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Kids' Corner
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The Child Labor Education Project Today, approximately 215 million children, many as young as five, are involved in child labor around the globe. Child labor is work that harms children or keeps them from attending school. It involves work by children under conditions that are hazardous, illegal, or exploitive. The Child Labor Public Education Project of the University of Iowa Labor Center and Center for Human Rights provides educational workshops and materials on a range of issues regarding child labor in the U.S. and other countries: causes and consequences of child labor history of child labor in the U.S. effects of child labor on children’s health and workers’ rights and international issues such as workers’ rights, trade, and economic policies. Note: The adult and k-12 workshop materials available on this website may be downloaded and distributed at no charge. The Child Labor Public Education Project is supported by U.S. This document does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the U.S.

We are Nature Rainforest Animals Farm Worker Issues : National Farm Worker Ministry Agricultural work is hard work. In order to feed the country, an estimated 2-3 million farm workers labor in the fields across the United States, including handpicking the vast majority of fruit and vegetable crops produced here. In many cases these workers are young adults or even children; in all cases, farm workers are excluded from important national labor protections that other workers possess. The role of farm workers is one of the most vital jobs, and yet it’s also one of the most dangerous and least adequately compensated. For their demanding physical labor, farm workers earn, on average, between $12,500 to $14,999 a year for individuals and $17,500 to $19,999 for a family. In a movement to turn this system around, farm workers are organizing to demand a seat at the table with the people and institutions that have the ability to change their inhumane working and living conditions.

The Instruction Writing Pack |Teaching Packs The Instruction Writing Pack contains a wide range of printable activities and resources to use in your Literacy lessons. A fantastic set of teaching materials and independent activities to support and enhance your children’s instructional writing. Join Teaching Packs to download these resources now! In this Teaching Pack… An Eleven Page Instruction Writing Guide - A child-friendly guide to instruction writing! Preview the Resources… Click on the thumbnails below to view samples of resources from The Instruction Writing Pack. Become a member today for just £12 and you can download all of our current and future packs for a year! All payments are handled securely via Paypal. Teaching Packs The Instruction Writing Pack The Instruction Writing Pack contains teaching activities and resources to help your children to create clear and effective instructions. Instuction writing The Instruction Writing Pack Apr 09, 2014byJane Thomson This pack was fantastic. product0.3 Variety of Uses

Home 00:00:00:22KATHY MCLEISH, REPORTER:The Simpson Desert is alive with new life, the landscape transformed by an event that's only happened 3 times in 100 years.00:00:09:18ANDREW HARPER:We could come back here every year for the next 30 years and not see it like this. It's fantastic.00:00:17:18KATHY MCLEISH:Floodwaters pouring in from Central Queensland and torrential inland rain have filled waterholes and wetlands. Some of the animals and plants which have come to life are rarely seen in the desert. Scientists are mounting expeditions to try and learn what they can before the water and the new animals and plants disappear again, as they must.00:00:45:08CAMEL:(Bleats and moans)00:00:51:03ANDREW HARPER:This guy's pretty vocal in the morning. That's just his normal 'good morning' noise.00:00:55:01KATHY MCLEISH:Andrew Harper is loading up for a trek on a conservation property called Ethabuka, which covers 213,000 hectares of the desert.00:01:04:16ANDREW HARPER:Doing it for 15 years now.

The Global Goals Every day girls around the world are fighting for their freedom. This International Day of the Girl - join them and raise your voice: 1. Share the film and tell us what #FreedomForGirls means to you2. In 2015 when leaders signed up to the UN Sustainable Development Goals – the Global Goals - they made a promise – to empower all girls. This new film from director MJ Delaney featuring ‘Freedom’ by Beyoncé, calls for action on some of the biggest challenges girls face like access to education, child marriage and the threat of violence´ Last year we asked you to share #WhatIReallyReallyWant for girls and women – this year we want you to raise your voice for freedom. This can’t wait – we need action now if we are to achieve the Global Goals and equality for all girls. CastDelanee Kilgore Gabriella Castillo Ellie Kerai Brielle Olaleye Annelle Olaleye Faryat Fahad Jazmyn Dorsey Marilyn Espinoza Payton Ali Giana Rice Director MJ Delaney Executive Producer Project Everyone Moxie Pictures

Directory of Culinary and Medicinal Herbs - Real Food From soothing aloe to spicy horseradish, subtle-sweet marjoram to savory thyme, discover the exceptional flavors and gentle healing capabilities of more than 40 of the plant kingdom’s finest here in the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Directory of Culinary and Medicinal Herbs. Our tour of the herb world is your one-stop shop for reliable information on cultivating, cooking and healing with these special plants. Herbs crown the cook’s glory, and each plant’s profile below will show you how to harvest and store it for optimal quality, plus furnish you with recipes showcasing the ingredient’s knack for improving or complementing flavors, such as Rosemary-Almond Biscotti, Sage-Cheddar Bagels, and bundles more. Many herbs are also valuable in the medicine cabinet, whether you’re looking for natural relief for a cold or headache, or trying to ease more chronic ailments, such as allergies, back pain or high blood pressure. Grow Your Herb Garden Drying and Storing Herbs To freeze or to dry? Grow: Heal: Cook: Grow:

Making a school garden wetland 00:00:11:16JOSH BYRNE:Who said kids don't like vegies? Just get them to plant and grow their own, like these students have, and they can't get enough of them. Now, this fish emulsion is full of nitrogen and, of course, that fuels all this wonderful leafy growth.