker than using a camera and the pupils don’t have to wait for myself to place the images on the shared area to access them. The safari browser has allowed quick access to the internet for individual pupils conducting research tasks when a computer has not been available – and by using the copy tool they have emailed themselves the information to work from.

39 Sites For Using iPads in the Classroom Pages Friday, October 7, 2011 39 Sites For Using iPads in the Classroom How Much Did Steve Jobs Change the World? 5 Great iPad Apps For Early Childhood Teachers10 iPad Apps Everyone Should Have- from PC Magazine10 Must Have iPad Apps for Students and Teachers10 Ways to Use iPads in Your Classroom40 iPad Apps Librarians Love40 Most Awesome iPad Apps for Science Students50+ iPad Apps By a Geography Teacher62 Interesting Ways to Use an iPad in the Classroom100 Incredibly Useful and Free iPad AppsBest Academic Reference Apps for the iPad- some $$, some freeA Day in the Life of the iPad ClassroomThe Debate Over iPads in EducationDigital Storytelling with the iPad ShareThisFacebookTweetLinkedInPinterestEmail Posted by Julie Greller at 7:24 AM Labels: ipads, ipads in the classroom, using ipads in the classroom 16 comments: MorganOctober 15, 2011 at 5:25 PMThanks for posting my blog on this site. Add comment Load more... Links to this post Create a Link Newer PostOlder PostHome LinkWithin AddToAny t

iPad school - Stephen Perse Foundation You are here:Stephen Perse Foundation » Digital » iPad school For us the iPad offers a device which makes learning anytime, anywhere. The traditional library is no longer confined by physical space; the iPad acts as a powerful portal to a digital world, a world where increasingly the most prestigious libraries in the world are digitising their resources for use by learners across the globe. The iPad is also a very engaging tool for learning in the class room. We must not forget the moral and ethical challenges posed by the Internet. "iPads mean that it is no longer simply a case of a sage on a stage, it is more about collaborative learning, enhanced engagement and infinitely greater learning potential.

Best iPad Apps of 2011 It’s been another great year for the iPad, and for iPad apps. There are now over 170,000 iPad apps available in the App Store (as at 12/21/11). And as Apple’s TV ads for the iPad so nicely illustrate, there are now iPad apps for just about anything you care to do with your favorite tablet device. Great iPad apps play a huge part in making the iPad such a massive success and the leader in the tablet arena. Best iPad App of 2011 The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Our review Price: $4.99 iTunes link Best iPad Weather App Weather HD *: A repeat selection. Price: $0.99 iTunes link Best iPad Notes and Text Editor Apps iA Writer *: A clean and elegant app that is superb for focusing on writing. Price: $1.99 Our review iTunes link Plain Text: Very simple and clean paper-like interface that’s very comfortable to write in. Price: Free iTunes link Elements: Another one with a clean UI that’s very nice for writing in. iTunes link iTunes link Best iPad Productivity Apps Price: $9.99 iTunes link Price: $9.99 each

Pioneer School in Essex - Apple iPad Trial The iPad trial at Pioneer School was with students ranging from 3-19 years old with profound and multiple learning difficulties. The trial was a great success inspiring their teachers to think of new and engaging ways to use them in their lessons; see below for some of the key benefits: Used in a range of classes with a variety of students Students found it easy to navigate around and to find an application they wanted to access Encouraged students to use both hands to interact with the device. Older students appeared to know instinctively how to use the iPad The iPad encouraged good eye hand co-ordination in several students and encourage other reluctant students to vocalise The iPad isn't as delicate as it looks and is fairly robust when being used by students Wide range of free educational apps that cover most areas of the curriculum, meaning that students didn't become easily bored by familiarity "It's like having my very own Plasma" KS4 Student Benefits of the iPad

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iPad in Education: Wyndham Primary Academy FREE iPhone XS Giveaway | Win iPhone XS iPads for Teachers Trial - St Ivo School Report Posted on July 8, 2013 by geoblogbytes Yet again, quite a giant leap of time since my last post on our iPads for teachers trial back in February, when I first started thinking about the evaluation process. My intention of blogging about our experiences during the trial itself hasn’t happened due to issues of time, so instead I decided to put my efforts into writing up a detailed overview evaluation and report which is now finished. I will be picking some areas to explore in more detail and blog about hopefully over the forthcoming weeks. Like this: Like Loading... Filed under: Uncategorized