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What You Should Consider when Running an SEO Campaign

What You Should Consider when Running an SEO Campaign
There is always a rising need for immediate access to knowledge, especially when it is about important information regarding products and services. That is why as business owners, you should cater to this need instantaneously, and one great option for this is through search engine optimization. Having a great SEO for your brand means having a slice of the huge cake on your specific market. Getting listed at the front of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) would mean a huge difference for your business. As an SEO Agency in Davao, we want what’s best for you and your business. Here are the things you should keep in mind when running an SEO campaign. Think about Keywords! Search engine optimization is all about keywords. Long-Tail Keywords If you want to succeed in getting that first page, you should lessen your competition. Long-tail keywords also serve as a pre-qualification, visitors of your website would more likely convert and generate for you. Choosing the Right Keywords Keyword Placement

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Ways to Cultivate Leads for Your Business in 2020 by Jeremy Banks by Jeremy Banks Evolutesix 2020 has been a year of extended quarantine and many hours spent indoors, and In times like these, it’s important for your business to grow their online reach and exposure. Whether you’re new to digital marketing or have already dabbled in online-based advertising for your company, you should optimize your process of generating interest and making leads. As any lead generation marketing company will tell you, gathering leads is important if you want to make a successful sale. However, if they remain leads and don’t become customers, then the effort is wasted. That’s why it’s important to cultivate your leads and convert them into buyers and customers.

Changes In Online Search Behavior: What This Means For Your Business With the internet serving as one of the primary means for people to stay connected, interesting shifts in online behavior has been noticed as well. From the usual “bars near me” keyword that dominates Friday night search data and “high heels” that are often keyed in by most women on search engines, digital marketing firms have observed that people are searching for different terms lately. What have people been looking for while the quarantine period is in effect? While COVID-19 and its directly related topics continue to dominate the search results, these are some frequently searched for topics online in the Philippines (based on Google’s most searched topics in the past months since the country has gone under quarantine

Hire A Social Media Agency Today It’s 2021, and your company needs to go digital! Hiring a social media agency in Davao City isn’t a choice anymore, it’s already a necessity - especially for Davaoeños in the time of coronavirus and social distancing. Businesses are better with Facebook, Instagram, and other reliable social media platforms. Why? How to Write An Effective PPC Campaign Advertisement With the present challenges that are causing the country’s current economic downturn, it’s no wonder that companies, especially smaller ones, are looking to reduce their spending cost in order to be safe from what we can’t see. And more often than not, it is the advertising area of businesses that first feels the cut on the budget, and pay per click advertisements is one of them. But is it really the right choice? Holding back on your budget for PPC campaign management, may not be the ideal thing for you. If you can still afford it, we do recommend that you continue your campaign. It is a way to attract your sales and without it, you may also be cutting off with your budget the number of potential customers you will have.

What Can You Learn From Businesses Who Use Social Media? The online world is quite crowded right now, considering that a decent chunk of the world’s phone and computer-using population is stuck indoors with little else to do. Social media, in particular, has been more active in the past few months compared to any other time, and this has led to various big businesses using platforms like Facebook and Twitter to show solidarity and promote their goods and services. The unfortunate thing about this pandemic is that while big businesses have the luxury of hunkering down and waiting for it to pass, smaller businesses have to pull their own weight keeping their customers engaged, while also dealing with reduced manpower. In this way, social media for businesses can be crucial in keeping one’s work afloat. Here are some tips on how to use social media.

Marketing In The Time of Corona As the world continues to struggle with fighting the present pandemic, businesses are doing the best they can to mitigate any losses and maintain their pre-pandemic standing. One of the key ways for such businesses to do this is through improving their online presence. If there’s anything that this present situation has taught business owners, it’s the importance of knowing how to adapt your marketing strategy to fit present times without losing your sense of branding. But how can you achieve that?

Why Use GIFs in Digital Marketing GIFs, no matter how you read that word, are one of the most innovative marketing creations in the 21st century, especially in the social media world. As a social media agency in Davao City, we’ve noticed that local and international clients are requesting our artists to create unique brand-related GIFs to post in their social media pages. The question is, why? Are static images not good enough in times like this? Well, here are the answers.

Getting Started On Digital Marketing in Davao by Jeremy Banks by Jeremy Banks Evolutesix The online sphere of Davao’s social media scene is a unique one. Each city in the Philippines has its own internet culture, but if you’re a business interested in digital marketing in Davao City, of course you’ll need to be updated on the latest news in Davao social media. 3 Tips for Effective Social Media Images Now In social media, images are a big thing–from catching the attention of your audience when you make a statement to dominating trending topics. Aside from communication and entertainment, images on social media can be used for businesses as well, especially as part of your brand’s social media marketing strategy. 1.

How to use Facebook and Google for Better Ad Mix - Digital Marketing Guidelines Facebook ads and Google Ads are two platforms that serve different functions. But even as these two giant companies were always sized up against each other, it’s undeniable that both running ads on Facebook while advertising on Google is beneficial for business, no matter how big or small it may be. It’s possible, and it just needs the right targeting to make it successful.

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