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Drew Dudley: Everyday leadership

Drew Dudley: Everyday leadership

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How To Tell If You're An Entrepreneur Pressed to describe the stereotypical entrepreneur, which words would you use? Passionate? Dedicated? Optimistic? Building Classroom Community Amongst the Machines There’s no denying that most of us are engrossed daily with technology. The attachment is evident in just about every public place. Mobile devices, for many of us, have become our closest friend. In April, the Telegraph reported on toddlers becoming so addicted to their iPads that they required therapy. While this is an extreme case, it's not too far from reality. xCarverMilitaryAcademy - Where Ideas and Action Collide Chicago, IL, United States March 15th, 2013 View photos from the event on Flickr About this event

Urban Legends, Hoaxes And Scams Archives Urban Legends Reference Pages Think a story or tip might be made up? Use this page to search for some urban legends. Hoax-SlayerWatchdog site for hoaxes, scams and urban legends. Jack Welch GE's 4 E and one P curve (StratoServe) This blog had discussed Jack Welch's 4E's and one P in an earlier post; given the interest among blog readers here is some more clarification about the concept. To evaluate managers GE started a system of differentiating managers on performance but were hard pressed to identify the characteristics that differentiated managers on the "Vitality" curve which is essentially a “grading” curve or graph for managers. The word "vitality" is confusing because it refers more to being vital or essential to the organization rather than being "vital" in the "having high energy" sense.

Vol 3 No 2. Professional Growth Reconceptualized: Early Childhood Staff Searching for Meaning Share Home Journal Contents Issue Contents Volume 3 Number 2 ©The Author(s) 2001 Professional Growth Reconceptualized: Early Childhood Staff Searching for Meaning Alma Fleet & Catherine Patterson Macquarie University

Debate Introduction I. Why debate? To learn how to think! A. Debate, the art of reasonable discussion of controversial topics, will help us all become morally aware and will enhance our ability to think critically. businessinsider How do you know if you’re a fantastic boss? Employees who love you may be a good sign—but not if they love you because you’re way too lenient. Great results, like high sales or fast project turnaround, might indicate a fantastic boss as well—but not if you’re getting great results at the expense of a healthy culture or happy team members. Here are the 12 personality traits of outstanding bosses.

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